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  1. I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to manage extra fly lines. I've seen the reel-e-good fly line and backing winder in several catalogs. Is that pretty good? What have you found that works the best? Thanks. TIM
  2. I picked up my new Hobie Revolution yesterday! Since I have not fished from a kayak before, I wanted to use the existing rod holders to get a feel for rod holder placement before drilling and mounting hardware. I picked up a Ram Fly Rod Holder that can be mounted into the existing rod holder using an accessory tube wedge mount (this has a ball mount on top and wedges into the existing Hobie rod holders ). I thought I had this all pretty well figured out, but when I got home and began playing around with it, I discovered a problem! The fighting butts on my TFO rods are too big in diameter to fit in the holder. I then tried my Sage xi2 with a Ross Momentum #5 reel and the clamping mechanism would only close with a great deal of fiddling around. This seems to be due to the 4" diameter of the reel. It gets in the way of the clamp. Any suggestions for keeping a fly rod holder in the Hobie factory rod tubes that will fit my rods and reels? Thanks for your help. TIM
  3. DaveCap,...Did you get a chance to try out your new rod holder yesterday? How do you like it? Any changes that you would make? It was a very generous offer you made about sharing one of your rod holders with me. I have some extra PVC pipe in the basement and I'm pretty handy with tools. If I decide to use one like yours, I'll use your picture as a guide and have some fun tinkering around and constructing one....Dave,...Just the fact that you offered was incredibly nice.It's what makes this forum such a special place. kross57,...You're right! Grinding down the fighting butts on a couple of pretty new rods does sound a bit extreme! I'm searching for an alternate solution at this point for the TFO rods. The Sage xi2 fighting butt fit just fine but I had problems closing the rod holder latch with a Ross Momentum #5 reel on it. The 4" diameter of the reel was making it difficult to secure the latch. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll keep it in mind.
  4. RobG,.....Thanks for letting me know that the Scotty Fly Rod Holder will accomodate both fly and spinning gear. I thought that I would have to get two different styles of rod holders for my spinning and fly gear. This is good news. I'm still not sure about the Scotty Rod Tube Extension.....Does anyone know if this will fit securely into the factory supplied rod holders that are molded into the kayak? Also, are there any other brands of rod holders that I should look into? Thanks for the help. TIM
  5. Strippinchicken,... Thanks for your response...It looks like the Scotty Fly Rod Holder may be a better design for larger diameter reels and larger diameter fighting butts. I am not totally clear on how this is assembled. I see that the fly rod holder fits on top of the rod tube extension, but can the other end of the rod tube extension fit down into the factory molded existing rod holder holes in the kayak? Is there a way of securing the bottom end of the rod tube extension into the existing rod holder holes in the kayak? I think I need to have it secure while I'm fishing and then be able to easily remove it for transporting and storage. Is this the right tool for the job? Thanks, TIM
  6. Samurai, Your shrimp fly is truely inspirational! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that the entire fly tying community would benefit greatly if you could find the time to put together a tutorial on how you put together this work of art......It would be very helpful even if you only have time enough for a materials list and what made up the components of each of the sections that you put together. What are the forelegs made from and how did you get them to stay bent like real joints?.....Very realistic! If I can tye some of these and they look anywhere near as beautiful as yours, then I may have to refer to them as Samurai's Shogun Shrimp!.....Fantastic job! Thanks for inspiring me! TIM
  7. Does anyone know when TieFest 2010 is being held? I went last year and really enjoyed myself and I'm looking foreward to going again this year. Thanks. TIM
  8. Last year at Tie Fest 2009, I watched Bob Popovics put together some eyes made from feathers. I can't remember exactly how he did it, but they looked really good. I think that he used Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers and them cut out a small black circle of another feather for the pupil of the eye and glued them together. Can anyone here refresh my memory as to the best feathers to use and what kind of adhesive works the best? Are there any tricks to doing this? Thanks. TIM
  9. Thank you Bob Popovics! That was what I was remembering from TieFest. Those eyes really look great. Thanks for the explaination of how to assemble them. Thanks Kelkay for the heads-up on a source for the Gray Peacock Pheasant. Is a Gray Peacock Pheasant the same as a Grey's Pheasant? TIM
  10. Thanks Chris, That is exactly what I needed. The Amherst pheasant I can find without a problem. I've looked for peacock pheasant at about a half dozen suppliers, but I don't see any listed. Does anyone have a favorite supplier for this? Thank you. TIM
  11. Sorry Pantherm, but I don't know anyone there....I wish I did.....When you get the job, could you please ask them to carry their G4 Wading boots in size 15 and 16?...I'd be happy to be your 1st customer! Good luck with your interview, I hope you get the job! TIM
  12. I'm trying to figure out which backing to use for a couple of new reels for fly fishing saltwater from the shore on the Cape. Are there any reasons to not use Spiderwire Ultracast Invisibraid in about 50 lb. test? Thanks, TIM
  13. My original thinking was to use the original spools that the fly line comes on to store the fly lines. I thought this would be good because I could keep them nicely organized with all the information right there already on the spools.....Are there any pitfalls in using the original spools for storage? The expandable/collapsible type of line winder like the Angler's Image one also looks nice. I could see where it would be good to store the fly line in larger loose coils so there would be less line memory. This system would also allow the fly lines to dry out before being put away....Are there any other +'s and -'s to using this system?
  14. Any reports on fishing with the new Rio Outbound Short Intermediate Cold Water line? I'm interested if it has been working as well in a fishing situation as on the lawn. Is the new running line not tangling too much under fishing conditions?
  15. A couple of months have gone by now and I'm curious as to how these lines are performing on the water. Any glowing reports?
  16. JoshuaI, ....How did you make those little rows of holes in your foam? Did you use a drill or a heated nail? I really like the idea of using the plano box. I may have to make a couple of them.
  17. I had Cabela's Prestige Plus backing on one of my spools. It's chartreuse in color. A couple of months ago I purchased a Wulff Floating Line ( SWT 9 F ) and mounted it on this backing. The other day I noticed that where the backing and the fly line touch each other, the chartreuse color was bleeding onto the fly line. I don't view the color change as a huge deal, but it was also changing the texture of the fly line. In this area, the fly line was stiffer and not as soft and flexible as the rest of the fly line. I cleaned the fly line with some Orvis Zip Juice Line Cleaner, but it had no effect on this area of the fly line. Has anyone had this happen? I removed that backing from the spool and am going to replace it with something else. I've also just purchased a couple of other reels and need to put backing on them also. I'm considering using Sufix Performance Braid in 50#. Does anyone have experience with this braid bleeding excessively?
  18. Brian,....Whenever I see something like that it seems it is usually at least 100 yards further out than I'm able to cast! When I googled the Tuf-Line, there were several choices. Do you recall the one that you have had good luck using? Tuf-Line Dura-cast Tuf-Line XP Tuf-Line Tuf-Line Guide's Choice Tuf-Line Plus Thanks, TIM
  19. BrianBM,.....Excellent idea!...I bet a couple of albies would do the trick!...We had a place in the Village at Nags Head and used to get down there quite often. We sold our place in the late 1990's. We really have a lot of fond memories of that area. One of the things that we liked so much was that the people down there were really friendly. Even when we went into a fast food place, everyone was always very friendly. I hope that hasn't changed since we used to go down there. It may be a year or two before we get down that way again, but I would sure like to go fishing with Brian or Sarah. I'm sure I'd have a great time and it would be an unforgetable learning experience for me. I figure that hiring them for a day or two would be like taking a Masters Class in saltwater fly fishing! TIM
  20. Thanks guys, I just pulled the fly line off the reel and took another look at it. Brian, it may well be as you suggested. The fly line at the rear of the running line may very well be of a slightly different texture because it is not being used. It seems to be slightly stiffer and not quite as flexible as the front part of the running line......I guess I'll have to concentrate some more on practicing my distance casting to give that part of the line more of a workout!......It's amazing how so many things seem to come back to practicing casting! Do any of you have a favorite GSP line to use for backing? I'm looking at GSP to get 200 yds. of backing on some smaller reels.
  21. Happy Birthday Herb! After all this wonderful sharing of your fly lines, you deserve to have something really special happen. I hope your next cast connects you with that fish of a lifetime!..........After your recent experience, you may not want to be standing in the water when that happens! Tight lines, Tim
  22. My current fly rod is a 9' TFO TiCr 8 weight. At this time most of my fishing will be at the Cape between Woods Hole and Falmouth. I'll be fishing mostly from the beach and wading in water up to my waist. I'm thinking of adding another fly rod to the collection and am considering a Two Handed Rod. Do you think this would be a wise choice? Would I be best off with an 11' Switch Rod or a longer Spey Rod? I have no experience with a TH rod. I have watched DVD's on Spey Casting by Simon Gawesworth, Mel Kreiger and others and just recently got Simon's book on Spey Casting. I don't know how much actual Spey type casting I'll be doing. I would think that I would be Overhead Casting a lot and maybe doing some spey casting. I have no actual experience with this, so the fishing conditions may dictate something completely different than what I'm imagining. My reasons for considering a TH rod are that I'm over 60 and although I just started fly fishing last year I see myself doing this for many years to come. I SH cast both left and right handed about equally well. I'm thinking that a TH rod may be a little easier on the body long term and allow me to fish further into the future. It may also allow me to cast further if necessary. It also gives me something else to practice and from what I've seen on the DVD's, it really looks like fun to do. Given your experiences, am I better off with a SH rod or a TH rod? If I go with a TH rod, should I be looking at a Switch rod or a longer Spey type rod? The stripers that I've caught there both spinning and fly fishing have all been 26" and under so far. My 8 wt. SH rod felt fairly sporting for this size fish. What size TH rod would give me a similar fight? Thanks, TIM
  23. Herb, I just wanted to say thanks once again for so generously sharing your fly lines with me earlier this Spring. I've spent countless hours lawn casting them and caught some stripers on them already too. I remember your generosity every time I head out to cast a spell whether it's on the lawn or at the beach. Thanks again Herb! TIM
  24. Crunch, Thanks for your response. I have followed your posts with interest for quite some time now and was hoping you would respond here. If you were fishing from the beach and standing on the sand and not in the water, would you still use spey casting a lot? I can see where I could use it when I'm standing out on the sand bar in waist deep water. There, I would have plenty of water to anchor the cast. I need to go back and watch my DVD's keeping that in mind to see which casts would work for standing on the shore. In my inexperience, I was thinking that an 11' switch rod may be a good choice since I am imagining that I will do a lot of overhead casting and some spey casting. From what you are saying, it looks like you prefer a longer spey rod, but you found it more difficult to OH cast with that. In truth, I'll probably end up with at least one of each, but I'm not yet sure where the best place for me is to start.
  25. I recently purchased a Simm's G-3 Stocking foot wader. I am planning on fishing mostly from a sandy beach in saltwater. I will also do a little fishing from a small jetty. My street shoe size is usually a 14 or 15. My preference in a boot would be for some type of rubber sole like Aqua Stealth or something similar without studs and corrosion resistant hardware. I've tried on a size 15 Korkers boot, but I found that a little small and that is their largest size. Orvis has a Side Zip Brogue Boot in a size 15 that fits, but the rubber sole version has studs. I've searched here and on the Internet, but so far I haven't found what I'm looking for. Can any of you point me in the right direction? I could sure use some help here. Thanks, TIM