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  1. Hope you guys intercept the body of fish that recently departed my waters, had some low / mid teens - mid 20's fish around with many 20+ inchers mixed in ........... A lot of little dinks around the in-shore areas right now. Better fish were all in deep water.... 50 - 70 ft
  2. Question: Why would you start a post about losing your favorite lure, obviously wanting to get it back, but NOT post what it was you lost? ....... very odd
  3. Yeah....Congrats That's a healthy looking fish, nice colors & no sores either....
  4. Anybody try one of these mcmaster seals? I see a few good candidates in there for a hatch seal depending on the direction you want to seal (top or side), either one in the red box, would make a turn no problem.....
  5. Icing them down should leave them good to go, they shouldn't be resisting any..... ? Quick story; When i use to skish i use to do a lot of eeling, let me tell you, they're extremely "green" when hooking them up out there, no way to really ice them down........ How its done is, each eel is put into a ziploc with a little water, all the eel bags for the night go into a small, empty plug bag on my waist..... When its time to hook up the eel you force its head into the corner of the ziploc & at lightning speed (this is an important part) impale a hook right thru the bag & the eel.....once hooked up you rip the bag off the rig & cast... If you don't hook it super quick or you fail to hook it its gonna freak out & possibly work its way right out thru the hole(s) you just made in the bag with the can easily lose a few eels this way.... its a learned thing, it happens... Best....
  6. I fish some fast, deep water ocean inlet jetty spots that i wouldn't even consider doing in a kayak. At times at peak current I'm throwing 5 oz bucs from the jetty just to get a good bounce & that's not even with a moon tide either... A dying flow or near slack is your best bet if you really wanna do it, I've done some drifts at a dying & building tide flow with some success but imo, I'd rather hit spots like that from the jetty, takes too much work for such a low yield result...... you're constantly trying to get back up current. If you're looking to stay in a fixed position for any extended amount of time you're gonna be focusing a lot of attention on that & less on your actual fishing technique similar to the way you fish or pass through a rip, your trying to not flip over and focusing on the current coming at you in every direction......not my favorite place to hook up Bridges may be a different story depending on your spot .... the bridges i fish are back bay bridges, 2 are close to an inlet, current's not too bad, i can stem the tide easily & dart from one piling to the other hitting all those sweet spots down current of the piling .....
  7. October in the ocean......I'll go with buc, tin & a 7" or 9" shad. I'm gonna cheat & change up my buc trailer to suit what they're chewing....
  8. Willy was a good man, His hard work thru the years was immensely appreciated. I had the pleasure of sharing more than a few tides with willy, hell of a fisherman.....He'll be missed by many. My condolences to his family & friends..... R.I.P. brother......
  9. Hes fishing LIS....... no worries Yet!
  10. Looks more like a straight edge application, no? Can it take a turn???
  11. I haven't yet...... it's only 1 full season old ..... ill eventuslly do a full wash when needed & when i know i have time to properly dry it before the next use otherwise for after use maintenance, i put it on a wide framed hanger before dunking & into the tub it goes.
  12. Jon; Fill something up w/ water & hold the neck & arms up above the water line & wash away........
  13. Waters still warm.... nobody's dying just yet
  14. Yep....... goes with many things in life as well......Learned this one a looooooong time ago, i just mind my own business They're not gonna cancel their day because of some friendly safety advice, most take offense....