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  1. Before and after. Really liked these guys live.
  2. What more can I say about this song and this live version is SO COOL! Sonic wise, I just really dig it!
  3. I can't get my machine running windows 7hp with a chrome browser to "like this". It gives me the like this or not with an x but does nothing but x out.
  4. Works great in football and is even deadlier on Wild Striped Bass. Day or night, every inch of the water column. Anytime of the year, if WSB are in your casting distance you have a shot! It all depends how you use it.
  5. Cranberry Juice. It's a natural diuretic. This will go over well with Patriot fans. Then ask them if it's for their period.
  6. As had been pointed out recently the kids have a new drug just in time for the holidaze. It's no longer in fashion to pop some Tide Pods but to soak some pads or tampons in boiling water and kids then drink it to get wasted. Very soon in a city near you a loved one will send you on that dreadful or perhaps very happy mission to get some menstrual flow prevention and there just won't be any. Sorry honey but I went to 10 stores and they were all out. Wanna use my old Bruins hat up in the shelf? That's gonna go over like a Led Zeppelin. Don't fret because the heavy metal band Gwar has your back is indeed currently encouraging the new fad straight out of Indonesia in which those dosing will get the immense feelings of flight and hallucinations.
  7. That poor effing animal,.... really animals. The first one that died and then the second to have to drag the other ones's head around for god knows how many weeks or days! What an effing cluster F@#ck! Don't get me wrong I've got nothing against deer hunting. Life would get really crazy in my country without it! But that just sux!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice report and great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Fly
  9. Wow! The Orange did not Stand Up, they fell down! Adding insult to injury, they just missed their first field goal within 30 yards all season. Wow!!!!!!!