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  1. WOW, I couldn't put up with all the drama of catching a fish. If someone has the prime/best spot, fish the next best spot. Think it, learn it and just maybe it will become the "new" best spot.
  2. As was said, bleed and ice ASAP. Poach the fillets in water, wine and spices. Saute carrots, onion, red and green peppers (keep em crunchy) about 50/50 fish and veggies. Add egg, bread crumbs, celery, garlic salt, pepper, then mash everything together. Make patties and fry like a burger. Blue cakes.
  3. I like 9' rods on the boat. I like to be able to cast to different structure without being right on top of it. 2nd the extra length allows me to steer the fish when the end game comes.
  4. Like the man said , let the wind and water do it's job. Many ways to use a darter. My favorite is to let it sweep off a bar with a bunch of WW into the deep, just keep enough tension be able to feel it.
  5. RIP. The miles of debate surrounding his catch will live on and on.
  6. Velcro will eventually fail. Be prepared to to replace it, sorry.
  7. So can I, always learning.
  8. Don't worry yourself about the back pain at 57, by the time you hit 77 it will just be numb.
  9. Good idea re vest for bucks. I have been thinking of some type of bandoleer across my chest. Thinking military/hunting or maybe home made. Bucks in belt bag even with slots just get screwed up. I am sure that I could over fill it not matter how I made it.
  10. Zbelt looks like a tank, nice a**,opps meant nice ad. It does not show how it closes/adjusts. If it is another Velcro deal, all bets off, no good.IMHO. Still nice a**. I'll take my standard buckle dive belt ($30), best I've found for me. Tighter or looser, next hole.
  11. My shoulder bag was causing some nerve pain, so I now use a 3 tube belt bag. It was 4- 2" tubes but I made it into 3- 2.5" tubes. The 2" tubes were just too small for my plugs and fingers. With the smaller capacity, than the shoulder bag, I have to do some planning on what to carry, tough to leave that"favorite" in the truck. No matter what , it is a mess by the end of the session.
  12. Any footprints? If none it's on you. Lesson to be learned here, too bad it had to be that expensive.
  13. Sometime new or new for season felt bottoms have to be scuffed up to get the rougher bottom to grip. Area sounds good for felts, how was it with just plain soles? Rough up those bottoms with a stiff wire brush or a drill bit made with hard wire to clean metal surfaces. Years ago all we had was felts or indoor out door carpeting. When Korkers came along it was a holy sh^# moment.
  14. The best shoulder strap that I have found was from a hand held disposable rocket from USMC. Could be cost prohibitive if you have to buy the whole rocket. Having a "son" in the military helps. Surplus store could be your friend.
  15. Anytime but especially dusk and dawn.