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  1. This is what the entrance to the Hook used to look like.....
  2. Got out this afternoon for an hour out front MoCo. Water slightly stained and swell size dropping. Small bait in the wash. Ended with the skunk but the highlight was teaching my son how to cast a surf rod and watching him send it his first cast. His grin was ear to ear and brought back many of the same memories I shared with my dad as a kid.
  3. Got out for the first time this fall for about 90 minutes early afternoon yesterday. Wind was blowing and water slightly stained. Did manage to see some small bait in the wash. Ended with 2 Cocktail Blues on metal. Here’s to a good fall!
  4. Tim, Enforcement of fisheries laws is one of the CG’s primary missions. In fact they serve as NOAA’s primary enforcement mechanism on the water. My recommendation for anyone who sees this illegal activity occurring is to obtain the vessels registration numbers and name (only if doing so does not create a safety issue) and report to the CG. The CG unit responsible for the NY Bight area can be reached at (718) 354-4353. Provide them with as much information as possible to include description and GPS coordinates.
  5. Congratulations on a great fish!!!!
  6. Managed to get out froNot in MoCo from 11-1230 today. Great whitewater, incoming tide, water was slightly stained but definitely fishable. Threw the bag to cover all parts of the water column but no such luck for me; walked away with the skunk. Did see a few mullet move through the area. Back at it tonight or tomorrow morning an another location.
  7. Does anybody else have issues/unable to use the megashad jig head with TA clips? Unfortunately, the hole is tool small unless you use the smallest TA clip. How are you guys connecting them?
  8. Made it out for another 90 minutes last night (1130-1) out front in MoCo. Tried a couple of new spots, threw the bag and ended with nothing to show for it.
  9. Had an hour (1-2pm) to kill out front in MoCo. Managed my first bass (24”) of the fall on a 6” pearl shad working it across a nice cut. Had one other bump but that was it. No bait that I saw but water was clearing up nicely.
  10. Got out for the first time this fall. NoMoCo front and back from 11 -1:30 this afternoon. Water still looked clean out front but stained in the back where I was. Felt good to get out but still needed with the skunk.
  11. Has there been a concerted effort to attack this issue from a fiscal perspective? Unfortunately, people like seeing big open beaches so we can argue about the idiocy of doing the same thing over and over again but as long as people see big beaches in summer they don’t care. However, when you look at the deteriorating fiscal state of NJ and highlight that NJ DEP estimated $1.2 BILLION in replenishment expenditures between fiscal years 2014-2018 more people may be willing to listen alternatives.
  12. Finally got out for my first trip of the year last night. Hit it for about an 90 minutes in the back of MoCO at two different spots. Failed to prepare for the cold and left with the skunk.
  13. Yogiii, floating or sinking version? And are you bringing it in on straight retrieve or working it? I’ve used a pencil at night but never thought to try a popper.
  14. Definitely didn’t think it was as crowded as years past at opening. Other than GRS you could get whatever plug you want with no line Especially the ones that catch fish and are under $30
  15. Wow! That thing destroyed the fluke.
  16. Just sent an email and called. Thanks for keeping us aware
  17. I have 1083 and think it’s a great rod but always thought it could use an extra guide or two. What does your new guide layout look like?
  18. Finally got out for the first time this fall. Took the kids to the back in Moco. Managed to put them each on a schoolie using a small blue & white SS popper
  19. Article in today’s Asbury Park Press about the erosion. Unfortunately the article does little to call out what a financial waste replenishment is.
  20. Coast Guard press release said about 715pm last night.
  21. It happened in Middlesex County at Buckeye Terminal.
  22. About 1K barrels in the Port Reading area. Heard it’s contained. Can’t confirm but believe it may be diesel fuel and not oil.
  23. I think this storm heads off to the East.
  24. Make sure you fill out a sturgeon sighting report. It can be found here: https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/sturgeon_reportform.htm It helps track the population.