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  1. Trask was taken by Tampa Bay in the second. It looks like JG is out. I doubt the Pats will be willing to pay Rogers but if they'd sure be a lot of fun. Kick Cam to the curb or trade him for a couple third rounders.
  2. Coach Bill will start Cam and he'll breakdown sometime midseason, then the red shirted rookie will take us into .....hopefully the playoffs.
  3. I'm a kayak dude and have purchased a small spray wash-down from Homey's a several years ago for less than a sawbuck. It takes care of all my reels, my cart, my drive, the Hobie and everything else under the sun. My favorite part is rinsing my feet off from my kayak wet boots to transition to my dry sneakers. I've been told it's ghey to have this be it! When I drive home......I'm happy....
  4. Never forget losing Albies on a 4000 class reel in it's second or third season of targeting them with the original felt drags and going ....WTF because I thought my drags were set correctly. Now years later after buying the same reels and swapping out those felts for Carbonex, with zero issues....I'm a happy camper. Including some real Fat Alberts....not Buffalo's mind you...but real nice Cape Cod'ers. I am interested in the idea of mixing the two though. Let's hear ....more here with your experience's. Nice thread gentlemen!
  5. I guess the Corp doesn't get there's? Where's the link? Here ya go! .....ya and this tour will live in infamy!!!! UP THE IRONS!!!!!!
  6. Kinda bummed out that the Patriots didn't ended up drafting Trask. I do like their picks and it was a pretty good draft for Patriot Nation but if the took Trask would've been huge. #NOMORECAM!
  7. Cam is the equivalent of laying an egg in the NFL for top ten NFL QB'S. We all saw it last year and it was a joke at the Patriot's expense. Who cares if BB is mad that he didn't keep JG! RKK is our fearless leader! He not only blew away the NFL competition for X amount of years. He just purchased a huge Beach House in the Hampton's and can afford his own Weekend At Bernie's....2021 version.
  8. NFL Hall Of Fame honored Steve's illustrious NFL Film career with a bust in Canton OH.. Kudos to him and his family.
  9. Love this photo of Deuce and Dad!!!!
  10. Yeah seems very windy. It's always been a transitional period from Spring to Summer.