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    61 yrs old, retired, married, employed part time in a tackle shop,surf fisherman
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    surf fishing for striped bass, spending time with my wife, daughter, grandkids and friends., writing
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    pro staff/clerk in a tackle shop,(part time),part time freelance writer

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  1. Lol sounds good
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. The SS darter is pretty special too!
  4. The new Neptune thermo is just the new edition of the old Grundens Sund polar fleece pull over. Great too for spring and fall. It doesn’t breath because it’s waterproof, Light PVC over cotton/fleece. I’ve had two Sunds with fleece and really like them. Keeps you dry and warm.
  5. Go online. Better deals and choices
  6. No, I haven't but I have used the smaller LC Insert weights when the larger ones were unavailable. I just doubled up on them. The solder should work though.
  7. I think you will be very happy with either the Grundens or the Guy Cotton. I have been wearing Grundens products for surf fishing since the 70's and really like them. A lot of their products are designed for commercial fishermen so they work and can take a beating.
  8. Both are not in front of me but I'm going to say the smaller, lighter ones are a little shorter and definitely skinnier.
  9. I agree. Forget the Stormr and try a Guy Cotton Montauk or Grundens Neptune 103 or Neptune Thermo ( with polar fleece) . Much better for comfort and value. Plus, they last a long time.
  10. Super strike darter is probably one of the best plastic plugs ever made for striped bass. It just continuously catches sometimes when all else fails. If there’s any current just clip on a SS zig zag and hold on.
  11. I have worn boot foot waders most of my fishing life but about 20 years ago I tried stocking foot and liked them. They got very uncomfortable though if I fished any place with sand . So, I just went back to boot foot figuring it was just easier in the long run. Boot foot waders are a little clunky though so for fishing comfort I use hip boots and splash pants a lot specially if I know I wont be wading past my knees. Much, much easier to walk long distances into spots and to crawl around rocks and jetties. I know wear them 75 % of the time.
  12. I use four(4) Lunker city insert weights ( large. 3/32 oz.) in the 9” Sluggo I make up. Three (3) weights are inserted in the body near the mid body/head hook area. The fourth weight is inserted in tail. Originally, I used two weights in the mid body/head area and one in tail but found through experimentation that the four weights worked out better for casting distance and stability in rough water. The extra weight also does not effect the great action of the Slug-go. Hope this helps. Good luck
  13. Another beautiful fall sunset on the beach. One of the bonuses of surf fishing!
  14. ?, how do you know how big a fish is if you drop it?
  15. There are quite a few good metal lips out there but the two new plugs from Beachmaster, the maple spin and the torpedo, are very impressive.