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  1. Do I hear a second to move this and the "Whats Up with TD' forums to the "Real Outpost Forum"
  2. Star Stellar Surf and Tsunami Air Wave Surf. Tica Dolphin in the 9' is also a good find.
  3. I agree !Growing old!
  4. I doubt that response and would contact TD about the issue.
  5. I think you have rod that slipped thru quality control. I can understand a custom rod builder doing it but I doubt a mfg just decides its the way to go. Even the Century Slingshot photo shows the reel seat with the locking nut in the rear.
  6. Tomos' Tackle in Salem.
  7. Purchased a 1145 in March and mine is at the rear of the reel seat.
  8. Daiwa BG, Shimano Spheros and Cabo.
  9. Noticed lately members posting quite a few items for sale in one post. Today there is a listing of items for sale that has so many items its on a excel spread sheet. Maybe its me but its starting to look commercialized and maybe people taking advantage of our forum These are also being posted by members with just about the minimum posts required. Is a change in the rules in needed?
  10. Went over Bourne Bridge Saturday at about 9:30am. The backup on RT25 going over bridge was I guess about 1/2 mile. You could have sailed right over it if they did not have traffic coming on Rt 25 from Buzzards Bay.(last exit) Thats what was causing the backup. Going back at about 12:30PM it was backed up i'd say for about 1 1//2 miles.
  11. No response, offer withdrawn!
  12. Have 2 Ocean Lures NIP. A wounded Peanut Bunker 2 oz Golden Yellow and a Green Floating Surface Mackerel Popper 1.75 oz. Would sell both for $50.00 shipped with payment other than PayPal.
  13. Where is your location?
  14. Have a brand new St Croix Mojo Surf 8' one piece if you have an interest. I'm located on the North Shore near Wilmington/Andover.
  15. Penn Clash 4000 or a Daiwa BG 3000