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  1. I am looking for a durable, well made cast net for netting bunker from the boat. Something in 8-10 foot range. Any suggestions? Thanks Ty
  2. I used to take my reels to Sea Isle in Freeport to be serviced. With the shops recent closure, I am looking for a recommendation for a shop that does routine yearly servicing/cleaning and line replacement with an occasional part replacement. Somewhere in Nassau county is preferable. Any recommendations? Thanks Ty
  3. Hey man, PeteA here. I’m sending this outside the my original Tattoos tackle post. Tattoos Tackle is now run by a guy named Christian Martin.  He bought tattoo tackle from the second owner I believe and now makes lures in after the specs of the original tattoo lures. He also operates Brightwaters Lures. He has Facebook pages for both. He has a really nice line of lures and sells them online or through some local shops here on Long Island. He responds through email on the Brightwaters lures site. Great guy! Great lures. If you reach out tell him you heard about the him through SOL and Pete Aguanno’s post! I’ve been trying to help him get a little buzz going. 

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      Pete, I purchased several of the lures years ago from the original builder years ago. My supply is almost gone and I was looking for replacements of the spooks. Now I can buy from Christian which is great. Thanks again for the information.


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      NP! Tell him I sent you! I 

  4. Thank you for the information. I was not aware they were still making plugs. Thought they went out of business years ago. Ty
  5. I am looking for some recommendations for a second surf rod. I would like to pick up a rod for casting smaller bucktails or lures from 3/4 to 2 ounces. Something for spring or late fall, smaller days out front or the backside of the inlet. I currently use a 10'6 MH Lami which is bit too much for this kind of fishing. A two piece is preferable and something that will not break the bank, maybe less that $300 bucks as my wife is sure to break it or my daughter will step on it. Thanks. Ty
  6. I recently inherited a fair amount of fishing tackle. It includes both freshwater and saltwater tackle including several tackle boxes, about a dozen light and ultralight spinning and bait casting reels, freshwater rods, a few surfcasting rods, some plugs, a box of jigs, bucktails, jig heads and shads. Also some pliers and spools line. There is nothing of real value, trust me. I would like to donate it to an organization or individual that will clean it up and use it to promote the sport, perhaps a kids fishing club. No re-sellers please. If anyone is interested or knows of a local organization to which it can be donated, please let me know. I am located in Nassau county and will deliver it locally, or it can be picked up. Wishing you all a good season. Thanks Ty M.
  7. The older creek chubs were a true surfster. The newer ones like the one you received have a more typical Danny plug style lip. They do not have the classic surfster spoon type lip. As a result, they swim more like a danny plug just below the surface on a faster retrieve. Slow them down and they will crawl on top but they still lack the classic surfster action like a troublemaker or old creek chub. The new creek chubs will hold or dig in rougher water because of that lip so are a bit more versatile. Fish them like a danny plug. I like to cast them behind a breaking wave and swim them through the white water. They work over sand beaches or boulder fields especially when larger baits like mullet or peanuts are in the wash.
  8. To Ernies point: I was fishing a good bass bite at Montauk one evening with a metal lipped plug and a teaser. Had a double of good fish. One fish went one way around a rock, one fish went the other way. Goodbye fish. Good bye plug and teaser. Never fished a teaser in a boulder field again. Ty
  9. The Tsunami Timber flat nosed swimmer casts very well for a metal lip. It swims deeper than the Gibbs and does not have the same great action. I have played with the plug eye to get it it to swim shallower but had little luck. I did not try bending the lip. I stick with the Gibbs and swimmers from RM tackle.
  10. I fished the outgoing today at RM. I was the only fisherman that I could see on the beach. Was throwing bucktails for no fish.
  11. Here's two for you. Many years ago, I was surfing the pocket at West End. Fell on a wave and when I came up, the wave pushed the tip of the board into the back of my head. That resulted in a trip to the ER for a couple of stitches. About a week later, wound still fresh, I'm casting light tackle for cocktail blues. Somehow, I bury the treble hook from a small Kastmaster into, you guessed it, the back of my head. Another trip to the same ER to remove the hooks where the ER nurse looks at me and says, "You look familiar". I know there's a joke in there about her recognizing me by the back of my head but I am not going there. Also many years ago, I was fishing the north side of Montauk. Beautiful October day with a crowded beach. I am fishing a teaser ahead of a Danny plug. I don't know why. A fish takes the Danny and another takes the teaser a second later, both decent fish. One fish goes one way around a rock and the fish on the teaser goes around the other side. So there I am having a three way tug of war with two fish on either side of the same rock. Naturally, I lost both fish, the plug and the teaser. I no longer fish teasers from the rocks.
  12. Church, Suffered a very similar injury in the gym. Hurt so bad I could not sleep on that side. The orthopedic surgeon gave me similar options. I elected the conservative route. I was only 27 at the time and figured I had time later should surgery be necessary. Missed an entire fall season as I could not cast. I experienced some discomfort in the shoulder for a whole year and could only complete very light PT. The injury did eventually heal but it took over a year before I could lift anything over my head without some pain. Bottom line, it finally healed but it took longer than even the surgeon predicted. I would listen to your surgeon and consider a second opinion before rushing to the OR. Ty
  13. I have been fishing them for years since watching some guy bang bass after bass on them during the day off the point at M while nobody raised fish on poppers or other lures. Still wish I had asked his name. They are my go to plug, the one I have the most confidence in and have caught the most fish on. I use them both day and night. I fish them when the bass are on any bait other than sand eels or rain bait. I prefer the 5-6 inch plugs during the day when the bass are on mullet/ small bait and go larger at night. I keep it very simple. White or pearl with pink during the day and black at night. They are best fished in calm water or when there is a longer period swell. You have to be able to feel the plug swim to fish it correctly. I like to be able to see the plug swim on the surface or just below so use a slow retrieve. Cast the plug behind the wave and reel it through the foam. I do not use them in rough, nor'easter conditions when the plug will be bounced around and I cannot feel it. Nor do I use them in the fast moving, deeper water of inlets. I think other lures are better suited for those conditions. I own Dannys from Gibbs, RM Miller, Choppy, Big Don and several more makers. They all work. I use the Gibbs more than any other as they are cheaper and seem to catch just as many fish as the other makers. I will occasionally bend the eye down to get the plug to swim shallower. I do not experiment with bending the lip. I think Steve McKenna posted something on the ********** web site a few years ago about using nothing but metal lips for an entire season to compare his success to fishing with eels. He said he caught just as many fish and just as any big fish fishing metal lips for a season as he did fishing eels. Who am I to argue with him? PM me with any other questions. Ty
  14. Tim was right to allow the thread after it had been deleted a couple of times by another mod. He was also right to lock it. If you look at the other threads, they just turn into a bunch of ignorant, uninformed and often malevolent comments. All the comments, threats and accusations have been said and do not need to be repeated. He is just trying to clean up the boards. Good for him.