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  1. IT blows out of town and have a big game tonight against the Sixers. A win down in Philly could land the C's in third place heading into the playoffs....or so one would think.....but noooo! Kry is telling the local media that he's definitely taking games off before the playoffs. He doesn't care about the seating aspect of the NBA. Wow!!! And he's our "leader"? Now I actually think he really did believe the world is really flat. Off the court .......he's a nut job. If I saw him walking across street and heading in my direction, I'd pretend not to know him.
  2. Maybe the next Lzzy Hale ......we'll see but you heard it hear first. Here's a couple from the kids. This family rocks!!!!
  3. What Isiah Thomas will be getting tonite.... IT aka The Little Peanut that could will be getting his 30s. video tribute tonight at tonight's game at the TD Garden in Boston in the first quarter timeout. What Isiah Thomas will not be getting tonite.... He will not be hearing the Brinks truck backing up to his favorite bank of choice with a ton of money from the Boston Celtics.....that is all.
  4. Does he have any aspirations to get in the booth after his career? I haven't heard a thing about that. If he can be half as animated as his brother he's got another career ahead of him. I don't think he's as funny as Peyton though.
  5. As a Patriot fan I detest Eli and always will. That being said he did win a couple Superbowls for the Giants and is probably deserving of some respect to their legacy but not to the extent of costing them their future. Let's face it. No disrespect , he's no Tom Brady.
  6. Happy Birthday Jerry Cantrell!
  7. How about a little hair in your lunch?
  8. Watched the game Friday night and Duke looks really good. Their offense generated from transition defense was on point. Zion Williams looks like a man playing a high school basketball JV team. Baring some serious injuries they should make it to the final four for sure.
  9. Had this happen to me two years ago on a slight hill in my backyard because of loose, wet soil and it was quite painful. It was nighttime and I was grabbing some wood for the stove. I was able to roll over and get up after I finished cursing under my breath. I limped in and new it wouldn't be long before the replacement. My history with that knee is pretty much on par with yours as far as past surgeries. Playing football and skiing definitely were the main reason for the injuries to my right knee. I'm getting my replaced next week and will be dealing with PT all next month to get my range of motion back. I'm gonna fight for as much of it as I can get. I'll need both wheels running at full capacity when the Albie season approaches next September. Can't run the Hobie after Albies with zero range of motion in one knee. Those little bugges will give you the finger and split. LIckety quick. Good luck with your decision and possible surgery.
  10. Jigged up squid around the Boston Islands in the early 2000's and had some of the best Salt & Pepper Squid of my life. The best has always been late night after live rock shows in Boston China Town....Moon Villa....wash it down with "cold tea".
  11. We'll win the American Conference League again! You'll Sh@t your pants again!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Now Flowers gone to DeeTroit. Can't wait to see what our defense looks like next year, never mind Brady's pass protection. In Bill We Trust!!!!
  13. Bought the Total Gym in the early 2000's and have been a fan since the early 80's. Happy Birthday Chuck and thank you!!! P. S. Hope you got the chance to nail Christy Brinkley. I would......but with a rubber.....because of that famous N.J. not Springsteen.....the other guy you married.
  14. Gonna miss my favorite SB quarterback of the 70's on the show. Old school guy calling these modern NFL guys out on the carpet as he see's it. He's got a great sense of humor too. Gonna miss ya Terry! So who do you have reppin' the old school guys at the QB posistion now doing pre and post game on major network TV? I guess it's Boomer and he's great but a little tighter than Bradshaw....definitely not Simms. He's what they call a stick in the mud! PEW!
  15. Maybe the Patriots win number Seven with another brotherly team.....Martellus and Michael Bennett! Tag team the McCourtney twins and we might just start a new sibling precedent for the Superbowl! I could really dig that!!!!!!!!!!!