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  1. To all who express interest in BFD, Dick was sent home from the hospital a few weeks ago, as the treatment they were giving him was attacking his digestive track causing Colitis, and there are no other treatments that would work for him. He is presently in Hospice care and is in extreme pain. The pain killers are making him very spacey to the point where he can barely walk. His entire family is devastated and request that you keep him in your prayers. If I get any other info, I will try to post it.
  2. I will try to keep everyone here informed of BFDs status. In the past I have asked Dick if it was ok to inform the board members of his status, but since he is unable to answer my communications, I will take upon myself to keep all of you informed of his status. I am in contact with his wife and she keeps me informed. I will tell his wife about the concern all of you express. Thanks
  3. Herb, He is not responding to anyone as he is very ill and back in the hospital.
  4. Just a quick update. Bonefish Dick has been struggling to recover from his recent bout with cancer. He was home for quite a while, but was currently readmitted to the hospital with some complications. He has not had much communication with anyone, Stan and I have been sending him texts and e mails, but he has not responded. I got a text from his wife and she said there has been some improvement in the past couple of days, but he still does not feel well enough to communicate. We should all keep him in our prayers for a speedy recovery. I hope you don't mind my updating the group Dick if you happen to read this. Mike M
  5. So far the beach fishing has been slow at the north end of Longboat Key. Last year this fish was taken April 4th along with a couple others.
  6. These are the reels I started out with, all have been retired except for the 1492, which I still use on my bamboo rod for trout.
  7. If it were my wife or lady friend, I would recommend a TFO Mangrove 8 weight paired with an Airflow Coldwater Striper blue intermediate 8 weight line. This is not a heavy rod and is very forgiving for a beginner. As for a reel I think that any inexpensive reel with a moderate drag will do the trick, even a Pfleuger which will do the trick if rinsed after each use, at least for the first couple of years to see if she really likes to flyfish. An outfit like this will probably run about $225 if you play the sales and shop around. I would also consider good used equipment that would be more than adequate. I would not compromise on the line however. I agree with Esa, a 9 or 10 weight would be too much for a lady, especially a beginner.
  8. Would you care to share the guides name?
  9. Hey Hook, Thanks for the report. I was wondering what was going on in the Bay. I am leaving this coming Tuesday, and looking forward to getting out of New England. Still hoping we can connect at some time this winter.
  10. Saltfisherman, Where are you located?
  11. Hey Oakman, what are you sailing on an where? My last boat was a. Cabo Rico 38 we sailed Maine to New York. Great comment but today there's too much dependence on electronics. When. I started sailing you had to do Dead Reckoning for navigating.
  12. Saltfisherman, Glad you finally are able to get out and catch something. You spent a lot of time putting out a great deal of information on this forum regarding the red tide, and you now deserve to enjoy nature as it should be. Thanks
  13. Dick, I just reviewed the pictures taken of your beach in 2012, and guess what, the beach looks like it does in 2018, no structure. It took 4 years until 2016 for that structure to form. So if winter storms or storms in general remain the same as in the past, we may not see that same structure or any type of structure return for another 3 to 4 years. I think your right we may have to find new beaches with structure. I looked on Google at beaches further east along the same coast and found little structure as we had for the last couple years at Bonefish Beach. There is some structure, of a different types, but not like those bowls we had. Also some of these beaches are like you said not easily accessible.
  14. Of course my favorite picture of the year would have to be the one of the largest Snook I have caught to date, taken on Longboat Key in Florida. I never get tired of catching native Brooktrout regardless of size.
  15. Heading to Florida on Nov 27th for the winter. Usually fly fish the beaches on the Gulf side of Anna Marie Island south to Sarasota. Has anyone had any action for Snook on those beaches lately, or have they started to migrate into the rivers for the winter? Thanks in advance.