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  1. The guy is sending dick shaped objects to his EX-girlfriend's Ex-husband with a note telling him to "s**k his d**k". That's weird. If he had sent it to a woman, I guarantee nobody would object to his being arrested and charged with harassment. She would probably be granted a PFA.
  2. So you wanna clean up bugs AND salt. Go for it.
  3. These guys didn't get caught with any drugs anywhere.
  4. Just confirming. Again...good shoot...stab... whatever. Home by Labor Day.
  5. So let me get this straight. The 'caribinieri" who got killed was coming to the rescue of the drug dealer that got bested by the two Americans he was trying to rip off? Good shoot.
  6. Think that sounds gay? I like to imagine Firinne looks like Mike Ehrmantraut, a former Philly cop in Breaking Bad. Coolest old man on the planet. (Mike - not Firinne)
  7. Pedalsformedals???? Is that you??? Lol!!!
  8. He who smellt it dealt it.
  9. Tom Petty
  10. Yep. Frank Ocasio-Cortez (FOC) to the rescue!
  11. John Stewart the comedian, right?
  12. Decent actor. Nothing more, nothing less. Too many people equate him with the characters he portrayed.
  13. Yeah, I'm not getting this trend of taking a supposedly awesomely juicy ribeye and soaking it butter either. But to each his own I guess.
  14. The subject being pizza, a certain someone will be along shortly to advise all of you in no uncertain terms that you are all WRONG! Mark my words. Words marked here just in case.