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  1. I'll take them for the asking price
  2. I'll take the rest...work something out in the morn
  3. The two closest reproducing populations of mountain lions are in Florida and the Black Hills of South Dakota so it highly unlikely one would be seen here in Mass
  4. Thanks, I wish the same to you
  5. Is the yellow topwater a Tattoo Sea Dog?
  6. I thought I heard about someone catching a nice striper through the ice somewhere on the north shore
  7. I'm just throwing out the closest one too me, but Belsan's in Scituate seems to be a nice and resourseful shop.
  8. PJ's is right next to the 3A rotary. 228 begins in Scituate as one of the intersections off the rotary. You can follow 228 all the way to Rockland.
  9. well good luck to you. im gonna try to head out and do th same
  10. Anyone ever fish Lily Pond in Cohasset?
  11. good old trask's in north scituate
  12. I'm just wondering if anyoone on here ever dreamed of being of being a cowboy? I just know i did
  13. agreed
  14. its wonderful getting outta class and it isnt pitch black out