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  1. I blame Bubba Harkins and his mad professor friend for all their sticky concoctions that they sold n' distributed throughout all of MLB. There's some great stories about these two begin checkout SI. Checkout yesterdays Felger & Mazz show open was all about Bubba n Max Scherzer ....great listen.
  2. Fast forward to June 2021...... Stevens gets canned/promoted to GM and Trader/Horder Danny gets ejected. And now the Boston Celtics no longer have a crappy guard contract named Kemba Welker on the books. ....and we now have Al "over the hill" Horford back on our squad. TODAY....... We've got a new coach. As the world turns .....these are the days of our lives in Boston Massholia.
  3. With that being said......... HOT on the wire of Jayson Tatum signing a huge new Boston Celtic Rookie Extension contract for 5 yrs 195 million big ones!!!!!!! Looks like Trader Danny has lined up Jeffrey Teague's & Kim Kardashian flame boy Tristan Thompson!......oh the big booty drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ......soon to be called renamed from "Spider Tack Gate" to "Strip Gate". Scherzer was very close to stripping down to is jockstrap. I thought it was going to turn into a scene from Slap Shot.
  5. Loved the Bruce Lee scene. Zoe Bell loses her chit.
  6. Please go and seat yourself during a new moon low tide in a lawn chair similar to your avatar on Revere Beach after guzzling a fifth of anything and use some beach whistles to stuff your nose until the incoming tide cleanses your dumb a$$!. YOU DON'T KNOW DICK!
  7. If you don't have at least half of Tarantino's films in your library.... don't know modern film history.
  8. My first thoughts when I saw this on the news.....those poor marine wild life. What a f@#$in' shame! This is why Mother Nature hates mankind.
  9. Tatiana Shmaylyuk is Heavy Metal Goddess!
  10. All I can say is......dear lord .....please....please do not let GM GeeWillerkers trade for Ben Simmons to the Boston Celtics.
  11. All great suggestions without the huge mark up....but once again, if that product makes you happy so be it. On a side note....I just recently saw that the sporting goods store "Richards" (not the real name) here in New England will rent for a weekend (30 bills) a Yeti cooler. It's the type targeted at the beer lovers and it looks like a golf bag that holds at least 2-3 cases for a day of fun at the beach.
  12. Great interview with these two stooges. There's some really cool insight for this movie.
  13. Just picked up the DVD for the hard copy at Wally World on the cheap.....bonus extras.
  14. My game doesn't need an offshore cooler. Mine needs to keep my chit cold on my Hobie for the most a tide and a half. If it makes you happy 'ski..... it's all that matters. Good luck. Fly
  15. Mine are going strong and fighting with the ants. The ants have even found the feeder on the slider....they're relentless.
  16. You've probably already rigged out your solution for this season. Here's a solution I used and that may work with the HDSI, that I used with a skimmer puck on an old Hobie Adventure that didn't have traducer friendly hull. I simply McGiver'd the puck into the scupper like this. When I landed I'd either Fred Flintstone the breaks or jump out side saddle to stop the Hobie. I would then reach under and pull the puck out for transport back to the truck. It worked out pretty darn good...signal was great.
  17. More NBA Hall of Fame Inductee's announced for the masses of NBA Fans.... Calm down everyone.....we'll get to you. Yes the list is out already ....let's discuss. So far we have in no particular order.....the inductee's are Former Head Coach Rick Adelman .....for the Naismith Hall of Fame 2022 Along with Coaches Jay Wright, and Bill Russell. Basketball Hall of Fame Class: Players: Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Chris Webber, Ben Wallace. Also included is legendary Boston Celtics play by play TV announcer Mike Gorman for the NBA Hall of Fame Curt Gowdy Award.