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  1. Saw a Barred Owl in the Fells a few weeks ago. About 2 hours before dusk. Never seen an owl in there before, but hear them hooting when the windows are open. Lots of squirrels were still active around then so I'm sure the Owl was eating well.
  2. Had fun at Joppa today. Birds diving and fish surface feeding. Schoolies but was fun on the fly.
  3. So fishy looking.
  4. Never had an issue with reels, flies, waders, etc. Last time I flew to Colorado though, the TSA agent scrutinized my 6 weight I was carrying on because the cork grip possibly be used as a "club." So really depends on the person you deal with.
  5. I use an orvis sling pack. It's been fine so far for me.
  6. I'd agree.
  7. Daredevil.
  8. I love my Solitude. Very reasonably priced for what you get in my opinion.
  9. My favorite spot.
  10. Interesting. A co-worker gave me one of the kid's toys with the eyes. I just threw a foam head on a hook and have the tail off the back. Figure it might work with an intermediate line to represent an eel or something. Have you swam your fly yet?
  11. Anyone tying with these? I am pretty sure this is basically a cat toy turned into a fly tying product, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Haven't gotten the letter yet, but I don't have either of these. This will probably go to court as it could fall under "unlawful seizure" since no one is being compensated for giving up their property as they would do with gun buybacks, according to GOAL.
  13. Keough was my first stop this past weekend and quickly sucked 80 out of my wallet. Second stop was your talk Steve, "Trout fishing for Striped Bass", which I found informative and entertaining.
  14. Nice profile!
  15. 2 schoolies (one larger, one smaller) last weekend. Only fished for about an hour. Will be putting in more time this weekend.