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  1. one would go so far as to even think they control their leadership .. a perpetual boogieman there when you need him
  2. 1)..your gimbal will not stay on a image if the guy jumps to the side.. which didnt happen 2)if a mortar went off in proximity of them they all would have jumped.. its a normal human reaction.. but they didnt 3)" if he’s not sure that that barrage is over?" did you watch the video.. he's passing time like nothing happened.. but you have him looking in the sky waiting for one to fall on his head..WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IS WALKING IN THE AREA WHERE THE "BLAST" HAPPENED 4) (evacuation ) do you have any proof of your speculation ? they could have been robots controlled by a couple of Japanese in the bushes .. why not , its as plausible as your explanation as to why theres civilian foot/vehicle traffic behind him 5) please explain where the smoke cloud came from 6)"do you think you and your soft hands would’ve been able to hold it together as well moments after being subject to incoming fire?" if this isnt the worlds best "pot-kettle"
  3. i know you and tim "debunked" (somehow without showing proof to the contrary )but heres the extended version .. one would think that this reporter just having a mortar land just around the corner (remember the one that hit without causing any form of shockwave and the "smoke cloud") he would have gotten up and walked the 20 feet to see what it hit (which is what anyone would have done especially a reporter), .. but he didnt move and just went on with a casual conversation.. and in that conversation he went on to say the population had been evacuated .. but yet theres people (not in uniform ) milling around in the background and some guy driving his car
  4. *not agreeing or disagreeing as not to make you have a (as your people say) conniption.. but what would make the people who reside there"terrorist residents"
  5. i wouldnt have even said that
  6. it says she was undergoing chemo in your original post
  7. Israeli Embassy Employee Repeatedly Stabbed in Beijing, China A 50-year-old Israeli man employed at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing was stabbed in front of a supermarket on Friday, Times of Israel reported. The Beijing police have arrested a 53-year-old foreign man in connection with the attack. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that the victim is a family member of an Israeli diplomat and is currently in stable condition at a hospital. “An Israeli employee at the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked today (not in the embassy compound area),” according to the statement released by the Israeli government to the media. “The employee is being treated in a hospital and is in a stable condition. The background to the attack is being investigated,”
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