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  1. Yes, i may have mis-read this post below…. seemed to me like the question was referring to linking the batteries not connecting both the leads... What I left was a real, valid & civil question for you, looked like you successfully linked the batts. then suggested not linking them… I never said anything about connecting both leads together or having the chain connect back to itself, only you said I did…..Show me where I said that….. The rest of your post only shows your true character & reaffirms what I posted earlier in this thread Jealously? lol …. Toot-Toot!!
  2. That's a curious situation..... how's the fishing after they disrupt the Lake or should i say, the areas that they're weeding. Id think it takes a while for the feeding dynamics to reset.....
  3. You originally posted that you had "pretty incredible" success with linking & you added 15AH to your pack then you changed your mind....... Yes, there has to be an unconnected lead, to add more batteries to the cluster... I initially thought the same as you do now being it was only 2 batteries and not 12 or more.....Im not an expert on these batteries but with regards to our 2 battery cluster i interpret this as being the batteries linked are individually protecting themselves, communicating with each other & auto balancing without anyone needing to balance them individually, manually or adding anything additional...... You pretty much proved that....What changed for you to do a complete 180 from the results you had linking them???
  4. Ive forgot my net before.... had success with pinning it down Whiteside up, grabbing in the gill and then from there you're good to go... now if the buc becomes unbuttoned before you gain control, all bets are off....
  5. I don’t think I can accurately, or fully answer that,.. In the past I’ve had my communication lines disconnected .... I saw that vid prior to funN4Lo posting it & connected them together (about a month ago), they’ve been connected ever since. I have also parallel charged the batteries without communication connected, un-linked them, checked voltage on each one, then then threw each one back on the charger individually to see if one was charged more than the other……keep in mind i don't fully deplete the batteries & i charge them after each use.. After my charger checked each battery separately, it cycled thru to float at (or about) the same rate which suggested to me the batteries were equally charged. Or not detrimentally different, I also did that after parallel charging with the communication cables connected & got the same result…. Can’t say one would get the same result with 2 un-matched batteries.... i originally charged mine independently before connecting in parallel.. I was initially under the impression that daisy chaining the communications was part of a bigger system involving a master BMS, charging capabilities, etc as each battery's individual BMS controlled itself anyway,... Does the linking of the communications further balance the cells? ... does the 2 batteries communicating with each other manage any cell voltage variance between the 2 units? makes sense if it is, hard to tell whats actually going on.... its not hurting anything, probably helping & I’m about a month in on having them linked… i said, cant accurately answer your question... I usually float the batteries on the charger for a while when their done anyway to be sure balancing has time.
  6. Found this vid some time ago, Its not the U112RT specifically....probably the same set up.... it highlights some of the bms features in the Xp valance model, might help a little...
  7. Mass produced in China..... Definitely could be the o ring...Could be anything, bad machining, Out of round or warped housings, uneven powder coating could be another thing ... O-ring might have a problem sealing if one (or both) are out of round or warped.... Could be an assembly issue, Under torquing the screws could be an issue, how did they feel when you took them out? ...having the oing pinched could be another thing, and then again, the issue could be down by the shaft seal.... sucks but it's good you found that now...
  8. toot one's own horn (idiomatic) To promote oneself; to boast or brag; to tout oneself. Not to toot my own horn, but I already knew all that.
  9. Only you know what you want, or don’t want…. can’t comment on the water snake motor but a lot of guys use them & seem to be pretty happy with it.. As for the C30 set up, yes, the mount stays on the boat but the motor is removed each time, takes about 3 seconds to pull the pin & another 5 seconds to lift it out of the mount & re-install the pin in the mount. I’ve seen the steering both ways, fixed & foot pedal controls installed. You’d probably be doing fixed & steer with your rudder… on mine I have foot pedal controls so all that steering is hands free, when rudder controlled, you still need to constantly adjust direction, no big deal, you do that already but I’m just pointing that out… As for trim I designed & built a cable controlled vertical trim (no pulleys) where I have fixed high & low points built in, I can raise the motor vertically & float with motor running in 16” of water or drop it down to about 12” below the hull when in chop to avoid cavitation & anywhere in between those points. I also have the factory tilt trim controlled thru foot pedals, I pull a cord, push forward with my feet & it tilts upwards…. The other thing I have control of is the shaft lock mechanism form the cockpit, I activate it & its locked straight forward, or any direction I choose, until deactivated…. That’s all a little more than you need but I had a few winters worth of nothing to do to come up with this stuff
  10. I'm guessing your not that thrilled about your water snake set up Your obviously limited to what fits thru the Md opening so your bound to a few motor choices ....maybe you need a different approach to your mounting system & abandon the md cassette set up altogether.... I'd steer away from those side mount set ups, that to me is just getting something to work for a while, i wouldn't look at that as a permanent set up.... Ive seen plenty of impressive stern mounted set ups on Hobies with full trim & speed control all from the cockpit switching from motor to Md is seamless as they're both available full time.... some guys do both when in current... Tiis is on a pa but its the same concept on the others That concept alone opens up the field to numerous motor & mounting choices, at that point a Minnkota C30 is a great candidate, cheap & easy to work on, chop the mount & install on the stern, chop the shaft, re-route the control to the cockpit & your just about done... plenty of internet pics out there, after you decide to go this route its just a matter of connecting the dots & putting it all together pc x pc..... Regards.....
  11. Look at the bixpy stuff....
  12. As a fitting line quoted from the movie "first man" “We need to fail. We need to fail down here so we don’t fail up there,” This is so true.... you need to fail in the shallows, when the time comes that you need to use that knowledge you gained, you'll be that much more prepared & know what you're up against Well done! Now go practice the same in rougher, choppy water where it really counts....
  13. Lol..... i was pretty much sharing my experience of how long that similar crappy sae connector your using lasted me in the real world but your way above us all, you know much more than everyone.... i can see it now... I don't think i see what i think i see?....Are you for real? Looks like a cord grip installed in the top of your box. un-finished this & that, childs play, fantabulousness of you'r work? oh man Lol..... whatever dude. You seem like the guy that likes to toot his own horn ALOT Have a great season, go get em killer
  14. O.K. makes a nice little battery bag that gets strapped up under the deck i actually have one laying around collecting dust....
  15. If you pull the jacket off the battery you'll notice that its inside a tight fitting rubber bootie..... Any water that's gonna get in is gonna get in around the wire entry hole, one battery's power cord might have a tighter fit in that hole than the other, you'd have to check yours......