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  1. light supper of day boat scallops and home grown asparagus , no knead bread. .
  2. 4 oz. crippled herring
  3. Black Sea bass off Sagamore in CC Bay. I call BS on that. Pics or it didn't happen.
  4. for WIW i had the vaccine and later Lyme disease.
  5. They are my all time favorite daffodils, one of the latest blooming.
  6. You will probably have to change the hubs to go to bigger wheels.
  7. Looks good, ready for lots of inexpensive fishing, if you put 14-16" wheels on your trailer you can launch anywhere. i used to fish and or clam for a week on a 6/gal tank with my 16'.
  8. have you ever actually used an electric smoker ? Do you really think that 200 to 250 F. is low temp ? 165F is pretty much standard for most cooked foods.
  9. I like 1/2 to 3/4 oz crippled herring, you can fish them high or low in the water column.