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  1. I knew that would set you off. lol
  2. *
  3. zmkm, this is a great rod and a more than fair price but I really have no need at this time. I'm surprised its still available and someone should jump on this pronto.
  4. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. But do I really need this?
  5. Is this a 2 piece rod 70/30 ?
  7. If you would sell and ship to 01876, what price would you accept? Thanks!
  8. This had been discussed awhile ago and Lamiglas at that time had recommended that the threads on the reel seat be lubed with reel grease. Tighten it down again after being used for awhile. It worked for me.
  9. The Lobster Trap gets my vote.
  10. I thought it was Tonto.
  11. My apology. I should have noted it, Tewksbury, Ma.
  12. Have the Century Slingshot 9'6" model 1145. Purchased it May 2019 and used it once. Would let it go for $300 but I'm hesitant about shipping. Would prefer pickup.
  13. Where are you located?
  14. The last time I was in that area was in the late 70's and that pier was a disaster then, I'm surprised it a hasn't been restored, its a great location for the local anglers and kids. It hasn't been mentioned but that area along the sea to its left was a hot spot for blues and bass. It runs behind some those businesses on the Lynnway. A seawall type bulkhead built up with wood ties like railroad ties. Its only fishable at higher tides because of the tide drop. We used to drive right out (bumpy unpaved grass like) park and fish no more than 10 feet from car. Without exaggerating it was not unusual to have 50 or so people fishing there. It was all plugging. Someone once told me it used to be an offloading site for coal barges in the old days.