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  1. very nice alpha. one suggestion level the horizon.
  2. if you wrap it in foil, IMO, there is no difference in using a gas or charcoal grill and your kitchen stove.
  3. It can, you just have to lick it.
  4. yes, but not as good as roasted piping plovers.
  5. great idea, maybe an owl or an eagle will come and eat it or feed on the carcass of whatever eats it.
  6. same here
  7. T-handle works for me too, in certain areas, in others a regular scratcher.
  8. it was posted a while back.
  9. Sometimes , hard from 10 miles away to picture or remember too.
  10. Were the handles welded to the shaft, or were they welded to a collar that could slide up and down the shaft for different depths ??
  11. ugly birds, nice pics.
  12. Right, but you couldn't resist taking a shot at someone else's preference.
  13. second that, works for me too.