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  1. This is my fresh anchor for places i can't use my pole, anchor block is 4-1/2 lbs winding the cord onto the cutting board is effortless....
  2. I've got a 6-1/2' bed & have a couple of 7' kayak rods stashed diagonally on the ceiling, I mounted an alum "L" inside from the rear window hinge bolts & have 1/4" dia bungee matl with the orange pull tabs holding the rods to the "L" ..... makes it easy to load & unload rods quickly & they're secure at all times, front holder is staggered to accommodate multiple rods criss-crossing each other..... just throwing that out there for ideas..... Surf stick(s) rides on the roof but goes in the truck & passed thru cab's & cap's sliding windows when I'm not near the truck...... FWIW; I've had other d.i.y. set ups & have found that if the rods aren't securely held in place in what ever you're using, they bounce & sway all over the place even from normal street driving & its even worse when beach driving.... Regards...
  3. Yes, once you get processed, easy to follow instructions are sent... you log onto their site & pay there, once you pay you get a receipt, you can use that receipt for access till the sticker is sent (within about a week or so)
  4. That looks like a good candidate for a mod when it's brand new.... Stainlesss sleeve pressed onto the shaft & up the i/d of the bearing to match the sleeve.
  5. Rick: What the heck is happening? Are the bearings seizing up & spinning on the shaft or is it something totally different?
  6. Compass; I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say guys that are commenting on how much they love their compass have never had a hobie before... I've met a few compass owners as well, all were new to the mirage drive game.....i don't think many, if any of the loyalists are going down to a compass from the upper models
  7. I have the Uniden MHS126...descent radio, floats, has glow in the dark keys, strobe that activates when it goes in the drink so you can actually find it if needed, only problem i had was the battery clip just broke on its own one day, probably from stress, i never dropped or banged it... nothing a zip tie around the radio couldn't fix with the 4 yr / $4.00 per yr protection plan i got it actually ended up being free ... almost reported my problem & they refunded me the full price i paid.... Cant comment on the water in the speakers part & this is just a guess but i'll bet most of our radios have never seen the water....
  8. Reading these last few posts i got to thinking & i'm trying to remember a few things @ the start of my recharges.... I don't think this really answers any questions but is intended more as "food for thought" The most I've ever drawn out of my pack is around 62 - 65 ah... the least around 8 ah Someday i have to do a capacity test on the 2 batteries, i don't have a top number but at least i know it has around 65 ah or more capacity......i'd be super happy if it shuts down at 70+ ah I use a 20 amp charger & depending on the actual d.o.d my starting amp delivery varies & is contingent on the d.o.d to begin with. The closest charge delivery to the 20 amps comes from g8trwood & i'm guessing he wouldn't see the starting amp variance that i see as he uses a 10 amp charger so naturally his starting amp delivery will be maxed out regardless of d.o.d based on the numbers i mention below... Heavier discharges in the 25 - 50+ ah draw my charging starts at 19- 20 amps delivery & when i only use up about 10 ah on a quick trip my amp delivery starts somewhere around 14 -16 amps.... Readings of ah drawn out & ah returned are always within about 3 ah total....
  9. Yep that's gotta be the one then.... 1st I've seen it
  10. Wasn't that far east, never seen one in this area & i fish it often enough, What general area you speaking of?
  11. Porpoise in the back bay here in central long island this AM..... out of all the yrs ive fished this area, this is a 1st for me seeing this...
  12. Like r111 says, RC power meter.. I have one below deck And another at my charging station, simple set up, nothing fancy...
  13. Hmmm, i'm pretty sure its OK to do so as long as they're the same chemistry type & same voltage..... they equal out, if they're not the same voltage, the higher volt battery will attempt to charge the lower volt battery to make the balance.... Cant hook them in series if they're different ah though....
  14. Only thing i will say is If you're going to buy any of the gazillion brands of aluminum fishing pliers out there for saltwater use, buy the stub nose type NOT the needle nose type..... The stub nose are far stronger & will not twist like the thin little needle nose type when working on getting a descent sized hook out of a fish...
  15. I did what stripedbfish suggested in post #2 They responded with instructions, had to send pics of truck registration, green key & license. After they verify, you get another email on how to pay....real easy