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  1. Why don't you go back to the NY prison system and abuse some more prisoners and stay the eff away from here LOSER Or better yet, go to Mexico and stay there.
  2. I have 4 feeders out and having lots of HB visits from dawn to dusk, saw the first 2 around 5 am today.
  3. Thought maybe you were having a senior moment.
  4. Thanks Joe, but they are not Polaroids.
  5. yes,definitive language; but I for one would like to see some science to back up "scientific" opinions.
  6. the same can be said for those that insist that the bass died because the worms clogged their gills.
  7. Nice Fizzy - do you have a secret with your jelly feeders? I never seem to attract the birds I'm looking for. Thanks m4f, no secrets, i mount them about 6' off the ground and there are lots of trees where i live, which i believe the orioles like. This was the first year i noticed mocking birds eating the jelly, which is the least expensive variety grape jelly from Walmart.
  8. since the DMF has proclaimed that the deaths were due to fish suffocation due to gorging on worms , were any water samples taken to determine the dissolved oxygen levels of the estuaries involved ? This could help rule out low levels of oxygen due to toxic algal/ cyanobacteria blooms.
  9. Just like doctors that blame patients when the "cure" doesn't work. Blame it on the fish, why not "Blame it on the Stones"
  10. Since this started out as a haddock thread, how about some haddock recipes. I'll start. Plokkfiskur INGREDIENTS 500gr pollock, haddock, cod or any other white fish 500gr potatoes 1 large yellow onion (or 2 small, or 3 even smaller) 50gr butter 3 tbs all-purpose flour 300ml milk (or more if you prefer it thinner) 1tsp salt 1tsp white pepper. For dairy-free version substitute butter with olive oil and milk with oat milk (or other non-dairy alternatives). METHOD Peel and boil potatoes. Poach your white fish according to instructions. Put aside. Sautée onions in butter at medium heat until translucent. Add flour to the butter and onions and whisk until it becomes a paste. Whisk in milk – a ladle at a time until it’s a thick sauce. Congratulations you made bechamel! Break up the potatoes and fish and add it to the mixture. If you’ve used up all the bechamel and you feel it’s still too thick you can add milk or the poaching water to thin it out. Season to taste! Be sure to watch the video below. https://www.icelandfoodcentre.com/plokkfiskur-icelandic-fish-stew/
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