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  1. So, back to the big question. How did you know the individuals you saw were in this country illegally?
  2. I've never heard anyone in their later years say "Damn I wish I hadn't saved so much money!". Unless you had children so late in life that you'll likely die before or not long after they complete their studies, bite the bullet and save for it. If they don't need it, than you can start living better than expected!
  3. I'm not supporting or ridiculing the laws, just stating that they do exist out there. Ridiculous? Probably not to the folks and legislators who saw fit to bring the law about. Unnecessary? See above. Unenforceable? Not exactly, but do you only follow laws you deem to be enforceable? My guess is that they want to discourage hoarding and waste of fish. I'm sure it's an issue in some places. They probably just want you to keep an amount of fish you can be expected to consume in a reasonable amount of time. Need more? Go catch more.
  4. What are you laughing at? From the laws of the first state I checked, Wisconsin, where I have a home.
  5. I guess there may be a difference between a "possession" limit and a "daily creel limit" also. Enforcement of either is a whole different matter. How many people do you think go out and catch a limit in the morning, go home, then go back out catching more in the afternoon?
  6. Used to be a guy going around here punching nazis in the face. Whatever happened to him?
  7. So it's no longer okay to be a dick in here?
  8. MY hypothesis? I'm not a life insurance company. I don't need to justify what life insurance companies do. Only they do - to the Departments of Insurance for the states in which they wish to sell life insurance. Apparently, they have presented the "empirical evidence" you so richly desire to the regulators in order to be able to legally charge potheads more for life insurance than others.
  9. Gee, thanks for clarifying the difference between the two Captain Obvious. Can't slip anything by you I see. No harm no foul? You're handing out fouls now? You're about to make me do something I had no intention of just to check you.
  10. Awww jeez ya buncha Mary's! The poor little doggie wasn't hurt in the making of this gif. Love the look on his stupid little face at the end though!
  11. Yeah, I just threw the bridgeworker thing in there without thinking about it too much. Used to be the highest WC class out there. So, for the benefit of our listeners, how about being a pothead? You think being a pothead will/should increase your life insurance premiums?
  12. Nope. It's Life Insurance 101. If your health or lifestyle lend to you dieing earlier than someone else of the same age, you're going to pay more in premiums. WTF don't you get about that?
  13. What exactly is your objective? If you want life insurance all you have to do is pay the premium for someone in your age/mortality bracket. If you smoke weed, chances are you'll die earlier than the average guy who doesn't. So, you just pay more. If you don't want to pay more, quit doing things that are likely to make you die earlier. No different than sky diving or being a bridge worker.
  14. I've been told the possession limit even applies after you're home and your catch is filleted and tucked away in the freezer. If there are more fish in there than the combined limits of all licensed or exempt household members you're in violation.