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  1. Listening to Murray and Gasper right now and they (Gasper) brought up another option which Cora explored at least once that I saw this season....Mookie Betts at 2nd and JD in center field.
  2. Well that sucked! Big Red was right, this Raptor team is much better than Philly 76'ers. The ref's blew but that's not why the C's lost tonight in Canada. The Raptors have a really good team.
  3. Another semi big game at the start.....Toronto in their backyard. I'd really like the C's to take this game. If we're going head to head with them for playoff home field advantage, this one could be huge. Early game and every team in the league is still trying to get up from under their feet from the git go. Go Green!!!!!!
  4. The other possibility is to put JD at first and give up some defense at first but keep the fire power at the plate.
  5. Road Dawgs!!!! Woof! woof!
  6. Not sure how to eat your crow? I got your back, here's a nice recipe for Black Bird Pie. INGREDIENTS 1/2 to 3/4 pound hard cider brined crow breast meat (brine recipe here) 1 Honeycrisp apple, or similar variety 2 Yukon Gold potatoes 1 cup whole mushrooms (any kind you like) 1 bunch rainbow carrots (available at farmers markets or Trader Joe’s) 1 cup sugar snap peas 10 fluid ounces of hard cider 2 cups chicken stock 1 leek 1 small bunch fresh, flatleaf parsley 12 sprigs fresh thyme 1 egg Butter or bacon grease Salt Flour 2 prepared or homemade piecrusts
  7. Might have to splash the Hobie's in some dirty water soon jefe!
  8. It's crazy!!!! Who knew?!!!!
  9. Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Love watching the opposing fans mocking Kimbrel! I'd do it too if I wasn't a Red Sox fan. LOL.
  11. Is you ready?
  12. I think you're right on this one. Price was pitching on pure adrenaline and I think he had another one in him. Great outing and my hats off to David Price!!!! Pretty damn ballsy!!!!
  13. What a catch! No controversy there! MOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. What a blast by Raffy!!!!!! Go kid go!!!!!
  15. I was thinking that very same thought two games ago and felt greedy about it, but that would be awesome! Real nice play by DP!