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  1. I made a real nice Mango Chicken & Shrimp Curry last week. I bet it would be nice to swap out the Chicken and use the Black Sea Bass instead.
  2. I wish he got a Revo 16. Then he'd be more relevant to me....cuz that's what I have pimped out.
  3. I'm interested in how everyone's eating these fish. Me....I've done Ceviche, steamed it in a bamboo steamer with ginger and bok choy. I'm looking forward to making a Cioppino Stew. Typically I make this in the fall but have been craving it for a while now. It's simple and straight forward cooking. What you guys got?
  4. “I catch and release”
  5. I gotta dig on these guys and see what's up with them. Seems like every Spring I get this urge to rip the hell outta them for the fishing season. They've kinda become the un-official kickoff to the Northeast Fishing Season! God Bless Ya Riot!!1
  6. 17 strikeouts and zero walks. Wow!!!!
  7. Fans at Fenway were disappointed Sale was removed from the game last night. Red Sox fans were pissing while their team were hitting just to see Chris mow the Rockies down. Boston Red Sox Coach Cora pulls Sale in the seventh Tough call for coach!!!! Cora made the right move. I would've been pissed if I was there too. Chris Sale agreed post game. After just following a season of players acting like a team (Boston Celtics '19) but who were really a bunch of individuals. I find this refreshing!!!!
  8. What's funny is now ... the New York Jets current coach is all bug eyed and twitchy and now his new GM is too!!!
  9. Follow the money means ...spread the fertilizer people!
  10. Basically ...who cares. He had magic in his veins last night.
  11. Yeah the NBA Draft "dropped their ping pong balls" last night with the help of Earnst & Young.....cough cough....SCAM!!! Earnst and Young Caught What do you think? My vote is ........crap!!!