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  1. When you get that toll bill remember its effective January 1, 2020 but retroactive to January 1, 2015. Another reason to use the tunnel.
  2. If someone on EBAY located in Zagreb, Croatia can get and sell the new BG spools at inflated prices why can't Daiwa in the USA?
  3. 3500 and 4000
  4. Last June I ordered 2 BG spools from Daiwa's Parts Department in California and they were placed on back order. After calling them 3 more times and finding them still not available, I canceled them out last week. Thats 9 months. The latest BG is a nice reel but after being out for a few years, you would think spare parts would be readily available. Has this availabilty extended to BG parts in general ?
  5. Thinking of going to this show for the first time on friday and I'm also in the market for a ODM Genesis surf rod. From your experience could I expect to find a good deal at the show or should I just buy local and pay the asking which is about $355.
  6. A few years ago I used bloodworms when sea worms were not available. I found they were just as productive and in fact managed to stay on the hook longer especially when smaller bass were abundant. Look similar to a freshwater earthworm maybe more reddish smaller than say medium seaworm.
  7. No thanks, good luck with sale!
  8. I have a definite interest in that rod. Would you consider a trade plus cash. I have a new Lamiglas Surf and Jetty XS10MHS rated 3-6, 2 piece. I would offer that rod, plus $100 cash providing the Century is in as great a condition as described. I'm in the North Shore area for a local meetup. Thanks for your consideration.
  9. Sale completed, thanks Tim and SOL.
  10. Will be meeting Jzstriper tomorrow to finalize sale, will update later.
  11. Yes, Friday afternoon say up to 5pm. Earlier ok with me.
  12. Sorry its outside my travel zone
  13. Jzstriper, Is that an affirmative that you want the rod? As far as meet up goes you have until April. If you say you want it, its yours. Just don't disappoint me at a later date.
  14. Have a new TFO model GISSCS1065-2, lure rated 2-6. Its 2 piece and has never had a reel mounted on it. The price is firm at $175.00 picked up. No shipping option. Can meet and inspect at a Mass. North shore location (Wilmington-Reading,etc) No PayPal!