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  1. Finally found it!....Airflo Scandi Compact......That looks like what it is.....Now that I know who makes it, I can call them if necessary. Thanks for taking a look. Tim
  2. I think that these bluefish have had their fill of bait fish and have switched their focus to terns.....a more challenging target!.....Another possibility is that they have been communicating with the asian silver carp that jump so much when they are spooked! Lets hope that these 2 species are never able to interbreed!
  3. I'm interested in purchasing some Eagle Claw 254SS ( the stainless steel ones ) in #1 and #2 sizes. I have the larger ones already, but would like some this size. Does anyone have a bunch stashed away that you don't think you'll need? I haven't been able to locate a source on the internet yet. I might also be interested in some #4 & #6's if you have them. Thanks for the help. Tim
  4. I've been driving up to Cape Cod the past couple of years with a Hobie Revolution on top. The vehicle is a Honda Odyssey van with a Thule glide and set rack over the driver's side. I haven't had any problems with E-ZPass at the toll booths. I've just added a Freedom Hawk Pathfinder to the fleet and so I'll be going through the toll booths with both kayaks on top. Have any of you experienced any problems having E-ZPass read at the toll booths with multiple kayaks on top? Anything I need to think about when I'm positioning the kayaks to tie down? I'm thinking that I'll put one kayak on the glide and set racks and the other deck down / hull up flat on the load bars. I may decide to just put both kayaks deck down flat on the load bars and skip the glide and set racks. When the Pathfinder gets here this week , I'll play around with this. Any suggestions regarding these configurations and E-ZPass? Thanks for the help. Tim
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. I wasn't sure if the toll booth scanner would be able to read the E-ZPass box with the 2nd kayak overhanging the windshield. My E-ZPass box is on the passenger side windshield just to the right of the rear view mirror. From your responses, it looks like it can still pick-up the signal and if it can't then a picture of the license plate will be taken so they can bill the account with that. Thanks again for all the help. Tim
  6. A couple of weeks ago, I was emptying the trash and I noticed that my wife had cleaned all her hair brushes. I grabbed a plastic bag and put my new found tying material inside. Later, I told her that I had saved her hair and that I was going to tie some flies with it. I tied up 6 small flies using her hair and some flash for the tail and Bill's Bodi-Braid covered with Bug Bond for the body. Two of them I outfitted with Petitjean's Magic Heads. They look like little surf candies. I've dubbed them "The Principessa Fly". She is really pleased about the flies and I'm getting major points for this!...Who knows, I may even get a Stand-n-Fish for my Hobie Revolution or maybe even a new Freedom Hawk Pathfinder out of this if I play my cards right!....I'm going to try them out next month at the Cape...I think we'll have a few good laughs and some good stories to tell each time I catch a fish on these.... La vita e bella.... Tim
  7. Great job on the video! I've been anxiously awaiting it's release. Between both of Joe's videos, Joe's book, Ken Abrames books, and the wealth of knowledge shared by all the folks here on SOL, I'm feeling pretty comfortable with tying flatwings now. Thank you everyone for all your help. Tim
  8. What is the maximum length rod that the Pro Angler will hold in the horizontal rod tubes? Will it hold a 9' fly rod assembled or do you have to break it down? Thanks, Tim
  9. Thanks Barrell, with all the kayak knowledge that you share here, I thought that there was a good chance that Jon Shein was referring to you. Thanks again, Tim
  10. Hardtail, if you Google RM Soft Short, you will find tying instructions with pictures. I hope this helps. Good Luck. Tim
  11. "All fish on the Cape are mine stay away"..............I'm confused.....Can this really be true?....I thought all the fish on the Cape will soon belong to the seals!!!....Hungry Great Whites dining on seals may turn out to be a striper fisherman's new best friend!.... Capt. Castafly, your cinder worm workshop looks very interesting. I just wish I was close enough to attend. Keep up the good work. Tim
  12. Barrell, Thank you, that was the information I was looking for.....I have another question. In "kayak Fishing" by Jon Shein, in the acknowledgements section he mentions Tim Surgent and John Barrell. Are you by chance John Barrell? Thanks, Tim
  13. Stripers4me, Ray,...."If I was a rich man"....I think that I would rather spend the $22,000 to hear the stories that your Gold Pfleuger Medalist could tell! I'm sure they would be priceless! Tim
  14. I just thought of another question. It looks like you are tying the flatwing feather curving up like a support feather for the multi-feather flatwing style rather than curving down as in a single flatwing style. Is that how you're doing it? Thanks. Tim
  15. Kevin,....Thank you for posting these instructions. I was inspired by your initial post about this pattern and ordered some cashmere goat hair to try. I tied with the goat hair yesterday and have a question about it. I am stripping out the soft undercoat that I guess the cashmere sweaters are made from. Is there a good use for this for saltwater flies? So far I've just stripped it into the waste basket, but I feel kind of wasteful just throwing cashmere wool away! What do you use it for? I'm only fishing saltwater currently, but I may begin some freshwater fishing in another year or two. Thanks for the inspiration! Tim
  16. You may also want to try "Gudebrod Braided Mono" or "Gudebrod Braided Butt Leader". Good Luck! Tim
  17. Is poly flash the same as poly bear flash? Thanks, Tim
  18. stripers4me...Ray, I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a great book. I've read and reread it several times.I had it open at my desk when I tied my first Ray's flies a couple of years ago. It's been open at my desk the past couple of days as I began tying Ray's Marabou Sand Eel. That pattern was recommended as a nice sand eel imitation by The Fisherman ( Steve Culton) here on SOL. I'll put it to the test on the Cape in May/June. Big Biscuit mentions that he is going to look for some short shank hooks to tie Ray's Fly. In your book you recommend the Eagle Claw 254 or equivalent. If you were going to tie your Ray's Fly in a size #2, what hooks would you recommend that are available in today's market? Thanks, Tim
  19. Over the last couple of years I've purchased a few Whiting flatwing saddles and capes. I'm beginning to get organized to tie some flatwings with them. I'm looking at them and see that each cape and saddle has areas with different shaped feathers on them and I'm wondering how to best use all the feathers on a flatwing saddle or cape. The upper 1/3 of the saddle seems to have a wider feather with a more oval shaped tip towards the center of the saddle. Are these feathers best suited for deceivers? For what other things might they be best suited? As I look laterally in the upper 1/3 and down into the middle 1/3 of the saddle, these look like the feathers to use for flatwings of various lengths. Are there also other things that these would be good for? The feathers in the lower 1/3 of the saddle have a much wider base and taper to a point. What would be the best use for these? When I look at the flatwing capes, The upper 1/3 looks like it might make some very small flatwings up to maybe 4-5". Is there anything else I should be thinking about using these for? What would be the best use for the feathers in the middle 1/3 of the cape? The lower 1/3 of the cape has some shorter, broader triangular feathers in the middle and then some even shorter broad feathers laterally over where the bird's thighs are. What are the best uses for these? As I begin to use these flatwing capes and saddles, it would be most helpful to know what the possibilities are for each type of feather. Thanks a million in advance for all your help. Tim
  20. I understand that Joe is to have another flatwing video out sometime in March. Does anyone have any more information on this? The first video was really well done. If the next one is only half as good as the first one, it would still be a great video! Thanks, Tim
  21. GBflytyer....Hi Greg!....When I talked with you at Tie Fest the other week at your Whitewaterflies booth, you mentioned that Tom Whiting was going to discontinue the flatwing capes and "rework the bird" . Since the flatwing capes and saddles both come from the same bird, what does this really mean? You mentioned above that Whiting is shipping out some bronze grade flatwing saddles, does that mean that they have already used the capes from these birds for something else? .....Or...Are they still going to produce some flatwing capes? I'm hoping they do! Thanks Greg, Tim
  22. I'm wondering what hooks you prefer when tying small flatwing eelies. What brand, model number and sizes do you think work best for 1-1/2" up to about a 4" eelie? With these flies having such a narrow profile, does a smaller lighter hook seem to give it a better action? I currently have the Mustad S71S SS down to a size #8 and the Mustad C68S SS down to a size #6 that I could use for these eelies. I am aware that many of you are not too fond of Mustad hooks. Are there lighter, stronger, rust resistant hooks that may be a better choice for these small flies? For schoolie stripers on the Cape, what size hook do you think would work best on a 1-1/2" eelie? How about a 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4"? Thanks in advance for your help. Tim
  23. Kevin, Thanks for the Daiichi X510 size #4 recommendation. I wasn't at all familiar with that hook so I checked it out on the Internet. Is it good for saltwater use? I always rinse off my gear with fresh water after I use it but even so I still get some rust on some lures I use like yo-zuri crystal minnows. I've never noticed any rust on flies with the Mustad Signature Series of stainless steel hooks. I really like hooks that are not inclined to rust easily. Are salmon/steelhead hooks usually good for use in saltwater? Steve, I followed your link to The Golden Knight and Eelie Variant. When I got there I realized that I had saved it into my fly patterns file shortly after you initially posted it. Thanks for reminding me about it. I was inspired by it and tied up a couple of The Golden Knights ( sans JC eyes ) this afternoon. I have to say that I really like the look that blending the bucktail gives to a fly. I've done it occasionally over the last couple of years, but I really should incorporate it into my tying more. It really is aesthetically pleasing. I noticed that in your original description of the Eelie Variant that you used 3 flatwings. In the above post you mention that you now use just 2 feathers. Is there a special reason that lead you to settle on 2? I have enjoyed reading " Stripers and Streamers" and pick it up and refer back to it often. I had it open on the desk to guide me when I tied my first Ray's fly a couple of years ago. Since it is small in size and contains a lot of good information, I sometimes take it to read if I'm going to be sitting in a waiting room for a while. Thanks for thinking about it and recommending it in your post. Tim
  24. Steve, Thanks for responding to my questions. In preparing to tie the flatwings, I've been reading both of Ken Abrames books lately. I just received Joe Cordeiro's book late last week and I've read that a couple of times too. Joe's video on single flatwings was inspirational and I've been searching the archives here also. Between all of these and your help, I think I have a much better idea of what the ideal flatwing feather should look like now. I sat down the other day and looked at all the Whiting flatwing saddles I have and I have to say that many of them seem to have a lot of longer narrow feathers and not as much of a triangular shape. When tying multi-feathered flatwings, do you tend to tie the not so perfect feathers between layers of the more perfect feathers in order to utilize them? Thanks. Tim
  25. Ian, Thanks for your recommendations on the Owner AKI and Gorilla Light hooks. Next visit to a tackle shop, I'll check them out. The Eagle Claw 254's in stainless steel I have already in 1/0 and larger. A couple of years ago, someone here recommended them for replacing the rear treble hooks on plugs because they have large eyes. I've used them for that, but I can't recall using them yet for fly tying. I've mostly be using various models of the Mustad Signature series. They are often not too sharp out of the box, but debarbing and sharpening if necessary is SOP for me. I'll keep the EC 254 in Sea Guard in mind too. Ian, you mention using bunny for small flies, is there a specific pattern that you like to imitate small springtime sand eels? Steve, I've noticed over the past couple of years that many of the pictures of smaller flies that you have posted have been tied on the TMC 7999 hooks. Those look like they would work well for a strong hook in the 6-10 sizes. I have to confess that I don't know what the advantages are of using the upturned eye hooks. I have seen in some knot tying books that the leader is passed through the eye and tied around the hook shank. The eelies don't seem to have room for this. Do you use a non- slip mono loop to tie these flies onto your leader? The Gamakatsu SC15's usually seem to be very well rated here and I'll probably start adding some to the inventory. In May, two years ago I think that I might have caught my fish of a lifetime (at least I doubt I can repeat this in my lifetime!). I foul hooked a sand eel while fly fishing. It was 2-3/8" long and the diameter of a wooden match stick!...I think that this is the match-the-hatch size eelie I need to tie for May on the south side of the Cape. When tying a flatwing that small, would you still use a bucktail platform? Thanks for the help. Tim