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  1. Jack Gartside listed glimmer as one of the materials used in some of his flies like the Floating Sand Eel. I can't seem to find it available today. What characteristics did glimmer have that set it apart from other materials available at that time for him to prefer it? What would be the best substitute with today's materials? Thanks for the help. Tim
  2. Hi Greg! It was great to meet you there last year. I'll be there and I'll be sure to stop by and say Hi. Actually, a couple of days ago I started a little list of a couple of questions about flatwing flies that I want to ask you. Saturday can't get here soon enough as far as I'm concerned! See you there. Tim
  3. Have any of you tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? We use it in the house and it works really well. It cleans scuff marks off the walls and red wine stains off counter tops. It says on the box that it is also good for car interiors, patio furniture, and boat interiors. I haven't tried it on the kayak yet, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I needed to. It looks like a sponge. You wet it and rub on the stained area. The Magic Eraser sort of dissolves as you use it and the stains usually just magically disappear. If you don't have easy access to a power washer, you may want to give that a try. If you don't already have some under the kitchen sink, you can usually find it at the grocery store with the cleaning products. It's a good product to have around the house. I hope this helps. Tim
  4. Thanks JonC, doc34007, crashfrommamesbury, and strippinchicken for all your help. After reading your responses and checking out Jack's Website and books, I think I'll start with Flashabou. I also have some Farrar Blend and may give that a try too. I wonder though if that might be a little too rigid for this. In my next order with a fly shop, I think I'll include some Polar Flash to see what that looks like. One of the joys of fly tying is trying out new and different things. Come to think of it, before I start tying, maybe I should ask if any of you have found the floating sand eel very productive? Thanks again for all your help. Tim
  5. Thinice, Thanks for your suggestion. I picked up 2 boxes of borax this morning and treated all 11 of the tails. It says on the box that it is a deodorizer. I'll see if there is any truth in their advertising!....I figured this was a simple solution to start and if this doesn't do a good enough job, then I'll figure out another plan of action. I'll keep everyone informed of the results in case anyone has a future problem like this. I still have most of a box of borax left.....I can't just let it go to waste! I may have to put the pruning shears in the car along with some nitrile gloves and plastic bags.......There seem to be plenty of opportunities to acquire bucktail along the road here! If anyone else has any experiences they want to share, keep 'em coming. Thanks. Tim
  6. Kevin and Jim, Thanks for your responses to the problem. We have guests for the holiday weekend and so I won't be able to give this my full attention right now. I think that what I will do is take Kevin's suggestion and try the borax method . It's often a part of the normal curing process for raw bucktails and it's quick and easy so I can do that this morning. I'll see how that works and then figure out the rest of the plan from there......If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd sure like to hear them.....I'm off to the grocery store now for some borax. Thanks again. Tim
  7. I am also having a problem with some really smelly bucktails. One of the shoe boxes that I keep my bucktails in seems to have the problem and the other shoe boxes just have the normal aroma of bucktails. This box has 11 bucktails in it. There are 3 black and one olive that are from two different suppliers. These 4 bucktails have some gray/ white areas on the flesh side that may be a mold. Some of my other bucktails are from these same suppliers and they are OK. I put all 11 of these bucktails outside to air out today and they are protected from critters. I am hoping that the one's without the mold will air out and won't require any more treatment. The one's with mold I am pretty sure that I will have to treat. I've searched here and after reading posts this is what I think I will try. First I will try to scrape off anything that I can get off the flesh side.Next I will soak them in a mild bleach solution for about 1/2 hour. I think that should kill the mold. Next step is to wash them in a dish washing detergent. I also have some Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator that I may soak them in after the detergent just to be sure! I'll rinse them out really well and then dry them on a wire rack with a fan. I'm going to do all the washing outside by hand in the interest of domestic harmony and tranquility! I think I'll also put some cedar shavings in any of the storage containers that have materials from birds and mammals. That may make them smell better and ward off any insects. Does this sound like it will work?...Any other suggestions or comments? To those of you that have had this problem and resolved it, what worked the best for you? Thanks for the help. Tim
  8. I've been looking, but I can't seem to find this available in DVD. I thought it used to be available here from the Online Store, but I'm not seeing a way to order it now. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks, Tim
  9. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks, Tim
  10. Ron, ....I'm glad to see that your bump on the head has not had an adverse effect on your fly tying. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Tim
  11. BVK stands for Bernard Victor Kreh...Lefty's initials. Ti = Titanium Cr = Chromium......These are the abbreviations of the elements from the periodic table. TFO's advertising says these elements are used in the manufacturing of these rods ( TiCr and TiCrX). I'm not sure about the X........It probably means extra something..... like extra reserve power, extra special, or maybe an extra $25!
  12. I've tied small surf candies using calf tail on #4 and#6 Mustad C71S-SS circle hooks. I was fishing Cape Cod last year using these and a 6 wt. rod. I was having fun catching scup and stripers from the beach. I'm not sure if it helps hook any more fish. I crush the barbs on all my flies and I would like to think that the added amount of bend at the point of the hook may help keep a fish from shaking the fly loose.I also feel like the upturned point of the circle hook may keep it sharper longer if it's dragged through the sand or bumps a rock.I've tied more surf candies for this year on both regular and circle hooks. I'm also playing around with some of these tied with Petitjean's Magic Heads to give them some more action. Those I tied with craft fur to imitate sand eels. I haven't actually fished them yet but I swam them in my little pond here at home and was really pleased with their action.... it was very sand eel like. I'm excited to try them out on the Cape this May/June. Tim
  13. Local 66....OK, I sure fell for that one!....Hook, Line and Sinker!...I hope your friend recovered 100%....I'm glad to hear that wasn't from a sting ray....I'm going to give up on that foot shuffling in the pool thing now!.....I am going to start to keep my feet inside the kayak now when fishing Cape Cod....No need to troll for Great Whites using myself as bait! Glad to hear you're on the mend. Tim ok,
  14. Local 66.....WOW!! ....Now I think I understand why some of your recent posts have a little "edge" to them!....I've never seen the results of an encounter with a sting ray before. How long after the attack was that picture taken? How much longer until you're back on your feet?...I think I'm going to start shuffling my feet in the swimming pool!....One can't be too careful!...This certainly is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words! Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Tim
  15. For "strippers," I'm not so sure it matters too much about the rod, it's probably more important to use a fat wallet for bait!
  16. Hi Ron!......Was that by chance the BVK 9wt. that Lefty is holding there?...If so, did you get a chance to play with it a little?....What did you think?....Is the Freedom Hawk kayak yours?....Have you had it long?....Do you like it? Tim
  17. I don't put a dollar amount on my fly fishing inventory.....That's just waaay tooo scary!....I don't want a reality check in this department!....What I find really helpful is I keep an inventory of rods, reels, lines, and all my fly tying materials in the computer. I print out a copy and take it with me when I visit a fly shop. Though I just started fly fishing and tying 4 years ago, I am accumulating these treasures at an alarming rate! It's not always easy to remember what colors of each material I have already. I started doing this shortly after I began fly fishing and find that it doesn't take too long to do once I set it up initially. I add new items as I get them and adjust the inventory as I use items. I'm not accurate down to exactly how many hooks of a certain style and size I have. I just need to know if I have plenty or should I buy some more. My wife just recently got an I Pod Touch and she transferred my inventory to it. That will mean that I have a compact copy of the inventory to carry around to fly shops. I have to admit though that I still prefer to hold a hard copy in my hands and I can write on it too. Tim
  18. It's really educational and informative.... Great video!....It's nice to be miles from the beach and to have a resource like this available on the computer near the tying bench!...Thank you Bob Pop for putting this together and thanks Orca for letting me know about it....Petitjean's Magic Heads and the mini 3/4" suction cups that I've been playing with the last couple of weeks sure seem to move like those sand eels in the video....At least they do in the bathtub!....I can't wait to see how they are received in May on the Cape!....This video is going to be bookmarked for sure...Thanks again!..... Tim
  19. I'm looking for a rod storage rack for fly rods and light spinning rods. The fly rods will be broken down and the 2 halves secured with velcro. I leave the reel, line and fly attached so I can grab a rod and quickly head for the beach. The rods may be a little wet after I've rinsed them off. The rack needs to be portable so I can store the empty rack in the attic when the house is rented during the summer. I've been searching the internet and see that Cabela's has a "Tackle Trolley" that looks interesting. It has wire shelving and casters. It looks like it would work for fly rods. Does anyone have experience with this system or any suggestions as to what might be another alternative? To date I've been stacking the rods in a corner, but the fly rod collection is growing and I'd like to keep it a little better organized while at the beach. Thanks for the help. Tim
  20. Ron, Thanks for your response. Would the first rack in your post work for fly rods that are broken down into 2 pieces with velcro binding them together? The reels, line and fly would all still be attached to the rod. Would the fly reel get in the way of any of the cross bars of the rack? Thanks. Tim
  21. Suppose you wish to use a snake roll to quickly pick up line and change direction with a single handed overhead cast...... If you are holding the rod in the right hand and changing direction of the cast from right to left, do you use a clockwise or a counterclockwise motion to pick up the line? Thanks in advance for the help. TIM
  22. Last night I was looking at the book Casting with Lefty Kreh and I wasn't sure if he was rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. I looked at Simon Gawesworth's Single-handed Spey Casting to see if that would help clarify it for me. Lefty seemed to be rotating clockwise for an overhead cast and Simon was rotating counterclockwise for a spey type cast with a D-loop. Today, I had more time and dug out 2 DVD'S ....Rio's Modern Spey Casting and Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting. After watching these DVD's, it looks like for a right handed single hand overhead cast going from right to left that Lefty picks up the line with a clockwise motion. Simon uses a counterclockwise motion for a spey cast using a D-loop. Until I get a lot more experience using the Snake roll cast, I can see where I may become a little confused on the water as to whether I should use a clockwise or counterclockwise Snake roll for an overhead cast or a Spey cast. Which direction do you use for an overhead cast?.....Does it really matter? Esa, you said counterclockwise. Is that for an overhead cast?
  23. Suppose I am standing on the beach between Wood's Hole and Falmouth on Cape Cod. The tide is going from low to high ( rising tide ). Which way would the current be flowing, from Wood's Hole to Falmouth or from Falmouth towards Wood's Hole? Thanks. TIM
  24. Isleomaniac, Thanks for recommending Eldridge's Tide and Pilot Charts. I will check it out when I get up there. I'm going to try and keep the wind and current on my back when possible for the return trip! Thanks again. TIM
  25. Albacized, isleomaniac, and pantherm,......Thanks so much for your responses. I plan to use a kayak in that area and knowing the current direction will help me plan my excursions. I'm trying to plan it so that I won't have to battle both the wind and the current when I head for home base. Thanks again for all your help. I hope the stripers show up there real soon for you guys.....and that they're big and hungry! TIM