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  1. Okay, I wasn’t big on these until my recent bout with being single. I have seen enough good ones to where my appreciation for memes has grown.
  2. Her feet
  3. Any members involved in this cult they call CrossFit? My ex-wife joined years ago and it changed her life.
  4. Boy oh boy has the dating world changed since my last go around. I must say the online game makes connecting with people much easier. I havnt dated since the bush administration, it seems like I’ve been missing out!! There is no shortage of sites/apps to choose from. Bumble is by far my favorite on the 2 that I picked. The ladies need to initiate the conversation, they only have 24 hours to do so. Gets the ball rolling Okay, now the roast can commence
  5. send it Babes for days, prime for pluckin and feckin
  6. cut a hole in the ice small rod with panfish lures
  7. Okay, this may be depressing... but. If someone wants to do it, who are we to stop them? On your Mark, get set, GO!
  8. My new roommate decided to show me her ramen game 1st night...