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  1. Geez Robert , nice conrads!!
  2. Glad to hear. I did a lot of fishing with the 9” sluggo with one hook and tried several different styles, mostly long shanked. I had numerous hits and misses with all of the hooks that I tried. As a result, I thought that a tail hook might improve my hook up rate so that is why I decided on the rear hook. The second hook proved to be a success at least in my hook and land ratio. I always thought that smaller fish were the ones that I missed with the one hook sluggo until I landed a 41 pounder on the second hook.
  3. Could you check it out please. Thanks It’s gold metallic and white. It’s not the regular gold/white that SS is producing now. It’s almost yellowish- gold. Old stock color on old stock darter. Big swivel.
  4. That’s a pretty long sluggo. I wouldn’t want to fish it with one hook in the nose. Herb Reed sent me a few of the 12” prototype when he was considering marketing them. He wanted me to field test them. I rigged it up with two 9/0 Gamakatsu octopus hooks and tested it along the shoreline of Narragansett RI. My first cast with it produced a 28 pounder and then a few more small fish in a few hours fishing after dark. I reported back to Herb the next day and told him the new bait sure did work. It had great action like it’s smaller brothers. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was it’s size and weight. It was a little tough to cast with my tackle as it was heavy and a little awkward and I much preferred the 9 “ model. You could probably try single hook like an Owner Beast hook but I think you will hook up more if you rig it with two hooks. Good luck
  5. Thanks pm sent
  6. $60
  7. I've kept all red Fat cow strips on white bucktails for several days/nights and there were no red stains on the bucktail if that helps.
  8. How about $25 cash mailed tomorrow? I don’t have pp. thanks
  9. Thanks
  10. Had heat on last Thursday. Raw and too cold for mid June. Somethings wrong!
  11. Also Robert without your input I would have never known about the various shades of the Pichney bunker color. I have several plugs in light blue bunker and dark blue bunker but thought they were just faded herring and mullet colored plugs. Now I know different. Thanks for your insight.
  12. Robert, I have also noticed that Danny was not to keen on painting many of his line of plugs with any kind of yellow paint scheme save for the darter and troller. In all my years of collecting I have only seen one Conrad in yellow and I have it. Got it from my friend Pat Abate. It is very tough to find a yellow plug in the danny line up too . Is that a color that didn’t interest him? Just curious as it is so popular and effective today.
  13. Thanks Steve