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  1. One night while soaking a bait at the beach i didn't notice the rod holder had fallen into the surf,i was using a Penn SSM 950 spinfisher would have been in the water guessing 10 mins submerged.Next morning opened it up and found nothing,no special seals on them just enclosed bearings.Was very surprised and the real kept on working after that.Recently wading a daiwa laguna got submersed a few times for 10 seconds at a time the real had no enclosed bearings but open bearings,opened it up later that day and nothing ?.Still using that real.
  2. Curious to know what went wrong with the Nasci ?
  3. Main purpose i got the DC was for only throwing lures either beach or boat and when set up correctly no issues,just got to know wind direction change.But that's the case for any BC,lots of youtube info on DC reels.
  4. I'm using the Curado in salt water,so far so good.
  5. A lot of these cheap braids get sold hence the amount found on various selling sites and yes they do work and create good results.Not everyone goes in search of the best of the best and highest price in there tackle be it rods,reel or line.We have a variety of options.
  6. As some have said grease grease grease.I can not understand how grease stops gear teeth under load from stripping while cranking.You can apply heaps of grease to gears,one turn and all excess grease is squeezed away.
  7. All this over a 20$ part replacement
  8. Sienna 4000...Are you saying it can get knocked about and take it or are you talking about being able to bring in big hard fighting fish ?
  9. Why not buy one of each,then you can swap between them for different days when suited.
  10. Yes they will all fail eventually but how quickly between different brands ? With these shimano reels mentioned does it make it a viable reel to own compared to others which are less prone or so soon.
  11. Now doesn't that sort of news just wanna make you run out a buy a heap of shimano reels..LOL
  12. If you still got the broken off foot,drill a hole in each end and push a nail as a example into the hole to make a tight fit to hold both ends in place then use some ties and tape and you should be ready to go.
  13. I had a 704 and a 711,which i got from fleabay shipped from the USA.Tried a spinfisher VI and sold the 704/711 a few months ago.Last price on new 704's off fleabay i think i'd seen them around AU$250 delivered.
  14. With two different pairs of waders i got in one being stockingfoot and the other being neoprenefoot i use two different sizes in dive boots to accommodate the sizes and i'm always standing on sand and no sand gets in.Plus the boots are cheap to buy.
  15. Sedona-Sahara-Nasci all the same reel,only variance difference is a extra bearing here or there and the Nasci has a couple rubber seals.I have all three and just buying a Sedona is a bit of a saving.Diawa have the same story with some of there reels.