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  1. lets go with 65 million years (tims figure) when did they start to transform , and why are there still whales today? and how many of these hit the beach before one could breath and walk away? *looks like a smithpoint weekend with @the3fishheads
  2. how long have whales been here?
  3. youre telling me that conditions can make your eyes grow skin over them..
  4. i was hoping frank* would post some pompous reply so i could post this
  5. explain how im wrong.. i assure you, you cant
  6. as i stated .. your situation will not affect your offspring .. no matter how many of millions of yrs you give it.. it sounds lovely but its fake
  7. that was a hard one to find, buried in a video somewhere.. but the answer was posted in this thread
  8. if i cant give him a factual answer im not just gonna make it up..*unlike the globers
  9. ok.. how long have whales been in existence?
  10. thats the way it works
  11. it would be impossible for anyone to give a truthful answer to those questions
  12. there is no way for your condition to affect your and my wife spend all day in a super hot spring(water) till our skin is used to it.. will the childs come out used to it.. will its child.. the answer is no.. you cant adjust an offspring to an condition .. its impossible.. and as i stated (and was never answered) it i put those blind (that grew skin over their eyes) fish in the light.. will they grow eyes? mind you, you only have until each fish dies.. remember his children will come out with covers.. see the light then say .. wait i gotta change this but then they die..and so on.. youre locked in a loop of stupidity that makes no sense
  13. they lied to you.. they claim millions of yrs so they can never be proven false.. but, please put some goldfish in the dark .. and if by some unreal luck they learn to eat before they die.. then somehow go through the process of reproducing ( as it varies from fish to fish) please grab up the off spring and see if they can see.. i assure you they will and if you continued this process (keeping the generations in the dark)for 100 yrs the result will be the same