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  1. Just a few more pictures from today's adventure. The casting stroke remains. The Bonito were small, but the tug was the drug.
  2. Beautiful fish, but what is SF?
  3. Hey saltfisherman, Thanks for your reports, did that storm that just went thru have any impact on the conditions down there??
  4. Yes in Florida
  6. I spend 5 months in the Tampa Bay area in the winter and have been quite concerned with what has happened south of there. I came across this video which precisely sums up what is going on regarding the Everglades. I thought it was concise and to the point in explaining what the problem is. I have no dog in this fight, but to date never knew who was at fault, and am unsure of the information's accuracy. https://www.wtsp.com/video/news/what-does-big-sugar-have-to-do-with-floridas-red-tide/67-8232133
  7. Being provoked by a friend to search and find an island beach on my own, that holds Snook, then actually fishing it and being successful, hooking on a fly what may be the largest Snook I may ever catch. At least till next year I hope. It was very fulfilling to do this all on my own with the help of Google Earth, and a little push from my good friend.
  8. Kinigit, Sorry for the delay, I was fishing all day yesterday. I will take the TFO Hayden 1 for $110.00. I may have your info from our last dealing, but you better update me via PM. Thanks MJM
  9. Your up early, waiting for Stan to go to the Swift.
  10. Kinigit, I respectfully offer $100.00 for the TFO Hayden 1. Via Paypal
  11. Hey Kinigit, What is the difference between the NSI and the I Hayden reels. All I can come up with is the NSI is a wide arbor, is this correct?
  12. Hey Dick, I have never seen you use a wading staff, but perhaps this would at least be the time to think about using one. Maybe to just help keep you balanced if you slip on something in the water. MJM
  13. Yesterday my friend Stan and I were able to visit Bonefish Dick at the rehab facility he is currently at. Not exactly knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised to find him looking terrific, and having a very positive attitude. We brought him some magazines to keep his mind occupied with his love of fly fishing, and the hour and a half spent with him, was filled with talk of fishing. Dick communicates using an e writer. He even made some wise ass comments, and was able to smile a little. He still has a tough road ahead but is in extremely good spirits, thanks to everyone of his well wishers on SOL , his family, and friends here at home. Hopes are that he will be in rehab another week, then he will go home. I asked him if I could post a picture of him on this forum and he agreed, so here it is. .
  14. Just letting you guys know, I just got a text from Bonefish. He said he was being moved to a rehab facility a bit closer to where he lives. This of course will make it easier for his family. I think he was ready to try and make further forward progress.
  15. Dick, you can look forward to joining us in the future and enjoy the bounty this beautiful river can provide. August 9, 2018 Swift River Stan was at my house promptly at 6 am. A change today, instead of hitting the salt we will try our luck with the picky trout on the Swift River. We arrived at our destination around 7:30 and there was only one car in the parking lot. We decided not to fish the more popular section above Rte. 9, and opted to fish further downstream. The cold water and the hot air set up slight fog over the river as the sun peaked thru the treeline. I chose a to enter the river below a small riffle area that looked promising to me, and an area that I thought would at least hold some Brookies. My fly choice was a Hopper/ Dropper rig with a foam Grashopper with a Pheasant tail dropper. Casting and searching this riffle area, I finally discovered where the fish were holding as my line tightened to the pretty Brookie below. Although I saw a few large Rainbows moving thru this area they were not in the eating mode. This was fine with me as I continued to catch an additional four Brooktrout. These fish alone made my day. My friend Stan had taken a position upstream from me, where you could see a dozen or so of large Rainbows. Now, I have got to tell you that Stan is the type of guy who likes a challenge when fishing for trout, and just loves fishing with flies that I can barely see and tippets as fine as a spiders web. My smallest fly that I will work with is a size 22, and that is not very often. I watched Stan hook fish after fish only to get broken off by them. As a result he spent a lot of time tying on new flies and new gossimer tippet material and was not able to land any of these large fish. He loves the challenge of fishing with a zero weight rod and these ultra small flies and that is all that counts. Below is a picture of him tying on yet another fly. This is a beautiful river which for whatever reason I have only fished once before, and after a streamside lunch Stan moved further upstream on his quest to land a Rainbow on his 9x leader. I moved into the pool that he was in to try my hand at one of these Bows. I decided to switch up to a grey soft hackle fly and made cast after cast drifting this fly, which I could see in the gin clear water, directly above the noses of these selective fish with no moves on their part. I took a few steps downstream where I could see a fish lying between a branch extending out into the current and the seam made by the riffle at the end of the pool. Like the other fish it just seemed oblivious to my offering, then after about the 6th drift, it decided this was the time to attack. The take was vicious as my 3 weight rod bent over and the Bow made one jump and proceeded to made a huge commotion in the pool as it moved upstream. Thinking I had lost it I backed up as the fish resisted the bend in the rod. As I reeled in the line to fight the fish on the reel, I knew this was a good one. I finally was able to net this beauty. The picture below does not accurately show the size and weight of this fish, but I estimate it to be in the 19 to 21 inch range as it was barely able to fit in my net. From what I am told fish of this size are not uncommon in this river, and I was overjoyed at being able to catch one. After a successful release of this fish, my day was complete. I was able to hook and land one more fish, a Brown trout about 11 inches long, which completed my grand slam for this river. Stan continued his quest for catching on ultra light tackle, as he continued to get broken off by these large fish. After an excellent morning of fishing it was time for the 1 1/2 hour ride back home, with the promise to return in the near future.