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  1. We've been thru this before....You can imagine all you want Storing a catch bag below deck is very different than having one in direct sun like you are doing..... secondly, i don't sit out in the hot sun all day like you are apparently doing... & yes, it does work for me, quite well at that.. If you were smart, you'd put a plastic bag, any size plastic bag IN your beloved cooler to keep it from getting stanky & nasty but as always, i'm sure there's some reason why that wouldn't work for you.....
  2. 3mil contractors bags... doubles as a carcass bag after cleaning, no mess, no fuss...... when all's said and done, goes right in the trash.... next trip, grab a new one.. I just throw it below deck, holds ice, or no ice, what ever your poison.... Last thing i need is some nasty smelling bag to keep cleaning over and over....
  3. A few things that come to mind; Title said "crate" ..... Embedding a crate in your hull would allow any water, may it be rain or rough sea conditions to enter the cockpit... Epoxying plastic might hold up initially but as soon as something flexes, it will unbond... maybe some kind of tub using screws or rivets & some sealant would work better? A lot of guys use the 3M 5200 marine sealant with good results...
  4. Curious; Are you a smoker? (as in smoking cigarettes)
  5. Just because this is the 1st time they've tracked one with a tracking device in L.I.S doesn't mean they've never been in there..... who can say for sure? The gates have always been open..... come on in guys!
  6. Bought a new LEER truck cap, the rear skirt which meets up with the tailgate was cut too short on the drivers side so the horizontal seal on the skirt doesn't meet up with the vertical seal creating a hole ... water flows down the window, thru the hole & into my bed..... called them, no prob....were gonna replace that for you... Within a week they had one BUT apparently the holes in the skirt didn't match up so he said, i don't know how they drilled the holes wrong but i'm gonna get another, ill give you a call when it comes in.... called & called & called & excuse after another. its been about 7 weeks now, still nothing........ ............................................................. Had my cell phone glass replaced..... got it back & ear bud jacks mic didn't work, audio was ok but could not be heard on the phone when i talked.... brought it to him, he confirmed it got damaged during glass replacement.... i don't know what happened he said but ill get another & replace it..... that was 3 weeks ago.... still waiting.... Looks like I'm one up on you
  7. Yeah, this ^^ ...... I'm wondering if you're having issues closing the lid with the cord grip nut in the way on the inside of the lid? I know its a tight fit to begin with.. remembering back when i put mine together, that's one of the reasons i went to the side mount.
  8. Yeah, foam top and bottom.... Looks good man, its a good rugged box for the $$ ... this'll last a heck of a lot longer than 2 years... mines 3 yrs old now. Entering into season 4..... no reason to predict a short life, seal is replaceable, hinge pins aren't going to disintegrate....
  9. The price of this box is about what I wanted to spend, at least to start off with, I didn’t want to spend $145.00 on a pelican Box if I didn’t need to so this was the proto type if you will….. Not saying don't get a pelican case, i just didn't want to start at that point... It’s worked well so far, Box is completely sealed, one H.F description has it as waterproof… another says its weather proof. I’ve tested it before using it with [2] 35 lb. dumbbells locked inside with the box completely submerged, not a drop off water got in…... I’ve used it in pouring rain, I fish in the rips often enough, you got water coming at you from every direction, stays dry inside…. Nowadays, I’m confident enough with it that I really don’t open it after every use anymore to check for water intrusion, i just charge & use…. I originally had 2 35 AH SLA’s in it before the valence u1-12rt’s. Used it last night, pouring rain, just opened it for the heck of it… completely dry, There’s absorbent foam on the floor & top of the lid just in case….it’s never gotten even damp…. As far as hinges etc., the lock clips & the hinge pins are not stainless, the lock clips are not needed & will rust, rip em off & throw them away… Hinge pin shows some rust but I don’t care, doesn’t bother anything…if it gets bad enough ill just knock out that pin & throw in a stainless rod, got a whole matl. rack of stainless here at the shop. Vent screw, etc… Vent screw is completely sealed with O-ring, goop not necessary but do as you choose. I have mine behind me as well, gets as wet as yours will on a regular basis, I don’t even think about it anymore… Cord grip; I have the cord grip at the uppermost corner of the bottom half to keep it above the waterline. I didn’t want mine on top, reels are hanging over the box area & there was a conflict with a rod holder but you can put the plug anywhere you need, they work well in keeping out the h20.
  10. Addressing what the yellow eyed devils crew mentioned, you could wheel the kayak into your garage (looks like a garage in your pic), rest the nose on something in the lines of "low profile saw horses" or whatever you want to store it on, than lift the rear onto the 2nd half of the set all the while leaving the kart strapped on & elevated a few inches off the floor... Now the kayak would be on a rack, the wheels wouldn't be supporting any weight to warp anything & the kart would already be attached for easy in & out of wherever you're storing it... Something like this...
  11. Cant tell ya how many guys think I'm a cop when they see it on my vest ...... keeps the Riff-Raff away in those "less then desirable" areas I had an undercover ask me if i was on the job once ....
  12. Spoken like a true Riddler!
  13. If they're not gouged too much you can sharpen them... been doing it this way for years, doesn't matter what brand pliers they are.... after a bunch of sharpenings you have to shim out the cutters or the jaws close down before the cutters are able to cut due to material removal from the cutter face
  14. IMO, Too much weight up front in probably any kayak will cause it to nose dive into chop.... Jeff is right about 35 lbs being too much weight up front, i use to store my batts. in hatch directly below me, worked well, kayak had good trim, didn't nose down..... cant do that any more on current kayak, i tried it up front once no Bueno (not in outback though) ... hence the battery box in the tank well ....