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  1. Modified lobster traps work okay. just need some hog rings and 1/2 mesh. Put the escape vents on the top of the trap to reduce loss
  2. Great post i prefer the string and chicken method. using a plastic bottle to stow the line works well. You can actually cast your bait out a ways with this technique and the plastic bottles will serve as “strike indicators” should you not be able to see all of your lines. i usually fish 3-4 lines at a time. Generally speaking, after you’ve measured a few and you feel you need to measure it you should probably toss it back. Small crabs look small. If you are after soft shells your best bet is to stalk along the grassy banks on an incoming tide. They need the structure to hide in. They will come in with the tide to feed. crabbing is great!! You will have fun
  3. Okay, I wasn’t big on these until my recent bout with being single. I have seen enough good ones to where my appreciation for memes has grown.
  4. Don’t get cat fished!
  5. Rules are simple: 1- posts must include pictures of women holding fish or something fishing related. 2-Neither needs to be a keeper. ( hotties preferred )
  6. Rosanne?
  7. It’s a free country, let them be ignorant
  8. I hate to say this but girls bring this on themselves. I wonder how many red flags she ignored hoping she could be the one to change him? Hopefully she learns how to be more selective. I have friends who date douche bags then try to cry when they act like a douche bag.... ummmm hello?
  9. It’s not honey hunny