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  1. You gotta fish to need a partner
  2. Very surprised to head that about C. Graves tins. His were 100%. The problem I had with them was the front hole being too small for most clips. Great tins, I have a few of original molds and others my Dad had made. Great lures that few throw nowadays. As far as artificial hair... crap in my book. looks good, many colors, CHEAP but tangles make them useless. IMHO.
  3. I tried black tins when fish were around.....0. One night I was throwing a heavy black needle and doing well. Wind picked up and I needed the perfect cast to reach. Bingo, black tin will reach.... Yes it goes with a lot of lures. I am a fan of Tsunami paddle tails BUT 2 recent purchases were bogus. Instead of colored rubber in the lure a painted coat was applied to a white body. Paint didn't last an outing. Looked good in package, F China.
  4. BTW, tins can be painted and work well. Paint doesn't hold forever but rattle cans are your friends. I never caught a fish on a black painted tin and have no reason why. Tons of fish on black needles, RedFins, redgills, darters..... how come?
  5. Older Hopkins are stamped out of a hi grade SS. Just about indestructible. Some newer ones are chrome over lead and can peel. Kastmasters used to be chrome over brass, I have no idea what they are made from now but finish doesn't hold up as well.
  6. Some truths on both sides. China products are usually deal able at first bur QC goes down the drain in a hurry. Some of the "top end" jigs can also go bad but usually manufacturer will stand behind their product. I have some "tins" that I made 50 or more years ago that the chrome is still good on. I doubt if todays chrome/nickel plate would hold up like that.
  7. Small world. I just cut down a Rainshadow SW1208 to 9'. 10" off butt and 2" off tip. I built it to cast rubber and bucks into heavy structure. Stop em or pop em. Beast mode, that can still cast 1oz. GLWS, great stick.
  8. I have a CTS 132 3-6 made by Redhawk. It was extended at birth, 6" added to butt. It has a taped on VS G 275, 25.5" to foot of reel. Reel can be moved 1" up or down. Rod and reel are both 9.5 condition, because only Bo Derek is a 10. Combo was only used sparingly on open beach, no rock/jetty rash. I never threw 6oz with it but have launched 5oz needles with it. It handles large fish easily. It has not been used since serviced this past winter by VS tech, loaded with fresh 20# Fireline. Unfortunately I can't do pics tonight but could text pics to anybody. $1200. Pick up only. I live on water in Hampton Bays, NY. So a test ride is no problem. Thank you for your time.
  9. I also remember them as "doodle bugs". A shaped piece of cork painted white/red head with a slot cut for dressed hook. It was used for bait fishing to keep the offering off the bottom and not stuck in the sand. Worms or shedder crab. Never used bare.
  10. A new NYS tax. What could possibly go wrong. And don't expect a dime coming back to the fishing community
  11. No comparison. SeaBass fishing is a no brainer, small effort type fishing. The squid strip or clam does most of the work. BUT, whatever floats your boat.
  12. Got the $$. UPS now has the spool. They said you will have it by Tuesday. Thank you for prompt reply and thank you too SOL.
  13. SOL PM says you cannot receive messages??
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