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    surf fishing for striped bass, spending time with my wife, daughter, grandkids and friends., writing
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  1. Thanks Nor’easter for the info. Jim you take them. I was just really interested in yellow striped one. Good luck
  2. Questions; lot 3- new plugs? lot 1- holes? Top or nbottom? Are these drilled holes and are these plugs new otherwise? Could you take pic of hole in plug? Thanks in advance
  3. That’s too bad. Thanks for added pics though.
  4. If that red head /yellow darter is new and is an old run model I would trade this new green eyed Campo needle for it.
  5. When I fly fished for stripers ( early '90s) I caught well with the following Ken Abram patterns; L and L Special, Eel punt and Razzel Dazzel.
  6. Thanks, please let me know
  7. Is the red head/yellow darter new or old run? Thanks
  8. I prefer the older Mag darters. They are all I’ve used so that’s probably why? I do like the old paint jobs and colors better than the new editions. The old stock bronze , orange /gold and the black models are just killer.
  9. A friend of mine found a well worn Super Strike green mackerel needlefish washed up on a rocky beach one morning and used it the next evening to catch a fifty pounder.
  10. Nobody wanted gold when they could buy one. Now they are history and lots of guys want one. Go figure?
  11. I’m sticking with breakaway clips. I’ve have some great nights using them with zero problems. Use both sizes depending on lure size but the F-11 gets the most use.
  12. These days @99% of the folks coming into my tackle shop get their reels filled with some type of braided line. Power Pro is by far the favorite choice. The spools of mono gather a lot of dust.
  13. Back in the late '90s, one of the guys who showed me the benefits of fishing with the 9" Slug-go told me that he preferred the 10" Fin-s-Fish over the Slug-go stating that it worked better on stripers. I tried it for a while but didn't like it because it was bulker than the Slug-go and didn't cast nearly as well. My buddy caught some serious fish on the largest Fin-S-Fish though.