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  1. What's up, I'm in. (& I owe a plug to last June's winner, was it J.P.?)
  2. I'm in (and can donate a plug for the winner)
  3. on a needle at night..
  4. Cool idea, I start tonight.
  5. I wish I was using Owner hooks the night this happened..
  6. From the album owner treble hooks

  7. Yes, one piece ten footer. I would say its a 1-5 rod with 2-3 (ish) being the sweet spot. When you have time, do a search (you'll be busy all day reading I'm not interested in shipping though..too much $$
  8. Built by the guys at CMS enterprises..
  9. Which Century is this? (1-3 or 2-5) I have a GSB 1201-M that I may be interested in trading.
  10. Oops, that one is convench... But the arra1205 is an awesome rod and will throw what you mentioned