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  1. In clearer water the braid floats or in deeper water in most cases fish look up and white up against the sky above is much less noticeable than blue,red or black. Moss green blends in with dirty water and not as noticeable as using white or yellow,i still use a rod length of fluorocarbon line.Anything that helps to improve catches. Depends where i go to fish for the day decides which reel with what colored braid is used
  2. Using white in clear water the line is less visible,and darker greenish or dirty water moss green blends in and is less noticeable
  3. Ok,thin line versus thick line limp line versus stiff line. Only to find out there's a 8 foot difference in distance,now does that make or break your whole fishing experience.
  4. Thank you both for replying. re Berkley fireline,i have always liked the original fireline. As for limp or hard wasn't best choice of words
  5. Like i said you can do all the testing you want a whole life time of it but will it ever have a outcome .........enter name here -> (________) ............. What's stopping a end result from all the testers ? Or possibly the tester they's themselves have no idea how to answer it
  6. With the testing results here and in other parts of the world which have been going on for years to what's available out there on offer can we see the final results to what's the best braid to buy ? A line which: Breaks way above stated rating Thinnest manufactured Smoothest Most limp or hard what ever you desire Won't fray on outer coating Won't cause wind knots Best knot strength Casts furthest Won't bleed color These are the things people are asking for and in one complete package,now we want to hear the one and only name to buy enter name here -> (________) LOL not so easy ? hopes and dreams are dashed
  7. I'd be suss on how thickness testing is getting done by anyone. I can understand how spooling up a 1000 reel with thin line is important being able to get on as much as possible,compared to 25/30lb braid going into 4/5000 size spool.Some room for allowance in sizes won't hurt. Sure is different to the older days before braid where we would grab a rod and reel with mono and actually go fishing.Now it's all hi-tech fishing with a keyboard.
  8. My number one priority in a line is how close is the breaking strain to what's rated on the box.Also how much better up and above will it break to what's written on the box. e.g. 20lb line breaking at 38lb as seen on some line breaking tests on selected brands As i have seen KK 20lb breaks closer to 27lb,power pro breaks closer to 38lb,these are things to be considered including what's the purchase price of the line and how fussy is the user. If a 20lb line breaks at 20lb then you have got what you payed for,if it breaks at a higher rating then that's a bonus.
  9. Some saying KK is thicker,it could be compared to some braid on the market Power Pro 20lb - 0.23mm KastKing SuperPower 20 LB - 0.18mm Power Pro 30lb - 0.28mm KastKing SuperPower 30 LB - 0.25mm
  10. Most of my reels have kastking or spiderwire,both have served me well
  11. If you have a large spool with lots of line on it then your unlikely to get down the the used braid,smaller spool may have a different outcome