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  1. Got out for a few casts with borrowed gear from the lake house we are house sitting at. my girl caught a 13” crappie! Also had a 4-5lb bass follow the same storm shad in. wish I had my gear!!! This was her 2nd fish she’s ever caught
  2. Sure thing, no worries
  3. This happened a while ago
  4. Never heard from the guy jigs are still for sale
  5. Won’t be down for breakfast
  6. I can’t recall his name but I’ve read that too. Pretty cool stuff!!
  7. Just saw a post on social media showing a stickboat ( supposedly east of Chatham ) riding along side an orca. Its not unheard of for them to be down this way, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. I’ve been suspecting we would be seeing them eventually with all the food sources we have available.
  8. Sure
  9. SE mass anywhere near the canal works for me $40-42 jigs
  10. Price dropped to $46 for the lot