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  1. post your current auditory and/or visual stimulus. random awesomeness.... Bacchus demands it.
  2. so i read from some one who is pretty kind to me, and some one i really enjoy that i''m "way out there". and i know im weird, i didnt know that synesthesia was something not everyone had until my late 20s early 30s. no wonder i felt like such a freak...and that is just the half. I would like to invite you to be brutally honest about my words, picture, video...because i really feel like an alien most of the time. I have guy friends, i know you hold back, i was the best wing*man for my guy im the chick you get to e- let loose on. bring it.
  3. I know some of you guys have questions, you know like, why does it burn when you pee? or why do kittens die? or what does a vagina look like? Im here to help. ask anything.
  4. discuss. also feel free to mention any terrible ads youve seen. for instance i dont like the starburst commercials...juicy dragons and michael bolton dont make me want to buy their product and do little for their product but annoy me. here are three in a compilation i found at random and enjoyed:
  5. how is this even possible? way to represent alabama.
  6. up next on stossel... how ever that's more than i make these days, and im a skilled worker that usually leaves work injured....people who flip hamburgers get to demand the same? and its only a problem because 4 mexicans/south americans who do t he job we do will (half as good show up and do it for the same price.....deport the illigals if you want to up the min wage cause the income for people like me has been stagnant or falling for about 15 years...they cant get a job and mc d's cause they dont have a green card.who's gonna fix your broken **** when we make more money at wendy's? they better have a translator. democrats suck.
  7. i only found out it wasnt normal later in life. I thought everyone had it. do you? i can taste the name "gertrude" i can feel and taste (which means smell) parts of music. if youre unsure, do colors make you feel smell or taste? are you hypersensitive to anything and connected? this song for full body...i taste feel smell and everything's color becomes tinted, blue. (just a bit). and its salty listen to it, if only one parts is hypersensitive for you, post the time. ill be weird with you.
  8. Yes. Even Vikings get sick you know. =( if you can tell me what happened i may have some old healing teachings
  9. awe, is hims peeing out of hims hiney?
  10. ive been here, waiting for your asses all doesnt run this long, im not fallin for it.
  11. you may be surprised.
  12. im a little drunk. i read the title as "just the tip" and im not falling for that again.
  13. mah loneleh song
  14. test..
  15. its a huge hobby of mine.
  16. this is why im not cool. free word association on the other forum (im pretty sure i brought that topic here way back when but what evs) some one said "love in" i said,, this is ********..
  17. did someone say chinese food?
  18. and now mycology has a branched meaning. and jeebus wept.
  19. i dont know if you saw the Chesapeake bay tour documentary....but ill be stopping and putting my derdy little pingers on every thing.
  20. all due respect but im not that easily moved these might be some are you above wearing a kilt while fisting obama? im not even sure that would turn me on. id like a non petty guy that will fish and hike with me that would enjoy turning my ss card into a lure.
  21. i havent had masturbation inspiration in weeks...this is ********.
  22. salt under my finger nail...never failed