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  1. Thread closed thanks
  2. Nice but I’m going to pass. I have two of each plug
  3. Looking to trade this rare rainbow Musso rattler (6”, 2 plus oz.) in mint condition for either mid sized or large new Musso pine metal lip. Thanks
  4. all three look like earlier Beachmasters . Top is an small eely in pollock color. Other two are small danny style plugs that are great producers . All three are well worth keeping and fishing This yellow BM in photo is a similar plug to the bottom two in second pic. It was one of my very first Beachmaster I bought many years ago. Caught a lot of fish on it
  5. Jollyrodger most guys hook the mummy though the bottom of jaw and out the top of jaw. Then they hook on the squid strip or fluke belly strip. A lot of fluke guys fish for fluke with a jig and a teaser up on the leader. They will just put a squid strip ( in the shape of a long pennant) on the bucktail jig with the mummy sandwich on the teaser which could be a plain “J” hook but usually a small BS rubber squid with hook or some other type of streamer fly. Hope this helps
  6. We call the “mummies” in RI. Great fluke bait. Many fish them live on a hook with a strip of squid or fluke bellying top. The locals call it a sandwich
  7. I have some Winch’s that are excellent. Great wide walk the dog action. Very easy to use.
  8. I tried using a siwash and plug catches but it doesn’t seem to have same “ bite” into the rip as with two trebles on it. I prefer 4X 4/0 VMC on belly with 4X 3/0 in rear both with split rings.
  9. Cut or split tail a little more with knife or scissors. They work great
  10. Silver swivels in the top two plugs would indicate not Beachmasters? Yellow darter looks like a 3 oz. Musso . Blue/white eely looks like older BM with after-thought stick on eyes.
  11. 3- white bucktails 3/4, 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 oz. 1- bottle of fat cow or pork rind strips 1- mag darter 1- Red fin 7” or 1- Super Strike darter
  12. Please close. Thanks SOL
  13. Would like to trade these two new Musso plugs, 2 oz rattler and 2 1/4 oz darter, for one new Musso metal lip pine or maple in either size. Note, I have original mustad trebles for darter. Also both plugs are new never fished and Brown mark on rattler is just yellowed epoxy . Thanks
  14. Mtksurf, I have these mussos. The third plug ( 2 oz. darter) is gone. I would be willing to trade any two of the remaining for the torpedo. The plugs are new never fished. I have original hooks for them too. Top metal lip is a rattler and the darters are 2 1/4 oz and 3 oz.