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  1. As usual, a great video with an important message.
  2. Using a guides 12 weight with a Redington Behemouth I landed a 125 lb Tarpon with no problem after about 45 minutes. It has a fantastic drag as I had it cranked down pretty tight. Tight enough to drag an 18 foot flats boat around. When I got back home I bought one for my 10 weight TFO BVK. For the price a great reel. I try not to drop my reels.
  3. Gentlemen, If any of you are on Scussett Beach, turn left at the end of the boardwalk and walk down the beach to the Private Beach Sign and look behind the sign on the grassy edge of the sand dune for the memorial to Bone fish Dick placed there by some of his fishing friends last Fall. May he rest in peace and forever be catching Stripers.
  4. June 21 thru June 24 Tarpon fishing trip.docx I was fortunate enough to do a 4 day charter trip for Tarpon with a friend of mine in Florida. I must say that large Tarpon are fun to see and catch if you are lucky enough to hook up. The attached file is a description of the trip in June of this year. I hope you enjoy the read, as we are already planning our trip for 2020. Yes I think it is addictive. Mike M
  5. Thaistick, Are you willing to share the guides name??
  6. I will do $125.00 Paypal shipped to zip code 02048 in Massachusetts
  7. Nice fish Hook
  8. I will take the reel with backing for $100.00 shipped. Via paypal
  9. Richy, I don't mean to contradict you but on the funeral parlor page there is a suggested organization to donate to. Just saying.
  10. My mistake
  11. I was asked to post this link for information regarding the services for Bonefish Dick, for those who may be interested. https://www.ccgfuneralhome.com/obit/richard-v.-perry-bonefish-dick
  12. The first paragraph is taken from my fishing log for 2018. October 9, 2018 Sagamore Beach "My friend Dick, who has been going through some tough times with a reoccurence of throat cancer, messaged me and said he wanted to try fishing after his recent surgery. This would probably be his last time to fish this year, as he was scheduled to have radiation treatments which would last until early December. We arrived at about 11:00 am and met Richie Cordeiro and Stan Beruit who would also be fishing with us. About 15 minutes later we noticed breaking fish out of casting range, but shortly after, Richie who was standing on a rip rap groin was the first to hook into what was a small Bonito. As the school moved thru, I connected with another small Bonito, but with no other action we moved to Scussett Beach where there was a bit more action and this was where Dick was able to get his last Striper for the year." Little did we know on that day that this would be the last Striper that Bonefish Dick would ever catch. I only knew him for a few years, but we spend many an early sunrise fishing together. He was always the first to arrive in the morning and many times was the last to leave the beach. When we did leave together, a stop at the closest Dunkin Donuts was always the norm, where over a coffee and a muffin, we tried to solve the problems of the world, or would talk fishing, which of course was Dick's favorite subject. Below find pictures of that last day of fishing with Bonefish. Dick was a good man and a gentleman who will be sorely missed by all of those who knew him. We are all better fishermen because of him, and the knowledge he imparted to us. He has been on my mind all day and I hope now he may rest in peace free of pain. Mike Mathias
  13. Jomi, I will offer you $185.00 for the reel and backing only, shipped to Mansfield, Ma..Paypal payment. No flyline, No flybox or No flies.
  14. Thanks Stan for updating Dick's condition to the members of SOL. I just couldn't do it. However here are a couple of pics of him at Bonefish Beach. Dick photo shopped the sign pic showing his humor, and the other picture was taken one early morning we were fishing together at his beach. Hopefully he will hear all these comments, and he will be pleased that he touched so many of us in the fly fishing community. May he rest comfortably without pain.
  15. Hey guys, I posted this report on BFD because I thought all of you who knew of him would want to know how he was doing. Please keep the gloom and doom comments to a minimum as this is what I hoped would not happen. Dick is a tough bastard and we should not count him out during this terrible ordeal he is going thru. Thanks for understanding my point of view, and lets just keep positive thoughts here. Thanks