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  1. She literally assaulted each and every one of those kids with “ these hands “ crazy betch
  2. Especially the one I just started dating.... woah mamma, I think I’m going to have to keep this one for a while
  3. I feel like I’ve tapped into the fountain of youth. These girls are a lot of fun
  4. 1st keeper of 2019 yesterday mothers day never fails another week-10days for big girls
  5. -
  6. This is in here a few time now, it’s a good one
  7. Could be, I didn’t steal it from him though. I heard a guy I worked with say it one time... I found it hilarious, I drag it out as often as I can
  8. Nothing that I am aware of, just felt like doing one of these threads...
  9. I’m in the same boat I try to map Hawaii on my girls lower back any chance I get
  10. Ain’t gonna make it to breakfast
  11. What say you?