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  1. patrick has ninjavitis.
  2. weve all known he was an authoritarian.
  3. its the only thing i "argue about. got no problems with nobody else...and really it felt like foreplay.
  4. lol, i should stop venturing out on the interwebs from this point on.... so you think im on a list somewhere or what?
  5. grandma says, "hobos will pee in your butt."
  6. testify brothah
  7. fixed sink and 1 lbs of blueberries in exchange for cheap vodka and an led lantern...thats america baby! tax that you son of abitchez
  8. neighbor just walked over with vodka and a lantern, i fixed his sink last week. everyone say hi to mr porter. bbl
  9. all of the best ones, the founding fathers, also the modern ones and the worst ones..I have about 90% of the picture named.
  10. whats the cover charge?
  11. if it means i have to give patrick my addy...then no.
  12. just killed my boner.
  13. right now im wearing camo pants, a flannel and my hair is in pony tails...oh and im 40...its not sexeh...i promise.
  14. that was awesome. i have synesthesia, you have noooo idea what that did for me. bless you.
  15. Whoa, what post are you in the Racks thread? i have the stripers on line black bar going across the naughtiest bits.
  16. I dont have a web cam anymore, but i have the evidence of when i did. name tag and all...all work and no play made me a dull bird, till i got home. INTERWEB DEBAUCHERY FTW!
  17. I know son, but even letting this be here was a guilt trip. trust me, **** be cray cray with the people i care about.
  18. I dont have a web cam anymore, but i have the evidence of when i did.
  19. we should be related, or not married cause thats the best way to ruin a good thing.
  20. cheap ass beer. nattie ice ice baby.
  21. From the album Random Images IV

  22. damn forgot all about that song, didnt know it was a remake. props and junk.
  23. my eigth grade high school science project was inspired by a school news letter sent out saying that metallica was satinist. I had graphs and pie charts and SCIENCE!!! before them for me i think it was jethro tull and black sabbath. im sorry i didnt watch your video, but i will now. Im a team player.