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  1. 10-4 Pak. Ripping water with surf pounding, fish taking drag, in a line up, on slippery rocks, is no place to be undergunned. Combat fishing requires combat gear.
  2. I would put texting right up there with drinking/speeding. Some guys on the road seem to be doing all three.
  3. Ben, Hate contractors? No I was labor all my life and have no problem paying wages, even premium wages for superior work. The problem starts with the guy giving you an estimate knowing you have a buck in your pocket and thinks it belongs to him. How about the guy who gave me an estimate for siding, along with 2 other contractors. (17K, 21K). He basickly tells me that because of the salt water he has to use special material and SS screws. (105K). Take your glossy proposal package and get back on your truck before it cools down. I have a trusted plumber, electrican, painter and carpenter who I just show them the job, do it and bill me.. No problems. We have a small home owners Association and look out for each other. Three of us can work with our hands and give advice to others. Some of the stories of contractors are near criminal. Hate contractors, no. Hate crooks, YES. .
  4. I'm not talking "making hay while the sun shines". I'm talking absolute gouging and treating the customer like he puts his hat on with nails.
  5. Way ahead of you there Nite, way ahead. Even when they all come in too high. Some are even comical in thier BS.
  6. I live in a small community with half of us on the Peconic Bay. Why do some contractors think they can throw any number at you for thier "work"? Not everyone who lives on the water is a Dr, lawyer, business exec, etc who have no knowlege of trades and can see through BS.
  7. They will demo what has to be demoed, do safety inspections, draw up new plans, bring in a few tower cranes and then off to the races. But where do you get that old,old school labor skills.
  8. Ben, you are not alone. I read a few books on construction of old catheralds. Stone masons were the designers, engineers. workers and just amsingly ahead of their time. All without cranes, am flying butresses. WOW
  9. I thought it said that it was 10% normally but up to 24% on breeing fish. My bad I guess. Thanks for info.
  10. I har read this on a DEC study conducted in the Hudson River. They used penned SB and caught them using different methods. It should be easy to find because I'm not that good at it and I found it.
  11. Chat up the next DEC officer, ask for his card and why you would want it. You now know who you are talking to.
  12. That's better but "close" will not cut it with the man in green. Doing lemgth and girth. it's a winner.
  13. X 2. Dive shop material is the way to go., not cheap but way cheaper than some of these designer surf belts. Plastic and velcro sucks IMHO.
  14. Spring worm and crab hatches are very moon related, fact.