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  1. God bless Charlie Holmes! He was my step grandfather who survived Pearl’s attack and had to live with the mind f)&@ for surviving it.
  2. NBA Coach Killer extraordinaire and overall anti-semite Cry has a new first.....he actually killed a coach before he was hired. Ime Udoka will not be the next coach for Crooklyn.....it's Jacque Vaughn.
  3. JT is bringing it.....everywhere....every gym, every state, every county! Tatum is going to win the MVP this year!!!!!
  4. U got caught with his "hand" in the nookie jar. ....that jar happened to be most likely a friend of Ainge. Things got ugly....do the math. .....on a more positive basketball moment. My top five Jason Tatum NBA dunk last night. Should've been a game winner......those refs suxx.
  5. Steve Nash out! Ime Udoka in!! Once again....that's Steve Nash out. Udoka in! ...That is all
  6. Nice win for Joe and the boys against the Sixers last night.
  7. Lost an Fat Albert recently with brand knew 10lb floro (Blue Label Seaguar). Immediately switched backed to an old reliable Berkeley Vanish 17lb and voila.
  8. Don't sneeze on the Syracuse this year...Tucker for the Heisman. He might even have to possibly go head to head against his QB Garrett Shrader. These kids are on fire!
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