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  1. Down tide or cross current work better, just maintain contact. I know I said twitches but it is really more of a smooth sweep. Don't be rushing it, it ain't a pencil. THEY see it.
  2. Try lowering your tip and keeping line directly to plug(no slack). Slow twitches down and let the plug ride OUT, then OUT again, repeat.
  3. Always a pleasure to meet and fish with. Tough old bugger he would walk, fish,walk,fish, walk....repeat. Even when he was on chemo, walk, fish, walk.....Dave had a high end Irish import business up west. He told me that his best customers were Jewish? Because they knew quality. Go figure. All the best fishing to you sir.
  4. Wow, what a hopeless feeling that must have been. No one hurt I hope.
  5. That's worth a shot, good thinking
  6. That's the one. Thanks,SC
  7. You have to use silver solder and silver solder flux. You can buy a small kit from hardware store but a bit of a rip-off. If solder is dried out just add a few drops of water and mix it up. I will check out Surface Iron, the only open rings I have found are jewelry grade. They call them "jump rings" . BTW I had no luck with propane torch, not enough heat, and had to use acetylene in a B tank. Good luck.
  8. No it was a SS spoon with hook up and a glob of lead that was also on spoon top. It came with a rubber , similar to an Alou. Great action, hard to come by and pissed me off when I had no more.
  9. There was another spoon/eel type lure with a piece of lead on top of spoon. Anybody?
  10. These look very much like the old Alou Eel heads. An old favorite in various sizes down to about 5". Don't know whatever happened to them.
  11. I remember using these in the CCC about 50-60 years ago. My Dad made them but they were for ell skins, not a whole eel. We rigged whole eel in a variety of ways either weighted or unweighted. Dad used brass sash chain attached to a piece of half inch brass pipe cut on an angle. I remember some were made of SS bead chain but they were store bought. The hallow pipe would keep the skin inflated, the current did the rest. I had some of these around and will take a look, no promises, but I will post if I can find one. Probably weighed about 4 oz. Penn squider, 36# nylon line, split bamboo rods.... not for the meek.
  12. This works for me. I buy cheaper SS split rings that have a smaller ga. wire that are large enough to allow action. Attach to lure and may have to do the reverse ring trick. I then squeeze the ring shut and touch it with some SS solder. Never failed. I haven't been able to find any reliable open SS solid wire rings used on older tins and some plugs. Anybody?
  13. I try to streamline my carry bag according to various conditions. My truck, well let's not talk about my truck.
  14. I cut reflective tape to about .25" and wrap around rod where needed. Clear epoxy seal them.
  15. Heavy, noisy, slow....... for the life of me , why aren't these reels more popular with the bait guys.