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  1. With all the Zman's melting over time that's why so many have switched over to Bait Junki
  2. IGFA tested knots and said the GT knot was the (100% strength) strongest knot,that's all i use know and much esier to tie to FG
  3. Now i realized why shrinks are so heavily booked
  4. Having both they do there job,can't see any real advantage in either one over the other.
  5. Some people can use any type of braid and have no issues no matter the brand.
  6. Some items turn up faulty then the seller wants to refund 5%,but then i need to go buy it again elsewhere.Any way they want to argue for a full refund,i now only buy low priced items from there.
  7. I don't think it's a good idea to be challenging every one's comment who is trying to give input on this subject.Anyway go ahead and do your thing.
  8. Telescopic rods and sand don't mix well as most will find out.
  9. Fluoro line is invisible..to what ?
  10. Which country makes a difference,never assume things will go your way.
  11. A four section rod has become more popular to telescopic travel rods these days.
  12. I don't think anyone has gone and re invented the spinning reel with this model
  13. Too much stuff..yes i'm guilty,but me and my shrink are working on it.
  14. Actually the Stealth that KK made was the best i owned in B/casters very light and with dual braking,only sold it being right hand wind as i have switched over to all LH with B/casters.Had the shimano's and daiwa's which are good reels including the quantum's but why over pay when some cheaper reels perform the same job.
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