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  1. Zero Limit do you accept paypal? and would you say the top Tiger is in mint condition? Ty
  2. I was just wondering, We fish some of Garys plugs here. the tiger is great on top with a little current. I would say the enticer is his best plug, I really wish they were not so expensive.
  3. Thank you for the heads up. Is this the same Tiger you purchased here for 175$ ?
  4. FishNH thank you very much for the offer I would love to have that. But that is a little more then I wanted to spend- the market is way down at the moment. So I am hoping to find one a little closer to 100$. Ty
  5. Do you have leftys or tigers? for tigers scalled mullet- rainbow, blue/pink, parrot, blue/orange or something nice.
  6. I appreciate the offers guys but not really what I am looking for.
  7. Hi I am looking for a Gary2 Tiger new/mint or Glitter Lefty for a gift. Can anyone help? Would like to find something out of the ordinary. Ty
  8. Hello I am really looking for Fixter pikies and jointed pikies in wonderbread/clown but will consider any color.Ty
  9. Thank you very much. Thread closed.
  10. If there both new I will take them. Thank you I will send a PM.
  11. I am looking for jointed fixter pikies or regular pikies in wonderbread but will consider all colors, I will pay up to 80$ for a jointed. I am also looking for any glitter leftys I will pay up to 100$. Ty
  12. I am interested in smaller pikies with the screws in the lip. But would consider any size. Budget depends on what you have?
  13. Thank you for the offer it's just a little more then I want to spend.
  14. I am searching for a couple Fixter pikies and/or Glitter leftys. Please post pics of any offers. Ty