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  1. Looks pretty darn good!
  2. what your're saying is that it's your favorite mouthwash, Right?
  3. Love Tommy Heinsohn too. There's worse things to be called than a homer and believe me I know. I'll say thank you. Two's a hall of fame broadcaster and ball player. The other was a decent ball player that just missed the window for championships and in all likelihood will be a hall of fame broadcaster too. Yeah those guys s@#$.
  4. It's truly amazing what this team has done in the last four games.
  5. I'd love to see Scott Zolak do the TV gig but we lose a great former athlete radio broadcaster. Talk about insight....Zo is just as good, no strike that, definitely better than Romo.
  6. I RKK slapping all those fans hands. Very Cool! Thank you to all the Kraft family. Big ups!!!
  7. I like Riddler's analogy of the buddy who's a former college player non stop know it all. (Arnold Schwarzenegger) "that's a good one". I will have to add ....if not him, then who god dammit? They'd probably fill that slot with someone equally as annoying or worse. Generally it's someone who hates the Patriots and won't be that good at disguising that he does. Which to me is more of turn off than anything Romo could say or continue to keep on saying. And I know at this point it's gonna be very hard to find anyone who played in the last twenty years who doesn't hate the Pats. We're just f@#$ed that's all.
  8. Not to sound greedy but if Mr. Brady wants to play next year he's got my vote. I haven't seen a drop off. I'd choose him as our quarterback right now over all the other QB's in the league. He's only gone to the Superbowl three times in the last 3 years. It's a no brainer.
  9. 98.5 The Sports Hub afternoon cohost of the Felger & Mazz Show Mike Felger made a bet that if The Chiefs lost the AFC Championship game he'd sit on a stool in a dark corner and wear a balll gag. He also implied that the winner could have his way with him. The Twitter machine has a bunch of people telling him to suckitfelger. He's claiming on that machine the ref's were to blame and he's gonna welch on the bet. So predictable Felger!!!!
  10. Unfrickenbelievable! AGAIN!!!
  11. TB12 Snot rocket TD salute.
  12. Those eagles eat a lot of roadkill and then are so bloated, they become roadkill. DOAH!