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    61 yrs old, retired, married, employed part time in a tackle shop,surf fisherman
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    surf fishing for striped bass, spending time with my wife, daughter, grandkids and friends., writing
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    pro staff/clerk in a tackle shop,(part time),part time freelance writer

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  1. I’ll take second yellow/red for $50 if you’ll take mailed $$. I don’t have pay pal. Thanks either way
  2. Last week
  3. I think it’s a Zman soft plastic or Cocahoe?
  4. Thanks Mike
  5. Great send pm
  6. I would trade this new BM eely for your needle. Thanks
  7. I'll buy the rigged eel hooks if you would split them out. Thanks
  8. How does the sinking 6" SP swim? I've never used one. Must cast a little better? Thanks
  9. Still looking for black/yellow needle. Thanks
  10. 145 mm ,fast sink Sebile ms is a very good night time plug. It does foul occasionally on casting though. I switch out rear treble for single siwash. This helps out. I like white ( white lady) and black/silver. I do have an all black one also that I painted wit a sharpie.
  11. Sure could I see a photo please?