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  1. did you not see 6500k go by like a lightening bolt.. think of what 17.5k is like , then realize they claim to have had "space travelers" in the mid 60's
  2. @TimS are we to believe a space craft flew to the moon at a little less than 3 times the speed of this vehicle please press play and explain how thats possible
  3. there inlies the problem
  4. ok , no more ar's,ak's.. do you believe thell end it there?
  5. i was told you had to be 18 to 21 to be nuts
  6. another 18 yr old Man Confronted for Speeding Opens Fire on Party, Woman Shoots Him Dead A driver who became embroiled in a dispute with partygoers after they accused him of speeding, sprayed bullets into the crowd—but was shot to death by one of the revelers. The shootout happened at around 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday night (May 25) at an apartment complex on Renaissance Circle in Charleston, West Virginia. Charleston Police Department say several people had confronted Dennis Butler, 37, over claims he had driven dangerously through the area while children were playing outside, according to local news channel WSAZ. The police report, seen by WSAZ, says Butler left the area but then returned shortly afterwards with an AR 15-style rifle and started shooting at the group
  7. i agree with you on spaz, i think we all do.. he's beyond horrible but In 2021 gun rights lobbyists spent a total of $15.8M , not much compared to Pharmaceuticals - $356.6M
  8. i personally dont trust it .. easier/safer to just get the commercial stuff at the stores
  9. dont, your yard will be f'ed.. these horses travel back and forth around the island for shows,jumping ,trails, etc.. theyre all tick bags
  10. i'd like to hear yours and z-mans take on the " insurrection "
  11. hows that gun ban/buy back working out
  12. 4 yrs ago im not sure if they applied an extensive background check to these young lads
  13. families are going to sue that town into bankruptcy