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  1. RIP, Walter
  2. take a look at Canada's new food guide. source: Is milk healthy? Canada's new food guide says not necessarily Canada has released a new food guide, and one thing is noticeably missing - a daily dose of dairy. The guide does away with food groups entirely, and instead encourages people to eat a variety of unprocessed foods. The last time the food guide was updated was in 2007, and the version unveiled on Tuesday took three years of consultations. The changes have been praised by advocates for plant-based diets, but have raised the ire of the dairy lobby. Canada's food guide provides Canadians with nutritional advice for optimal health. The latest edition does away with many standard elements, like food groups, serving sizes and the recommendation that 100% fruit juice can substitute whole fruits. Image copyright Health Canada Image caption Canada's food guide uses a plate to represent healthy portion sizes
  3. There are lots of good inexpensive waterproof/shockproof cameras available. How it fits your hand is a consideration. I had a Fuji XP, dropped it overboard while kayaking. now I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS20 and a floatation strap. both took very nice pics.
  4. All. IMO, very good point. Just because the "government" says it's ok, doesn't mean it's so. The USDA for example is an agency whose main function is to promote agriculture, how can we trust them to decide what we should/should not eat. Most of the regulatory agencies are highly influenced by industry lobbyists. Follow the $$$
  5. Having also been a "scientist" in health related fields, for over 50 years . I go with scientific studies about health related issues that are the "gold standard " double blind placebo controlled studies. I also check who paid for the studies to be sure there are no financial conflicts .
  6. you can accept that saturated fact and cholesterol are not a problem. I chose to believe the Drs. and scientists that have consistently proven via controlled scientific studies that saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are main contributors to most if not all of the diet-related chronic diseases, especially obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers,
  7. It would be helpful if you state your budget limit .
  8. please elucidate why it is good for you. information sources would be good too.
  9. Nice shots Mick, I think they are possibly damselflies.
  10. cap installing tool
  11. you can always leave. no anchor tied to your butt.
  12. Lagavulin 16 is my favorite, and once in a blue moon, something like this.
  13. Please list some of these "Studies"