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  1. But two different casting actions by two people using the same equipment will bring in different results
  2. 10-15 feet
  3. Hi Jeffrey i was wondering the same in which one to choose and ended up getting the Spinfisher as well.Seems like a solid reel and now hoping not to ruin any more internals of reels.
  4. Def chest mount,seen some interesting vids i wanted to watch but the operator had a head cam and he moved around so much i lost interest in the first minute.KISS chest mount
  5. Google search... CAMEKOON All Metal GT/PR Bobbin Knotter, Stainless Steel Main Body and Aluminum Alloy Spool, Fishing Line Winder Assist Knotting Machine You should see it at Amazon
  6. Searching thru YouTube after seeing this bobbin vid i got one for $30 off e-bay and have enjoyed making my PR knots,gets easier the more you use the bobbin
  7. After reading about the yozuri super braid,i have purchased a few spools to try out soon. Looking forward in finding out what it's like
  8. That would be the YO Zuri Hybrid and the KastKing FluoroKote
  9. Few weeks ago local tackle store told me if i like Vanish to stock up as is't being discontinued
  10. We pay a lot more for a rod or reel than what you guys do,the exchange rate 72c to your US dollar plus we pay a 10% (GST) Goods and Services Tax on top.I see reels which sell there around that $100 US$ for the same reel our price would be $170 AU$.But most things in general are more expensive here compared to you guys,when it comes to income basic wage is $24 per hour.
  11. I have the Fuego 3000 size not only being smooth turning the handle but just so lite to hold
  12. In clearer water the braid floats or in deeper water in most cases fish look up and white up against the sky above is much less noticeable than blue,red or black. Moss green blends in with dirty water and not as noticeable as using white or yellow,i still use a rod length of fluorocarbon line.Anything that helps to improve catches. Depends where i go to fish for the day decides which reel with what colored braid is used
  13. Using white in clear water the line is less visible,and darker greenish or dirty water moss green blends in and is less noticeable