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  1. Great please pm me your mailing info and I’ll get $$ out in morning mail. Thanks
  2. Nick why is A40 have a cut lip?
  3. Would you take $50 cash mailed in morning?
  4. Geez. I’m sorry that you are having problems. That sucks spending that amount then having a problem. I would send it back to VS but speak to Craig Cantalmo first. Send him a text or call him. I’m sure he would be happy to help. It sounds like an unusual problem. I’ll pm you his #. Good luck.
  5. I agree. I used to fish live eels mostly for stripers for many years then for the last twenty seasons I fished strictly artificial lures for them. I have found that I catch just as many bass with lures and plugs but the average size is considerably smaller on the artificials.
  6. No I have not used it.
  7. I really like original Fireline too. I use 14 and 20 lb.test mostly for saltwater and 10 pound test for freshwater and some light saltwater applications. It takes a few casts too break it in as it is stiff and slick at first but after that the line is good casting and strong. No wind knots either. I've used other braids and still come back to Fireline. Great line imo.
  8. Thanks Roy
  9. How about this one guys. Wooden atom jr. the “Atom mfg. co. Attleboro Mass” is stamped on back of lip. Is is hard to see in photo though. I was told this plug is rare?
  10. I'll have to try it after removing that red meat strip along the fillet. I have bled them though and they still tasted just okay. The only way striper has tasted relatively good to me has been when my wife baked small fillets in parchment paper with a dollop of salsa on the fillet and some summer veggies (yellow squash and zucchini) under it. Other than that- blah!
  11. Hi Janet, it’s Steve McKenna. I just wanted to say hi and to tell you your new book is excellent. I am 3/4s of the way through it. The book brought back a lot of memories for me as I “grew up “surf fishing very similar to you. Thank you for writing the book, Steve
  12. I agree. I have been chasing it for all of my adult life and I don't even like to eat it. It tastes gamey to me no matter how it is prepared. I think fisherman are getting close to $6 a pound for it. Somebody likes it I guess?
  13. I would also highly recommend bringing/using a bike as it makes fishing the canal much easier and ultimately more productive.
  14. It’s all about the $$$$s