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  1. If you fish with hooks you will kill some fish yeahyeah If you think Jhooks can be set the same way every time you don't catch big fish just micros like otter as you can't compare the set required for a 15 pound fish to the tailslapslam of a 40 or 50 pounder
  2. If your not using circle hooks bait fishing you are doing the resource a disservice.....Daiichi 11-0 tournament approved non-offset My three kids have ZERO trouble setting a circle hook and all have caught fish over 30 pounds this year released unharmed
  3. Bill - I agree, shutdown the illegal buyers and these guys wont be doing this(as much)
  4. That's funny, I took the top two pictures of the bigger bass............he only caught large when he was fishing with me
  5. There have been several busts which is great news. No one is filleting 300 fish, so who is buying all the sea bass - they need to target that place big time
  6. Some interesting responses, if I thought an EPO would show I would call them - plenty of fish around and no need to break the law. It bothers me less to see a 22" fish kept than a 40 or 50 pounder
  7. huh that looks like on of them thar public lobster pots, I seem to have a couple of those, one guy is nice enough to put an empty Bud Light can in so at least I get the nickel
  8. Tube and worm without question
  9. If half of what they are saying is true about Monomy its worth it in any wind, water is cool and tons of bait Tragic that its setting up that way before the comm season starts
  10. Canal has been on Firah! What a bunch of snadbaggers:
  11. SW - never complain about that wind, I have been fishing the bay here and there and the bite has been worth the beating Thread is funning, complaints about SW wind, liking no wind....WOW Now that hard south last week, that makes it interesting trying to horse 30+ #s before the wind is driving right into the rocks.....wishing for more SW and no shining of the prop
  12. Not buying anyone did it, not with the current, wind, boats......its never really slack Had the misfortune of getting in the current once and I do triathalons - not a chance for me
  13. I'd have paid money to see that, need to get the video rolling next time The head boat experience is what it is, you need to concern yourself with your safety and if you bring kids on there it will probably only be once - buy your own boat set your own rules
  14. Hit the nail on the head, at what point do you try something else - how does that saying go "if you put your hand down on the table ans someone smashes it with a hammer do you keep putting your hand down?" Regarding some other posts on here, I will be the first to say I'm about as far from a striper expert as you can get and still be breathing but I do pay attention and learn from it - Striped bass relate to structure as much as any fish I have ever fished for, just becuase there isn't a flock of birds or the fish finder isn't all lit up doesn't mean abandon that spot run and gun to different spots. Once you get to learn an area you know at certain tides the fish will show on structure and pounding that structure will produce fish, it will take methodical deliberate patience in some cases but the guys catching fish now in the canal I'm sure know if they stick with ceratin spots at certain tides they will score and they also keep ther friggin mouth shut about it. (Ha - I have to say I learned some of that from Manzi about a million years ago) Are you guys fishing at night? Had my 3 kids out yesturday, first drift produced 3 ~20 pounders, to start the day off with a triple and to watch the kids 'do the dance' around each other and the motor well before dawn - best fathers day ever! Only 1 fish over 30 pounds all morning but we were off the water by 9 and everyone had enough (I leave dealing with 3 sleep deprived kids last night out of the equation) M^2
  15. I find it ironic, no spring comm season and the black seabass fishing has been the best in years, last year was pretty close but this is better....yet its always the rec guys