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  1. That would work too, why not.... That's actually from a sheet of nylon that was left over from a past job we had....
  2. Yeah, these guards are great, imo,they're not designed for angles above 30 degrees though.... First thing i do is take off the original & make a longer one, it's just not long enough, still leaves the hull vulnerable when roof loading..... Looks like yours is real close to scraping the hull soon.....
  3. Cool idea, Although, I noticed you have those long square bars, looks like the strap is about a foot or so away from the foot, looks like the bar might be bending from the weight & straps extended so far?
  4. Id agree with Joe on the mat idea if it's only a once in awhile thing .....i did that for a while it works but I'm not a fan.... Not sure what year renegade your gf has but if it has that fairing sticking out over the window the mat might not be the best approach...... I bought one of those seattle sports boat rollers for like 30 bucks... more like 40 now, used it for a while, the window needs to be completely dry or it'll slide, same thing with being clean if it's dirty, it won't hold...... Wound up making something out of pvc & a pool noodle, hung it off the back of the rear saddles on my explorer at exactly the right place, leaned the kayak against it, slid it up, worked good, just left it there when out on the water.....when i came back in it was ready to go..... didn't have to mess with taking it off & putting it back every time like with a mat, thule water slide thing, etc Now i changed trucks might have to rethink everything again.....
  5. Im not sure he visits sol anymore............ hes been gone since sep of 2018..
  6. Ive said the same thing several times.... most people either don't understand the dynamics or they just don't care
  7. Wow! You move fast man! Well done! One thing i need to do in my bed set up is add accessory power. I need 12 volt power outlets & also i need to hardwire my inverter in...... probably gonna do it the way you did it, got a spool of 10 gage wire that's been sitting on a shelf at work for years, i think i just found a use for it. Riddler, did you add a Quick disconnect in case you need to remove the cap?
  8. Looks good, you're gonna throw some sunshine around with those Although, once it gets a bit warmer the bug factors gonna kick in, I'm thinking those lights are gonna be pretty bright, good for the winter months but You might get eaten alive once the skeeta's & gnats show up ......
  9. Try repel 100.. 100% deet, actually it's like 98% but same thing..... Be warned, packs a punch, use sparingly, best to spray in hands & wipe on sensitive areas.. They have lesser deet content, think i saw 40% & 25% but i prefer the 100 version..... can't comment on your green head problem but it says it handles biting flies too So far anything thay comes near me leaves me alone, best repellant ive tried .. anything with a high deet count will work equally well...
  10. So this slides into the rear handle via 2 hooks and banks against the rear...... I'm guessing reverse pressure will keep it in place but it will slide off if there is forward motion?
  11. Whenever i see a boat approaching in the distance i always turn the kayak sideways to give him a bigger profile to see.....
  12. Shot from the bottom looking up...
  13. Here's .the switch plugged into the lights wiring