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  1. That’s an understatement
  2. I want to see what the autopsy says what if he had a heart attack? Is it still murder?
  3. My thoughts exactly
  4. sometimes some people just have them dialed in. Though the jig certainly does make a difference how it’s presented is more important
  5. I prefer just after dusk but they can be caught before dark
  6. The smaller jigs are the way to go. I prefer the yozuri mini jigs but these fish great as well
  7. My order of jigs just came in i have a bunch of yozuri style but was lacking the Puget sound style the micro jigs pictured are by far my favorite lures for squid
  8. We’ve eaten about 15-20 squid per day this week. these suckers are delicious
  9. Cape
  10. My son managed his 1st squid ever tonight on his 1st trip ever! May 5th was my first trip out I got one. It’s gotten better in the last 10 days. Been out 3 times since Monday and it’s getting better and better
  11. What a night of fights
  12. Yes, that is the only fight affected. The system they used to protect everyone involved with the event worked according to DW
  13. Dana White was pretty determined to get this one going. Furgeson / Gaethje should be a bloodbath unless furgy finds a submission early. Good card