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    61 yrs old, retired, married, employed part time in a tackle shop,surf fisherman
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    surf fishing for striped bass, spending time with my wife, daughter, grandkids and friends., writing
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    pro staff/clerk in a tackle shop,(part time),part time freelance writer

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  1. That's a great surf rig. I fish something similar (same rod but one piece model and a VS200). You'll love it. Very versatile. Jigs, plugs, live and rigged eels.
  2. Add this new jetty swimmer for trade.
  3. Hi, I’m looking for a new black, burple, black/green or black/orange CCW Cigar Danny. I have these new CCWs to trade. Thanks in advance
  4. I very rarely use a black plug, save for a needlefish, after dark. White, bone or yellow is generally the color of the first plug out of my bag even on the darkest of nights. I know that black stuff works but I mostly fish white (bone), yellow, powder blue (eel skin plug), burple, amber then black unless I'm fishing needles. In that case it's a black or a burple needle then amber, green, yellow in that order. Slug-gos are a different story. Lol.
  5. Saw our first one of the year this morning at the feeder (Cranston, Rhode Island). It was a male. Came back to get a drink several times throughout the day. Great to see them again.
  6. Ok, deal. I’ll send you pm with address. Thanks
  7. Sure. What about the jointed CCW?
  8. Here you go. Both new
  9. Thanks a lot, but if the deal with Itsnotsobad works out I should be fine. I'll let you know.
  10. OK, I think I have a yellow and a chartreuse SW and all the BM colors you listed. All are new. Let me dig them up and I'll post some pics.
  11. OK I can come up with that. Colors?
  12. OK, I have BM and Sporting wood , no Zshore. What size BM? I have basic colors.. I post some pics in morning. Thanks