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  1. The looters and rioters are not firebombing peoples' homes. How would one "stand his ground" against a firebomb anyway?
  2. As was his employer to fire him when he chose to make his personal statement/protest on company time.
  3. I prefer using the Mustad Fastach in freshwater, which reminds me that my supply was getting low last weekend and I need to reorder. Last time the larger sizes were hard to come by, but if I'm using anything longer than 4-5 inches or heavier than 1-1.5 ounces I'll use the TA clips.
  4. It takes a FAMILY to raise a child! It takes the village to eff him up entirely.
  5. Yes, the pole barn is 20 ft. Lol! I'd need some seriously magic beans to need a 20 ft. bean pole. I've got some good size mirrors laying around so I might give it a shot. Assembling a 10' X 20' greenhouse for my wife this weekend though, so it will have to wait a while. At least until I get some more fishing in.
  6. Here's what may seem like a strange question. Does anyone know if mounting a mirror on the roof of my pole barn (approx 20 ft. high) to direct the afternoon sun's rays to a shaded area work to provide "sunlight" to growing plants?
  7. *
  8. I used to enjoy "Michener's" novels (he actually had a paid staff to do most of the work for him). My favorite was probably Space, with Chesapeake a close second just because I live in the area. When I grew up I realized his novels are the literary equivalent of Hallmark Channel movies. Okay if you're into that though.
  9. 1. The rednecks were legally allowed to perform their citizen's arrest without having witnessed the crime was because the crime the dead guy was suspected of committing was a felony. 2. The rednecks did not intend to kill or even harm the dead guy when they made first contact with him or they would have shot him on the spot immediately. 3. The only reason the dead guy got shot was because he attacked the redneck and tried to steal the shotgun in his hands so he could turn it on the redneck and kill him. Self defense. Case closed.
  10. A waste of $$ and counter space.
  11. Wow! That's one heck of a comeback! The whole world thought Kim Jong-Il died of a heart attack on December 17, 2011. That was one epic hooker and blow binge!
  12. No doubt some TDS-addled fool will purposely poison themselves in hopes they can blame their stupidity on their President.