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  1. outstanding shots sunobskt, are you using a Sony a6000 ?
  2. A plant-based diet for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. source : A long but IMO worthwhile read. There is a general consensus that the elements of a whole-foods plant-based diet—legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, with limited or no intake of refined foods and animal products—are highly beneficial for preventing and treating type 2 diabetes. Equally important, plant-based diets address the bigger picture for patients with diabetes by simultaneously treating cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, and its risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, hyper-lipidemia, and inflammation. The advantages of a plant-based diet also extend to reduction in risk of cancer, the second leading cause of death in the United States; the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research recommend eating mostly foods of plant origin, avoiding all processed meats and sugary drinks, and limiting intake of red meats, energy dense foods, salt, and alcohol for cancer prevention.[149] Large healthcare organizations such as Kaiser Permanente are promoting plant-based diets for all of their patients because it is a cost effective, low-risk intervention that treats numerous chronic illnesses simultaneously and is seen as an important tool to address the rising cost of health care.[147] Plant-based eating patterns also carry significant environmental benefits. The World Health Organization and the United Nations have promoted diets higher in plant foods as not only effective for preventing chronic diseases and obesity, but also more environmentally sustainable than diets rich in animal products,[150] a position also supported in the scientific report of the 2015 United States Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.[151] While larger interventional studies on plant-based diets carried out for longer periods of time would add even more weight to the already mounting evidence, the case for using a plant-based diet to reduce the burden of diabetes and improve overall health has never been stronger.
  3. Finnan Haddie chowder and maybe some tatties and neeps.
  4. should you wife been tazed for having a sub arachnoid hemorrhage???????????
  5. do you really think a baby being born deaf is funny??
  6. In the final analysis , IMO, a dead fish is a dead fish, doesn't matter who killed it or why.
  7. Greater Scaup , Mattapoisett Harbor, today
  8. thanks Rocco. They were on salt water, Mattapoisett Harbor. As I tried to get closer they moved away.
  9. Thinking these are Greater Scaup, what say you Rocco?
  10. Mako still open
  11. Good luck and thanks, Mike & family
  12. not mine.