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  1. Sorry to hear. They say it’s better to have loved and lost, it doesn’t feel that way when we have to say good bye Cheers to a life full of love
  2. Mike long, yeah he is a real wacko from what I’ve read. A fishing buddy turned enemy wrote 18,000 words on Mikes cheating and posted videos
  3. If money is involved so is cheating, these guys will hopefully go to prison
  4. Ohio walleye team caught cheating, their tournament winnings were $300,000 last year ( they were suspected of cheating last year as well )
  5. This video is making its way around the inter webs. Apparently the pair have been suspected of cheating in the past. Their winning last year totaled over $300,000 according to some articles written about them. Absolute dirtbags
  6. Can’t say I feel bad, it was his choice. No sympathy here for any of the celeb suicides
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