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  1. When taping on reel use short pieces of 1" Gorilla duct tape, just long enough to overlap about an inch. 3 or 4 wraps on both feet is plenty, pull them tight. Over this I wrap baseball bat tape or tennis tape, some are made for wet conditions making it even better. Fold tape in half and wrap both up and down from stem. this will solve the problem of getting a lump or void at stem. Louisville Slugger makes the best one to suit my needs.
  2. 30 yds= length, 3 yds= cubic yds product.... I think. I had same size project on a rental of mine, blacktop. $1,300.
  3. GMC 2016 Canyon for me, about the same truck as the Colorado but I have the six cyl. It is excellent on the beach, gets 20mpg around town and beach combo and up to 26mph on a trip. Crew cab with short bed is plenty of room for me and tows my 3400# Sea Craft just fine. I have never had to use any of the extra functions, just 4WD high. It just turned 33K on the clock with zero problems, I removed the front spoiler that was too low. Like any truck you have to know how to drive it on the beach for best results. My 2010 f150 was a very good truck but I ddidn't need the extra room and ****** mpg. The taco is a bit small for me, I think the Ridgeline is AWD not 4WD. New Ranger looks interesting but wasn't available when I was buying. My old Ranger didn't like towing or stopping my boat. I looked into and drove the Canyon diesel but just could not justify spending an extra 4K. .
  4. Glass beads sound interesting, sooooo I'll try it. I use lighter loads on my RFs, just enough to weight the tail so it casts flatter. I do the same with Mambo Minnows that I swim in surf at waters edge. Favorite RF colors are Ch scratch, bone with orange belly and rainbow. Playing around with colors is a hoot and you can find your own favorite. I do like the older rough sided more than the smooth, just me. Hook wise I like a 3/0 belly and 2/0 tail on heavy splits. Black with a black redgill teaser will sometime outfish everything in the bag, Another way to fish RFs is to throw it into white water and just keep slack out of line. Small pushes of water or wind on line make the plug "swim" in spurts, 41# last year.
  5. twitch, slow crank, stop..... repeat
  6. Failing to use safety equipyment that should be located between your ears. Is a recipt for disaster.
  7. !oz Cotton pumped up to 2oz is a rocket and still works well.
  8. and some of today's SS is crap also. When I was getting bids on my job all hardware had to be SS. The Tiffany guy was just a crook and the guy who recommended him got a scorching earful. I find this stupid practice. In a smaller community if someone is happy with a contractor they can just about cash in on the whole bunch with good work and a fair price.
  9. One night the only plug that would work on a bunch of back bay cows was a crappy brown looking Redfin. It was just about the last p[lug out of the jeep. All fish were 30# plus, busting still water and driving me bat sh*^. I will try to find it and put up a pic. I never saw that color again in Redfin line-up.
  10. Gibbs used to have a brown,brown/white in a bunch of different styles. They had a good run at it one year in Nantucket but as others have said "out of the current rotation".
  11. 10-4 Pak. Ripping water with surf pounding, fish taking drag, in a line up, on slippery rocks, is no place to be undergunned. Combat fishing requires combat gear.
  12. I would put texting right up there with drinking/speeding. Some guys on the road seem to be doing all three.
  13. Ben, Hate contractors? No I was labor all my life and have no problem paying wages, even premium wages for superior work. The problem starts with the guy giving you an estimate knowing you have a buck in your pocket and thinks it belongs to him. How about the guy who gave me an estimate for siding, along with 2 other contractors. (17K, 21K). He basickly tells me that because of the salt water he has to use special material and SS screws. (105K). Take your glossy proposal package and get back on your truck before it cools down. I have a trusted plumber, electrican, painter and carpenter who I just show them the job, do it and bill me.. No problems. We have a small home owners Association and look out for each other. Three of us can work with our hands and give advice to others. Some of the stories of contractors are near criminal. Hate contractors, no. Hate crooks, YES. .
  14. I'm not talking "making hay while the sun shines". I'm talking absolute gouging and treating the customer like he puts his hat on with nails.