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  1. Distance is about the same
  2. I too have dunked a reel while fishing waist deep at times but i think Shimano design was for a reel to go under say 10-15 seconds at most and not be affected.We all seen how SSV Penn and series 11 Kastking failed.
  3. I was wondering where my rod and reel got too.
  4. We get the left overs until stock runs out,if we want the newest say shimano or diawa then we import direct from Japan,but this is for the enthusiast wanting the latest gear.
  5. Kidnap him threaten him with some new free reels he can keep and see if that works.
  6. Smooth it out with a nail file,a picture would make it easier.
  7. What do you use beside the FG/PR knots which is narrow going through guides and holds up reasonably good
  8. Shimano Spheros SW
  9. Thinking of using my fly waders in salt water,would there be any problems in possibly ruining the waders ?.
  10. Having a good run with KK in all sizes so far,the thickness has never worried me for my type of fishing
  11. This has been a painful read over nothing,move on there's more to life
  12. Neck holder
  13. It's the supplier who wanted to make more profit so decided to get it manufactured overseas,but the savings were never passed into the consumer.
  14. I think if a newbee was reading all this they may think in taking up another hobby,geez all this to catch a fish..really ?