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  1. I have used the Daiwa SP minnow for a while and like it but since I started using the Yozuri HD minnow recently I prefer it over the SP. I like the HD better because it casts better, swims shallower, has better hardware (trebles and split rings). It even works well with an eel skin on it. And, on occasion the HD minnow caught when other stuff didn't.
  2. Yes, they all swim a little different. I like the larger, “junior” lip version that is tail weighted ( pictured) . It has a little wider wobble and swims a bit deeper. Casts better too.
  3. Sean I checked my stash and all I have is regular colored donnies. So I’m out. Thanks and good luck.
  4. All good Sean, thanks. I have some other color donnies too. Let me dig them up. I’ll post tomorrow.
  5. Sean, I have Donny in gasoline that I’d trade. I’ll send pic when I get home . I have parrot and black / burple with purple eyes too. All are rigged but new.
  6. No not at this time . Sorry
  7. Still looking
  8. Thanks
  9. I would like to offer $80 cash for the small blue Musso needle. No paypal. Thanks
  10. Ok so you don’t want to trade at least one?
  11. Are the SS new? If so I would like them both. I have another new yellow Dee that I would trade. Would you do the two darter for the needles? ( if they are new or in really good shape?)
  12. Would like to trade new spin maple and new Dee darter for green eyed Super strike needles in 5” size. Will also consider green eye 7” needles. Thanks
  13. All yours Eric. Thanks Bob for the added photos.
  14. Hi Bob, could you take pic of lip area of two large mussos. Just want to see if they are surface or sub surface swimmers? Also, it looks like both have smaller swivels in belly? Thanks