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  1. $400 Shipped for BNIB Shimano Ocea Jigger 1501HG.
  2. I have this listed here: Rod is rated 1-3oz
  3. Sellling New Custon Rodgeeks XC734 Spinning in blue metalic with Fuji KW guides. Rod has been extended to 7'-10", 19" to center of reel seat and built by Crafty One Customs. $350 shipped.
  4. Make it $210 to cover shipping and it’s yours.
  5. Excellent condition Maxel Hybrid 20 left hand retrieve. Spooled with about 300yds of 20lb Ultracast Invisibraid. Primarily a backup so hardly used. $225 shipped/insured.
  6. Loved this place when I worked in Watertown!
  7. Standing in line. Line is to the end of the parking lot and wrapping around!
  8. Sorry Steve, all I have is this, can’t remember the color but it’s a light metallic blue.
  9. Mine too so far. Guy behind me in line on Friday said his fav was Very Hazy. Will have to keep an eye out for VH.
  10. That’s okay because the wife likes TH too! She asked me if she could have a VG last night, I said no but she could have a Green
  11. Will keep an eye out for those. Just got a 4pack of Laser Cat. Just had my wife’s coworker grab me some TH tonight as she lives in Charlton. Looks like I’ll have someone to grab me the rotational beers!