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  1. Thanks for the post. Always loved the Danzig Mother classic since the radio days of spinning it in some very large markets. Very cool mashup!!!!
  2. If you're losing big $ plugs.... Try separating the main line to the leader line with a quality ball bearing swivel. You won't be getting hung up with a tied leader to mainline knot and this will help with any line twists you may accrue due to the plug flying through the air. Once again....make sure you're not tip wrapping and you should be o.k.. Good luck.
  3. Once again for from a sheer selfish perspective and I acknowledge this..... the squirm factor for Bozo from a schadenfreude point of view would be simply glorious.
  4. Dave is definitely is a douch nozzel and definitely a huge attention whore.....that said Roger should have conceded his ego just this once for charity.
  5. So would advise Bob to still wear his mask?
  6. Haven't posted in here since COVID-19 went viral after Rudy Gobert helped put the NBA in serious lockdown followed by the rest of the US. Let see.....Jaylen Brown just drove down south to his hometown in Georgia to peacefully protest George Floyd's death out in Minny by cops. Can someone say Rodney King all over again. More on the basketball side of things and something slightly less political Boston Celtic Center Enes Kanter let it be known recently in a pod cast with Celtic reporter Chris Forsberg that he was shocked at how many big stars of the NBA said they won't play until a vaccine is found for the COVID-19 virus. Here's what he said...... "This is my ninth year in the league, I have so many friends on different teams, right? I was actually talking to one of my friends and he said—I’m not going to tell who or which team—but he said, ‘There's so many guys on our team, they're not going to play.' They’re actually in the Eastern Conference, they’re in a playoff spot, and they’re like superstars. Like, if I tell you who it is, you’d go crazy." So there's a little something something until the NBA gets all fired up again. Can't wait until then. Fly
  7. Not only did they out price us at the ballpark, they cram you in like friggin' sardines in a can. Covid might actually help the fans for comfort if and when they let 'em back in the parks.
  8. I'm right with ya except for all that Yankee smooching. This Red Sox fan can't stomach it. Pretty much well said though. It won't go away.....too much cash on the line for players, owners, networks etc.
  9. Put an eye patch on and wear a mask. Tie a buck tail and just jig the biatch! a pirate.
  10. Check out Gary Clark Jr.'s This Land official video and the 62nd Grammy's Performance with the Roots. It tells a sad, sad tale of our country. I don't think it would fit in here in this forum. ****Just dropped these two videos in the Tavern What Are You Listening To Now thread.***** Found this from Bilboard...... “Paranoid and pissed off / Now that I got the money,” Gary Clark Jr. sneers on the opening line of his third album’s title track, spiraling Woody Guthrie’s feel-good folk classic “This Land Is Your Land” into a grim descent. This throaty, near-tangible rage that runs through “This Land” is the result of America’s ongoing issue with racism, which not only serves as the base of socio-politics, but the very genre that the blues-rock singer frequents. Opting to rap in a biting manner while dropping N-words left and right instead of soulfully crooning, Clark Jr. recalls his harsh childhood growing up in Texas, and the steadily increasing racial tension since the 2016 election. It’s an incredibly harsh and raw insight into his country's downfall that shouldn’t be ignored. -- B.G.