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  1. We're taking open water in this thread, there's no trees limbs or docks anywhere & if a lmb can give an unmanagable tow than i wanna lmb fish where soundbound's fishing.... srsly; Not that hard to keep from dumping in rips or chop, rod position & drag setting is a deciding factor, fish changing directions? keep the rod tip pointing towards the bow & the kayak nose follows the fish... feeling tippy? Is legs over the side....
  2. I always thought you were from the Old Saybrook area..... I'm definitely thinking of someone else... it's been awhile
  3. Hey there puppet man Connecticut & The North fork of Long Island are right at the bottle neck in the Long Island sound. I have not kayak fished the Connecticut side but have the LI north fork side often enough & can say they probably have similar/ comparable currents, You will not have a good day in a paddle kayak in that area.... if that is gonna be your primary area to fish than go pedal..... you will regret it if you don't, that is unless you like paddling more than fishing..... LIS is like launching in the back bays, no surf launching involved. I have a stern mounted trolling motor with foot pedal controlled steering, it works well a majority of the tide but I do have a bear of a time going against the heavier peak currents out there with the motor only, I do motor & paddle together in those heavier currents but that's only just before the current peaks & sends me packing off to some other spot away from the rips, all other times it's motor only. In 5 -10 minutes I can strip all that motor stuff off & be left with a bare bones kayak for those traditional paddle only trips or surf launches.. Since we primarily drift around all day / night Gps & sonar at a minimum is standard for visiting & revisiting your most productive structure or areas, the purists here will disagree but there's really no way to accurately do It any other way when using land marks alone. You can do just fine without side scan but it's a big plus being able to cruise & scan the structure to your sides for big bass hanging in the rocks it's amazing what you can see, brings a whole different element to the hunt being able to identify the more productive water from the dead areas, helps to optimize your time on the water...With side scan I've learned things about the same areas I learned surfcasting, in some instances, major differences in what I perceived to be in front of me when fishing from the surf...
  4. The very last BSB haul of the season...late October
  5. Sounds like a great way to blow out the seams on your already aged waders ...... 5 gallons of water is 41 lbs. & change .... I'm guessing filled waders will hold about 10 - 20 gallons + that could mean somewhere around 200 lbs ....
  6. I have pull out drawers in the back of my capped pick up, My stuff lives in there year round .... not once have I had any issues...
  7. I loosely fold them into a wet gear bin between trips avoiding packing them down into the bin, at the end of the season theyre stored on a wader hanger like this one, minimizing folds will keep seams healthy & seems to add some overall longevity to the waders ....
  8. That would be Greg M. I believe hes an opthomoligist....Went by Grampa Greg on Bill W'S site, you probably remember the screen name.. We were there at the same time that he was.... he started doing speeches at fishing shows on the subject. He was also on that animal planet show "Top Hooker"
  9. Robo had a car drive thru the building back in august, had something to do with a drive by shooting from what they reported....I don't know if they ever got back on line... Fwiw, you can see from the pic, this place isn't that tall....
  10. It is said that colors between Green & Yellow is the most visible color(s) in the spectrum to a striper.... (chartreuse)
  11. I fish east end waters often enough…This is the 11th hour, ocean water temps in the low 50’s … in a 1-1/2 – 2 weeks it should be in the mid 40’s, that’s pretty much cut off temp for migrators, don’t expect a big push of fish onto the beach unless a herring bite materializes real soon. If you’re looking for the bigger ones, there’s still some around but it’s mostly hit or miss this time of yr & it’s mostly micro bass right at the beach lip & even that is winding down real fast, you should bring along your 7’ spinning rod & hit a few just to have some fun…. You said you were working the beach… just wear a pair of waders & a rain jacket as a splash top if needed for the remainder of the time… you got all winter to sort out what gear you want. For me, this time of year I’m driving the beaches hitting all the little points & fishing the troths & behind the whitewater coming over the bars, my trucks 15’ away from me, no splash tops, etc., just a pair of waders & maybe a breathable rain jacket over the top w/ a belt over that…sometimes your rewarded with slot fish & occasionally some larger…that’s if they come in Go get em before its too late..
  12. That's because MOST people don't understand geometry & strength dynamics....
  13. Same here, Never happened, the bend in the eyelet has such a small dia which adds to its strength & when you Cut & install them right there is very, very little to no bending involved.... I use a Dremel cut off wheel & a bench vise to spring the hook eye open not bending open than bending closed.....I don't ever break hooks the way I do it....
  14. Fwiw; When i do use an anchor set up & want to move from spot to spot I just keep it hanging over the side cinched up on the zig-zag cleat, it raises & drops quickly, I don't even bring it into the kayak between moves...… not really an issue for me.
  15. I hear ya on that, maybe it’s the way the pole is held, having a fixed point where the pole slides up & down might be the key to what gives it its holding power? Maybe you don’t really need too much ground penetration when it’s held that way? I have zero experience with power pole use, this is all just conjecture …I think different bottom compositions will be better than others with soft, muddy bottoms being best & rocky, sandy bottoms not as good, I think the weight & rigidity of the pole will play a role as well. The other thing that jumps out at me is that with this type of system you can only fish down current, Fish face into the current, you want to fish up current & work it back, IMO, casting down current & reeling back is a good way to lower your success rate for the day, anchoring that way is not the best river fishing option IMO. Now if you’re talking shallow lakes & ponds, I can see this pole set up being much more useful, river stick? Like I said, for a river you’re facing the wrong way….