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  1. Great time was had by all. The food was outstanding. Won a couple of plugs amd something for the Mrs. Who made the clams? Need reciepe please. Carole, Mrs BigGene, Terry and the kids job well done with the auction... Terry my son couldnt stop talking about the balloons and how you are HIS friend lol. He said to me Dad I like Terry. You got a friend for life now Terry lol
  2. I will give
  3. Derrik The wife and I will be bringing Napkins, Plastic bowls and Coffee Cups... Tom
  4. Derrik, I will gladly help out most likely be the day of the Fling.. Tom
  5. Hi All, I am running the Kids Tournament this year down at Island Beach State Park. Registration, Tournament T-shirt, Hot Dog and Beverage lunch is all FREE Registration is from 8-10 AM Fishing is from 10 - 1 PM Prize Tables 2-3 PM Awards Ceremony is at 3PM The NJBBA will supply limited bait. It is suggested that you stop at a local tackle shop and pick up what you think you may need. To become a sponsor or to donate a prize You can Contact me @ Please check out our website for additional info @ THANK YOU, Tom
  6. I will give Thanks for the chance...
  7. Yeah I upgraded to a tundra from taco. Gas mileage sucks but. I got the 5.7 V8 with an 8' bed.. I found a front hitch just need the funds to get it.
  8. I found one cheap online. $110-125 if you remove the hook and eye you can use the same bolts. it's a flush mount I guess. Gotta find the funds to purchase it now.. I also found other accessories online for the truck bug shield, tonneau cover, etc.. NOW to sell some fishing equipment... LOL
  9. White Water Outfitters
  10. THANKS!!! Darth baiter Just found it on Fleabay for $110. and change On to the next thing for it. a tonneau cover...
  11. How do you have your Beach Buggy set up??. Pics please if possible... I upgraded from a Taco to a Tundra and Looking for options. deciding on weather or not to sell my cooler rack... I don't even know if I can get a front hitch for the truck and use it that way. Anybody know if that is possible? Or do I have to get a roof mounted system? I plan on eventually getting a toneau cover instead of a cap. UNDECIDED on that option as well. ANY help would be appreciated. THANKS!!!!! Tight lines.
  12. Just want to shout out to ALL of you guys for such a GREAT event today.. I had an AWESOME time met some GREAT Guys and Gals from all over. Glad to be a part of the SOL Crew. ALOT of guys traveled from all over of the East Coast to be with us today. Glad you guys made this an enjoyable day for all. Tons of prizes on the tables. BEST one so far i won quite a few items today. ANYBODY know who makes MX plugs or who donated it for the table? It was a sky blue over white peanut swimmer.. I checked out the website couldn't find that peanut. Just wondering if it came in other colors. THANKS!!!
  13. "Surf Warrior"
  14. If I can bring anything let me know.. Also going to bring a plug or two for the auction...
  15. I'll be there... Had a blast last year...