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  1. Any chance of seeing a picture of the box without the reel on it--just want to see the full writing? do you happen to know what year it is? thank you
  2. How much for just a sale?
  3. i live in MA too--no extra fees? duties?
  4. Not trying to steal thread--but how was digitaka for shipping times etc?
  5. I'd really appreciate the measurement!!
  6. I guess I will. I just picked up a used one and the guy didn't have the tool for pin removal--and I'd like to just take it apart and clean it. I'm OCD like that!!
  7. Connetquot--You posted great--but where can i actually buy the parts?
  8. Does anyone happen to know where to buy parts for the Bogagrip (model 260)--or even what size the tool is to remove the pins?
  9. jimmybean what reel do you have on it?
  10. I usually launch from Stephen's field and fish in Hobb's hole--hoping to get a pedal yak so I can venture further and not be so fatigued!!
  11. I, too, had to get a two piece rod and ended up going with the Lamiglas Surf King-nine footer! I had a one ounce weight and a chunk of mackeral and snapped the rod casting, where they connect!! I only had the rod for a few weeks. Sent it in--hoping to be covered under warrany---NOPE---ended up upgrading to the 3-8 oz lamiglas! I sent the rod in on July 22 and have still received the replacement----it's frigin mid October!! This is my first experiece with Lami and possible my last!
  12. jack johnson has some pretty "chill" music
  13. am i the only one who loosens the drag waaay up so that will never happen to me? i also do it so the fish doesn't feel the resistance and spit it??!!
  14. I'm in at 388 !!
  15. Great Video! thanx