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  1. Pence-Barr 2024
  2. And if I could have ANY American car from the 70's, it would be either Straight out of Phantasm - 71 Cuda OR 70 Mach 1
  3. I just realized that the three cars I've owned from the 70's were from Chrysler, GM and Ford but they were all essentially the same vehicle. (Don't miss any of them one bit, either) None mine in pics, but close. 75 Pontiac LeMans 79 Cougar 79 Cordoba
  4. I'm taking my sons on a Spring Break road trip. On Easter Sunday we'll be at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. We'll head to Dayton from there and spend the next day at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. After that, we head 8 hours northwest to our place in central Wisconsin for a few days of fishing. Good times.
  5. I don't understand what's so hard to understand about it. There were some fine people simply marching to save the statues and there were some real douchebags marching to save the statues and promote their hateful ideology. At the same on "the other side" there were some fine people marching to have the statues removed and some douchebags marching to have them removed and promote their own intolerant ideologies.
  6. Wear the suit to both your interview and your current gig. Tipping your hand to your employer about an interview isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it wakes them up to how valuable you really are to them. Of course, if you are a worthless slacker it probably won't turn out well for you. There is that.
  7. Never seen the "Pepe the Frog" anywhere other than here, but the tizzy it sends some posters into is absolutely hilarious! Definitely worth the price of admission!
  8. What was damaged, who owns it and is it insured?
  9. Clearly, banks cannot be entrusted to choose the correct people and organizations to lend to. Let's see, whom would a Democrat look to to make those decisions? Hmmmmmm.....Thinking........Thinking........
  10. but, but, whistles
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again even though I'll catch a ton of crap for suggesting it. If you want to get rid of most of the posers driving on during the summer months, make alcoholic beverages illegal on DSSP beaches. I enjoy a cold beer on a hot day as much as the next guy but would gladly sacrifice it to have a less crowded, less intoxicated atmosphere for me and my sons to fish in.
  12. Does a store which relies upon the sale of jerseys and sneakers to stay afloat really have the right to call itself a sporting goods store anyway?
  13. So I guess it's a foregone conclusion that the SOP after every change of POTUS now will be to immediately assemble a special investigation to find something, anything which can have the slightest chance of making the president look bad at worst or lead to impeachment at best?
  14. If the smokey flavor is what you're after but you don't want to sacrifice an expensive single malt to make a mixed drink, try this but consider the sweetness it adds compared to scotch.
  15. By saying the Dems may declare a national emergency with regards to gun violence/gun control when they hold the WH, Pelosi may have just signed the death warrant for any possibility of a Dem president for the foreseeable future.