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  1. why not just cut off 1 hand for the first offense.
  2. If not, you haven't been looking for very long.
  3. Heaven forbid, families from Boston or even Brockton will come down to enjoy a day near the water and even take some of "our fish" home.
  4. This sounds a bit like the "last over the bridge syndrome" . Do you think maybe some of these city dwellers came from Worcester before they got on the cattle train.
  5. it was not your choice Joe, if you want to have a vote , move to Chatham.
  6. I guess if you don't like it here, just stay away. I doubt you will be missed.
  7. end of the drop and first part of the flood, but be careful, it can come in very fast behind you.
  8. Having lived there for over 10 yrears, IMO ,and a majority of town meeting, it's highly unlikely that a GW will ever get into Oyster Pond.
  9. nice, where is it?
  10. Actually Aug 26, 2018
  11. What blood type do ticks prefer? Ever wonder why some people are more likely to be bitten by a tick than others? Researchers in the Czech Republic claim it may have to do with a person’s blood type. “The influence of blood groups on certain diseases such as malaria or some cancers has been already discussed and proved,” the authors point out. Type O blood has been linked to the slow progression of malaria, transmitted by mosquitoes. “This may suggest that there could be a similar relationship between tick-borne diseases and some blood group(s).” To explore the possible association, Žákovská and colleagues from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic conducted a pilot study using an in vitro method. Blood from volunteers was placed on the perimeter of filter paper placed on a Petri dish. One hundred nymphal Ixodes ricinus ticks were collected in Ruda near the Brno Reservoir. Ixodes ricinus ticks are the most common species of ticks in Europe as well as in the Czech Republic. They are also the primary vector of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. Ixodes ricinus, also called the castor bean tick, is found primarily in Europe. Tick behavior was monitored at 1 and 2 minute intervals to determine which drop of blood they preferred. “It can be stated that the most statistically preferred was blood group A, followed by the second groups – O and AB,” writes Žákovská. Type B blood was the least preferred blood group. Of course, the findings need to be replicated in an in vivo study, since other factors could influence the ticks’ feeding preferences in a living organism. However, we cannot use model animals, writes Žákovská, because different animal species have different systems of blood groups. Studies on mosquitoes have shown preferences for certain blood types, according to a literature review by the authors. These studies used human volunteers. “In one case, they allowed the mosquitoes to feed on the exposed hands of volunteers,” explains Žákovská. “In the second study, the experimenters were studying only ‘landing’ preferences of mosquitoes with amputated proboscis.” People with Blood Type A should be wary of ticks. Study shows ticks prefer Type A blood. So, what about using human volunteers? Unfortunately, “this approach involves increased risk of contracting a tick-borne infection,” writes Žákovská. Or, the authors suggest “amputate the proboscis of the vector and/or use ticks which have been both bred and kept from eggs in sterile conditions to avoid the risk of carrying infectious agents.” The study’s authors conclude that “blood group might be one of the factors determining the feeding preferences of Ixodes ricinus ticks.” And they warn, “people with the risk blood type A should take appropriate measures to protect themselves more effectively, and decrease the risk of contracting dangerous zoonotic diseases transmitted by ticks.” Source: Although the study was done in the Czech Republic with a different species of ticks, it may very well be the same with deer ticks. FWIW I happen to be A+ and had both the experimental Lyme vaccine and Lyme disease.
  12. young, looks like you have your Tami dialed in.
  13. Thanks jjdbike, I'll give that a try too. I use Wilton parchment paper, it has silicone not wax.