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  1. My daughter and I had a nice lunch today at The Lobster Trap in Bourne. I had the seafood dinner and it was delicious. If I lived closer it would be a weekly stop.
  2. Step up to the Tsunami Airwave model. Look at the 10XH, 3-6
  3. Call Surfland 978-462-4202 and ask them.
  4. There are two things I do not do at low tide out there, wade and go at night.
  5. My daughter did that except she put the peanut butter on the rim of the bucket. The next day the bucket was gone. Something dragged it away, never seen it again.
  6. You better get a "Chipmunk Stamp" for your Mass. hunting license.
  7. I have a parking permit for Cranes Beach. When it expires, it expires!
  8. I will take it for $100.00 shipped and paid with paypal.
  9. Anyone remember Tar Wharf in Dorchester. The Neponset River must have been a nursery for inshore cod. Tommy cod as we used to call the small cod were always there in abundant numbers. I never thought about there being two distinct cod populations but in fact there were.
  10. Try Surfland Bait and Tackle Newburyport Ma 978-462-4202. Picked up a few a month ago.
  11. Unless I misread an email yesterday from the commonwealth it limits charter boats to no more than 10 people fishing including the crew.
  12. A few years walking a beach on Plum Island I noticed small wooden crosses every so often in no particular pattern stuck in the sand. Believe it or not someone had made crosses out of like popsicle sticks and twigs and put then next to doggie doo.
  13. As long as your sinker holds bottom or you can't stand up.
  14. Looking for a 7' Mojo Surf, 8-17 line and 5/8-2 lure. I'm located North of Boston, Lowell area if that avoids a shipping issue. A St. Croix Premier Surf with similar ratings could also be an alternative. Thanks!
  15. Thanks, I'll give it a try!