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  1. Theres gotta be plenty of these touch screen units being used on a kayak ...... No real way to keep it fully dry all the time Im wondering if folks have trouble with a wet touch screen on this type of sounder the way you do with a wet cell phone screen??? Anybody with experience with that??
  2. 5yr warranty; I wonder how they actually handle that, they say "limited" & it says they back defects in matl & workmanship. I wonder if the "limited" excludes normal wear, lack of maintenance, etc?? I think most claims are from something wearing out not matl issues....
  3. Happy retirement barrel, enjoy! Wish that was me...... my end is no where in sight
  4. Isn't it! I was thinking of this one, you could pretty much use any size plano & cut the height as you need, even use just a single.... Looks like i found a winter project....i got just the bag i needed this idea on.... Well done sudsy!
  5. Riddler Look up cell balancing, I'm not sure what electromics noqua has attached but, (and this is just speculation) being you have a new battery, all the cells might not be fully balanced, might take several discharge/ charge cycles to balance all the cells So ( again speculation) if you charge the battery and it goes ti green light on than do it again, it might be picking up the un balanced cell(s) & running another cycle...
  6. OK it's green light on.... Took 9 minutes
  7. I suspect it's running a default cycle regardless of being full or almost full...... Last night it ran for 45 minutes & it was pretty close to fully charged when i started.... i just plugged mine back in, i'll report when it's green light on.
  8. I know, old joke from a few yrs back. And thank you right back, tons of intel always coming from your camp all the time!
  9. They're great on cleaning plugs as well..... removes everything from stains to rust.
  10. Juan, this battery is around 3 yrs old, (i think) i bought it after over abusing the 8ah sla i had at the time..... lesson learned. i don't know the " out if the box numbers" of the noqua 10ah, probably would have been good to check, i just charged it and started using it..... As far as holding a charge, yeah, seems pretty good, Still tests in the normal parameters after sitting for a few months. Last nights 12.6 test number 5 minutes after removing the charger remained the same this morning. I ran my old humminbird 581i on it & now the helix7si, i never really just left it on for several trips, I just pop it on the charger after every use, doesn't take too long to top it off, depth of discharge is minimal when doing this & that increases cycle life for any battery..... takes 20 seconds to remove & replace, that's just the way i do it, others like yourself prefer having a second battery. I rarely go 2 trips on a charge even though you can, i just think in terms of cycle life & not convenience, less discharge = more cycles. Fwiw, With the lithium you get 100% discharge of available 12volt power vs less than 80% or so of available energy in the sla's and even then, the voltage in the sla just fades down until there's not enough juice to power the sonar unit and it shuts off. When you deeply discharge an sla it's cycle life is drastically affected When you deeply discharge a lithium it's cycle life is only slightly affected. I agree with your past comment about sla's being cost effective, depends on how you look at it though. Best......
  11. Oh yeah, forgot. measured 12.6 a few minutes after removing charger
  12. It took 45 minutes to green light on......
  13. Edit: Woops.... wrong thread
  14. Riddler; Here's mine, it's been sitting since the end of October,/ 1st week of Nov (approx) charged it before i put it away.... I just put it back on the charger, i'll let you know the time it takes to green light on. Stay tuned....
  15. A shaft bends when damaged, takes a bit of pressure to bend one, its highly unlikely its bent right at the production stage, I believe they're centerless ground, not just a pc of bar stock.....If the shaft was bent I'd think you'd most likely feel an inconsistency, or a spot where there's a bit of resistance while reeling when the bent section of the shaft reciprocates in & out of the reel.. I'm leaning more towards the flyer or how the flyer is mounted, maybe some anodize build up somewhere? Maybe reel was dropped somewhere along the assembly process?