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  1. If you catch a striped mojura (sea perch) cast it where snook hang out because they will always hit it. Sea perch like to eat snook eggs so snook hit them whenever they see one
  2. I am heading to marco tomorrow and fish around the 10 k islands. You will need to go to biscayne bay to find bonefish because bonefish do not like the freshwater in the backcountry
  3. That little boat will be fine but be sure to have a radio because that is a little boat and the backcountry can get rough. I have a 20 foot pathfinder boat and fish the back country in the 10 k islands and the water gets rough and over 2 foot wake is not uncommon
  4. I used to fish clearwater and the water around there. I would stay at the sheriden hotel and fish the beach with plugs and greenbacks or shrimp for snook, ladyfish, mackeral and jack. And i would fish the inner coastal for snook, redfish and trout. Use a gold spoon and you will catch redfish.
  5. I am heading down to Marco island on sunday and have a flats boat out of goodland in Calusa. Does anyone know how the fishing is on cape romano, jus tout of goodland?
  6. Where was this ?
  7. That is awesome, i have to get a lathe duplicator some day
  8. The forum will not let me email you so i have to put this in the thread. I would recommend that you catch baitfish with a throw net. Go to the beach to find greenbacks. I would suggest that you free line a baitfish on the beach while throwing a spoon or white bucktail jig. Fishing the beach is more successful then clearwater pier because i only caught bottom fish from the pier. Also go to a baitshop and buy a green yozuri l-minnow plug. These are my favorite plugs and you can catch anything from jack to snook with these. If you have any other questions just email me.
  9. These are great little boats, my dad and i rented one in florida for a few weeks and had no problem in waves up to 4 feet. The only problem i have is it is hard to fish 2 people out of the 14 foot boat.
  10. I have a 20 ft pathfinder boat and fish around cape romano, so i guess i really was asking how the snook fishing was?
  11. Anyone know how the inshore fishing around marco island is?
  12. Hey i fish a lot in marco island and the everglade area and will heading down their for spring break. I was just wondering if you had the captains phone number so i could call and plan a trip.
  13. I used to fish the clearwater tampa area and since i am from chicago i always used my 9 foot steelhead outfit with 12 pound test fireline. I would recommend that you buy a mirro lure plug for fishing the beach and if you have kids catch some baitfish and freeline them and catch fish all day. Also if you want to catch mackeral all day just bring down one of your silver salmon spoons. My favorite is a castmaster. Message me if you have any other questions.
  14. I fish a lot in the marco island area during the summer months for snook and i have had the most success with yozuri lures, especially the yozuri suspending l-minnow in silver and green, besides that any mirrolure will catch you snook. If you want snook do not be like the amateur angler who casts straight out from the beach, cast horizontal to the beach right in the in front of where the waves break. Fish until noon because once the sun is up you can sight cast for the big snook.
  15. I would suggest you drive to the everglades, it is like a two hour drive from Ft.Myers. One of my favorite guides: Everglade City Capt. Becky Campbell ---- Don't let the fact that Becky is a girl fool you, she can outfish all the guides i have listed above. She is has won several tarpon tournaments and will always find the fish for you. Her boat is immaculate and her tackle is amazing. __________________