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  1. I have 1083 and think it’s a great rod but always thought it could use an extra guide or two. What does your new guide layout look like?
  2. Finally got out for the first time this fall. Took the kids to the back in Moco. Managed to put them each on a schoolie using a small blue & white SS popper
  3. Article in today’s Asbury Park Press about the erosion. Unfortunately the article does little to call out what a financial waste replenishment is.
  4. Coast Guard press release said about 715pm last night.
  5. It happened in Middlesex County at Buckeye Terminal.
  6. About 1K barrels in the Port Reading area. Heard it’s contained. Can’t confirm but believe it may be diesel fuel and not oil.
  7. I think this storm heads off to the East.
  8. Make sure you fill out a sturgeon sighting report. It can be found here: https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/sturgeon_reportform.htm It helps track the population.
  9. You got it. You got it.
  10. All new. Entire lot $490 A40 - $40 Danny’s and Cowboy Jrs - $35 ea JRs, lil guy, & Blast Needle - $30 ea Add $7.50 for S&H if buying individually.
  11. 2100 - 0000. In the back of MoCo. 5 fish ranging from 12-17 lbs. one tiny guy at ~20” and lost 3 others. Not a bad night out for my first one of the year.
  12. Nice fish!
  13. Been lucky I guess. I usually end up with 4 per tube and use plexus glass inserts to separate but haven’t had a chance to build them out yet. Works great on my aquaskinz bag.