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  1. Mono, are you sure the $140 charge you are referring to was not for on-the-water boat towing coverage as opposed to on-the-road trailer assist coverage?
  2. So what's the date? No sense in waiting. Chop-chop! If you're committed to getting married just do it. No fancy wedding needed. Or do you both just like the idea of being engaged and the attention, parties and gifts that come with it? Nothing wrong with that, but it's best to be honest with yourselves about it and save a ton of money if you don't really need the whole "fairytale wedding" experience.
  3. For deer, I've shot whitetails as close as 50 yards, mule deer out to 300 yards and pretty much everywhere in between using ballistic tip ammo in either my 7mm Rem Mag or 270WSM. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip to be exact. Most dropped where they stood and none went more than a handful of yards. The accuracy of those rounds in my rifles contributed greatly to bullet placement, though. Short of moose, elk and bear I can't think of anything I'd use something different on in North America. And it wouldn't take much convincing for me to use them on bear, which really aren't that hard to kill (unless you're talking about head shots).
  4. If SiM were here he'd tell all of you that if you like the taste of fluke/flounder then you just don't like the taste of fish!
  5. Okay. Then how many completely healthy babies delivered and lying on the table are going to SURVIVE outside the womb without some support and caring?
  6. It's been a long time since I've been in elementary school, or any school for that matter, but I have an excellent memory and have absolutely no recollection of my "heterosexual parents" being mentioned much less discussed. They were simply "my parents" or, if we were only talking about one of them, "my mother" or "my father". Never ever discussed their sex, sexuality or gender. Why doesn't that work any more?
  7. $14.99/lb. = jacked up with chemicals to make them absorb water to increase the weight. Try searing them in a pan and by the time one side is done the water has released and your now boiling/steaming them. And they're now half the size they were when you started.
  8. My employer has several positions open in the RI, NY, NJ areas. With 20 years in the business you'll have a lot of directions you can go - underwriting, auditing, claims and more depending upon your experience, education and training. Lots of potential for working remotely too. If you change your mind and want to stay in the industry, send me a PM and I'll link you up.
  9. The runner that got popped probably cracked a joke about someone the puncher new. A violent reaction is perfectly acceptable for that now, even commendable. It would have only been a slap know....................punchee white. They probably gave him an award at the end of the race.
  10. I'm a big fan of Laphroaig, but if you really want smoke you gotta go with Caol Ila. It's actually too smoky for me but you might like it.
  11. There's only one guy on this site who can rival him in taking a thread and making it about himself.
  12. So where outside of China did this plane crash and what other countries did it crash outside of???
  13. Reminds me of SiiM complaining about having to pay extra for garlic on his pizza. Not garlic powder. Fresh garlic that they had to spend time purchasing, peeling, slicing/ chopping, whatever. Just flat out did Not think he should pay for it. Otherwise, the pizza was great (to SiM), but he wouldn't buy it if he had to pay for the garlic. Miss that guy.