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  1. Fished it 2 weeks ago. i walked from Beat 8 to above the bridge. I saw one fish at 11 and two around 23 and 24. A few weeks before that i caught two fish up around 24.
  2. Yep, those spawning colors are amazing.
  3. Golden Trout must be the best looking of the salmonids.
  4. Think they're more of a mutant rainbow. Golden trout are a sperate species you get in california.
  5. Is that pacific salmon species?
  6. Check the orvis website, their shop in Manhattan has some reductions so they could have some online.
  7. I'm from ireland so my knowlege is limited to reading English magazines, but wouldn't it be fair to say that the reason for stocking the put and take fisheries with rainbows, which have popped up alot in the last 20 years due to lack of availability of wild fishing, has to do with price.
  8. I think in Arizona introduced species threatened Gila and Apache populations but there seems to be good work to prevent permanent damage. In Ireland and the UK Rainbows are popular as they are cheaper to rear and grow faster than brownies, plus the factor of an "exotic" species is probably appealing to anglers. Most of the stocked rainbows are triploid and they are introduced into lakes that are fished heavily so they don't become a threat to browns. I think if non native fish are to be introduced they should be triploids so they don't pose a threat to native populations as something like the Brook Trout is to nice to lose.
  9. For trout fishing don't get obsessed with distance casting. Presentation is far more important.
  10. New York DEC stocks the other streams, think their fish come from a hatchery near the Catskills.
  11. Not necessarily Germany, but Western Europe. There is also a sub species called Marble Trout native to Slovenia and even one in Turkey so they're quite widespread. There's a lake in Ireland with three sub species of Brown Trout. Weren't Brown Trout also known as Loch Leven Trout? Out of interest do you know where US hatcheries get their brood stock from? Also why weren't cutthroat trout introduced to other areas in the same way as Rainbows?
  12. True, but a truly wild fish is from a lineage which has always been in that water. Also brown trout and rainbows aren't native to the East Coast. I'm not trying to knock stockies because as you say overwintered fish are great. I guess it depends on what words you want to use, but personally I wouldn't consider fish that was originally stocked as a truly wild fish.
  13. I don't think triploids are hybrids as such, Steelhead are sea run rainbows anyway. Fish are rendered tripoid by heat treatment of the eggs which leaves them sterile. It's usually done because it's cheaper and if you are worried about non native species taking over it's probably best to introuduce them so they can't breed. If stockies hold over for a period of time a more accurate term may be naturalised as to be truly wild they would have to be born outside of a hatchery.
  14. Here's a link, if it's not allowed I'l pm you the company link. You get them in various colors but they have an amazing action in the water. I used them few times before in ireland and had good luck with them.
  15. Has anyone used tasmanian devils?