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  1. gelflex was here but decided not to answer .. space people Recently Browsing 2 members Bernie12 gellfex
  2. is america the next south africa
  3. minneapolis wants to get rid of the police and have crisis counselors/therapists respond ...sounds good
  4. is the bread sweet like a pancake or just bread?
  5. though most would disagee as he's highly unpopular .. i will agee with wayne ...BLMM
  6. thank you
  7. seems none of you will answer #411 as im sure gelflex wont
  8. a line in the sand......wayne (meant it or not) you have to take him up on it otherwise you'll look yella
  9. this .......fuc yall
  10. someone told you a fairy tale from birth and you refuse to question it..cant prove it.. can never check the facts or he theory, but , its true ..because everyone believes it... now, wouldnt that description fit for someone who was insane?
  11. .
  12. such hurtful words.. can a lens create something that doesnt exist in its plane..meaning, it would create a curved view but not create something that it couldnt see.i wouldnt be able to point this lens at your feet and see your head, would i.. yet there are the edges of space(place dont say its a distortion as it doesnt exist where the wings are shown- and doesnt exist in the photos in the next post)
  13. you could start by addressing that photo.. then skip to the moon stuff
  14. well it seems the NFL has taken a knee and a street in wash is now black lives matters plaza
  15. id ask brianBM for help but he'd probably join in with the gay stuff