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  1. youI have spoke in general terms and said that things aren't perfect. I have not spoke down to anyone. I answered some questions and helped guys resolve problems. If you feel you have been talked down to and disrespected, that's on you. The very reason I Don't agree with putting a company on blast is there is no way to respond without coming off as unconserned unless I just agree and apologize. What I actually did do is explain ,answer some messages and help a couple of guys.
  2. Negativity is very appealing. Nasty arguments,personal insults,anything people argue over,everyone flocks to that. Everybody loves a train wreck. Notice most of the quotes are negative. The happy customer's,not so much. At this point in my life,I have no use for it. Reviews are a funny thing. You really need to consider what would motivate someone to take the time to write one.lets say a restaurant,if you have a bad meal or bad service besides a bad tip,what can you do? Write a bad review. (Pound of flesh mentality) now let's say you have a great meal and the best service of your life. How many will take the time to sit down and write a positive review? So all you see is the bad. Think about it. That's why Ialway think about the motivation when reading reviews and particularly the negative ones.
  3. That isn't my group. As for reader's using common sense,I have no control over that but I do have control over what people say on there. As I said not all feedback or reviews are positive. Our page at it's origin was 90% industry people. Small companies,one man shows,ect. Advertising is allowed. It was geared at people in the industry. Over time it grew into much more. Personally I liked it much better when it was small.
  4. Also not using your real name make people feel they are not accountable for their actions or words.
  5. on here negativity is the norm. Product and people bashing is the norm. We Don't allow that in that group. No product bashing is in the rules. Honest feedback is fine but you can't just bad-mouth things or people because you heard this or your trying to get that pound of flesh. How many posts on here are negative but they are from people with no actual personal experience with what they are speaking negatively about? Listen I'm not saying things are perfect but they are miles better that what it seems after reading this thread.
  6. Sending me a PM is what got a response. A public badmouthing did nothing but trigger a few ankle biters who don't know any of the details but feel compelled to comment. The very reason I am not on here much. Had I been, I would have responded earlier.As of now neither my PM or the emails sent from RH have been returned. I'm done commenting publicly on it because if the OP wants something done,he should contact the company or a representative.
  7. Where do people come up with this stuff? No,no legal issues. And like most things on here you hear one side of a story and it's usually exaggerated. If the goal is getting a response or fixing a problem,starting a thread is not the best way to get results. It was brought to my attention and it was handled, I haven't been on here in months or I would have responded sooner.
  8. I sent you a pm. Check your emails.
  9. Bass are strong swimmers and lazy ambush predators by nature. Thats why you will find them gathered in rips,under bridges,in shadow lines,drop offs,in holes. Where ever bait is present and an ambush opportunity is there.
  10. Demo's are important early on to let people hear about and try the rods but as the rod companies grow and are available in shops it becomes less necessary. Once you've got enough rods out there ,you can try peoples rods and get feedback from the guys who own and fish the rods. Point being you woun't see many demo's unless it's a new company.
  11. The 12' VT in the 2-4 rating is very soft and loose feeling to most. It has a place for a distance rod for light offerings for a person who wants to put minimal energy into the rod ( good for an older guy). I agree it should be tried before ordering.
  12. Some builder do custom lips like Bobby (BM) and Gary (GRS) but most guys buy lips from a supplier. Most are made with the same guage metal,some are thicker but if you can't keep your plug from slamming into rocks,it doesn't really matter . Try to change how you fish them or throw something more durable
  13. when I read a negative review my first thought is what is their motive? Most often it's an unsatisfied customer looking for a pound of flesh. The average person moves on and will comment when asked or tell friends in their life about the bad experience but when they turn to typing a long ,detailed post or thread in social media or chat site in my experience they are being petty and often acting like a scorned schoolgirl. That is not the kind of review that is useful to potential customers and
  14. lol
  15. The constant complaining has me on her much less. It is all people do on here. I have grown tired of it. How many guys just waiting to bite your ankles do you need to spark some dialogue ?