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  1. Just watched this movie straight the other night and figured it would be straight up lit for stoners. Classic stoner fodder! You would think by the trailer it shows the best stuff and that's it......NOPE!!! Great comedy! I'll be adding it very soon to the library. ....the big Mexican won't go down!
  2. Years ago we had the yellow eye'd demons on the Pogies here in the Boston Islands and they would create havoc to everyone's delight. Even the anglers hunting big bass would join in on the fun with a chunk thrown down to the bottom for jumbo SB cleaning up the Bluefish massacre. Where eff are all the BOO FISH? There's more than one problem going on with fishery management! Ya think?
  3. Why not freeze the Chili that you prepped? This way you have Chili Ice to keep said beer cold for your trip.
  4. As kayaker..I'd probably talk you into live lining a live one that I snagged then.... I'd get a few bucks for a pizza delivered in the nearest beach parking lot.
  5. Wow!
  6. They moved to Southie.
  7. I'm glad I clicked on this thread.
  8. I forget things!
  9. And my last Boston song of the night! Blood stains the ivorys Of my daddy's baby grand I ain't seen no daylight Since we started this band No more, no more No more, no more Store bought clothes Fallin' appart at the seams Tea leaf readin' gypsies Fortune tellin' my dreams No more, no more No more, no more Holiday inns, lock the door with a chain You love it and you hate it But to me they're all the same No more, no more No more, no more Baby I'm a dreamer Found my horse and carriage Stalemate jailbait Ladies can't refuse You love 'em then you leave 'em With your sold out reviews No more, no more No more, no more Sweet talkin' barroom, ladies disease Slippin' with her lips Slidin' down your knees No more, no more No more, no more Baby I'm a screamer Bound to a wife in marriage Baby, I'm a dreamer Found my…