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  1. Reading thru this thread makes me grateful for the amount of spots I have for launching here on the island & most them I can come or go as I please....
  2. Gee ........ How did i miss that thread? Great idea, well put together instructional, can't argue on the action it gives .. Imo, I think it boils down to what folks are more confident in & maybe simple convenience.. I personally have never tried anything other than U.J pork rinds, I have no idea what these synthetic strips they sell even look like.... Best....
  3. MIni torch'll get the job done no matter the weather
  4. I have an opened jar of all black rinds which is probably 10 - 15 yrs. old …. I’ve used & reused them what seems like forever, these rinds are on a totally different level with regards to quality, strong & supple at the same time, they remind me of little strips of soft leather...If they get it even 1/2 as good with their upcoming efforts I’d be happy….. They’re nothing like the soft, crappy rinds they were selling just before the shutdown…
  5. I did a bulk head set-up, bulk head stays mounted on the tail, motor mount & rudder gets mounted to that …. takes under 5 minutes to swap out. Motor mount has been chopped & modified for mounting this way, it has matching mounting holes in the bulkhead, it doesn’t have the vise mechanism with the 2 knobs that it came with....Rudder has a thin mounting plate with matching mount holes as well. I don't have a pic library of everything but i put together a visual... Made a quick rendition of the bulk head, looks something like this.. Pic of modified motor mount Rudder w/ mounting plate attached
  6. Still got a 1-1/2 cases of 70s red over white
  7. Unfortunately, the birds have their own people & as you know, they call the shots...… I wonder how scpd got around letting the campers get the access & no one else over there?? All these access restrictions yr after yr is probably the main reason I started kayak fishing to begin with
  8. I won't comment on its sea worthiness in the sand but i will comment on the clearance..... Just about every beach here on the island that you drive on you will encounter that hump of sand in-between the tracks, if you dont have the clearance to avoid it you will road grade that mound of sand down with your under carriage everywhere you go & it will get into areas that you cant see or clean out & it will not come out no matter how you try, you will find the spots where it collected & that you missed when you washed underneath somewhere down the road when your frame & side panels start rotting away (if you keep it that long)... it collects on top of things too like gas tanks, fuel lines, any flat surface really, all are candidates for potential rot.. Another issue will / can be the sand churning up into your brake calipers, if it starts happening you'll grind that sand around for a while till you figure out how to get it out there on the beach, going in reverse works but not always, if its a wet sand it has staying power, dry sand kinda falls right out a little easier, could be a big issue as well.... Best...
  9. This reminds me of a quick one .....A month or so back I'm fluking the edge of a channel in my kayak, I use my 18" x 18" orange long load flag out of my truck as my light pole flag as well, if you cant see that your either blind or not looking, well, as it turns out, its visible from a long way away.... Its a clear calm morning, I see a boat coming from a distance so I retreat from the channel edge till I'm out of the channel & behind the buoy line, now I'm in about 2' of water sitting there watching this guy get closer & closer heading right into the shallow bar, couldn't figure out why he was barreling into a sand bar when the channel is clearly marked Is he not looking, WTF? Now he's stuck good, keeps trying to free himself but not successfully, Later, I float by him & mention how it sucks this yr with all the shoaling, he replies, honestly, I thought you were a buoy What, did he do, look at my flag once from a mile away & say ok there's the buoy & that's it? ... hard to say what SOME of these guys are looking at or doing while they're cranking across open water...
  10. The whole exercise takes on different dimensions with bigger users, add 5" & probably 30-50 lbs to the person & you wouldn't be able to do most of that.....
  11. Yeah, I remember, you suggested the push with the pull, great idea imo, but i don't think he even tried it without the push, still could work for that hull. When i do it, I use a little different body english without the push... Just pointing out the concept of going under -vs- over knob heads; Slow, slow, slow.... I probed around several times @ the start of the season, over here it's June 23, they kinda set you up for failure inshore with that date, they go deep again before we get a good shot at them, struggled to find a few keepers.... Inshore waters were still in the high 60's, kinda sucked really.... gave up till the fall, it'll pick back up, only a matter of time....
  12. Atv, curious; How tall is he? Hey Brad, the way he righted the kayak is what we were discussing a few yrs ago, maybe you remember this thread...
  13. The problem with drilling something out that's already spinning is that it's just going to keep on spinning once you stick a drill bit into it....
  14. Ive used both spray on & wash in types, they do what they're supposed to do, replenish the dwr of the top, Imo, it works ok for splashes & maybe a light drizzle but once you go beyond that, all bets are off..... In my experiences, breathable dry tops alone suck in down pours even after it was treated. When it rains like that, i throw the breathable rain jacket over the top.
  15. I don't over stuff every inch of my bag with plugs, i only bring what I'm gonna use so i have room in front of my tubes, I have several in a 6 mil storage bag for easy access, the back up stuff goes into a pouch on the back of the belt....