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  1. When you consider how far off the numbers were, no. Not saying there wasn't any effect but it wasn't the primary reason. All you have to do is look in parts of the country that delayed putting the lockdowns/SD edicts in place. Their rates reduced and curves flattened in the same way over the same period of time. It was like magic.
  2. If you really think that the numbers were reduced by the factors that were forecast over about a two week period of "social distancing" then I have a ditch that cuts across Cape Cod to sell you. The numbers were wrong from the beginning and they were wrong in real time. Wildly wrong.
  3. I'm certainly not disappointed, and I really don't think anyone here is. I am very disappointed (not nearly a strong enough sentiment need a thesaurus) that we have nuked our economy over this and are still listening to the people who were all in on this model as to how to proceed form here. That's all.
  4. @DoorGunner 's neighborhood?
  5. Tim, the model was a wild overestimation. Every one of these predictions included full mitigation/ social distancing etc. To say now that “the numbers aren’t as high because we all followed orders.....” is patently ridiculous. It wasn’t going to happen.
  6. The model that started this panic is now predicting that it will kill less in the US that what the usual runs of influenza do in any give year, including this one. Facts are what they are. It is a virus, not good. The overreaction to it, much worse.
  7. FWIW, 27 minutes ago. Sounds like we might have some decisions soon:
  8. Like Tom, bar. Also shoot some trap & sc. Probably in that order.
  9. “Some” businesses?
  10. If they don't open these effen hair salons soon I'm gonna go start my own thread in the memorial.
  11. The coast here got smacked last Thursday with a storm like this, it wound up in the GOM north of you guys and ko'd power to like 250K. As of yesterday there were still people out. And now here comes this one.
  12. They should be turning them into unemployment offices.
  13. He’s an officious bureaucrat who is wrong more than he’s right and has never missed a paycheck in 50 years of government employment and therefore has zero ****s to give about the living hell his **** advice has wrought upon the average American. Birx isn’t much different, just a tad more dramatic. Both have served the country poorly here and should be dismissed.
  14. No idea Dave, I only own the house I live in but for the hell of it will ask a friend who’s into real estate when I see him. The property taxes here vary wildly depending on the zip code, moreso than most places imo. Was gassing up in town next to a dude last week, he had NY plates on a fairly new Escalade that was probably worth at least half of most of the average hillbilly shacks in this sleepy burg. Joked with him about opening the lake house early, we both chuckled and rolled eyes (he actually looked nervous til I broke the ice lol). I would make a significant bet that he’s paying a lot more in property taxes here than me.
  15. Going forward not gonna tolerate any **** from the tough guy 2A Molon Labers who’ve folded up faster than a China made lawn chair in the face of this hysteria. We either have this piece of paper or we don’t. All of it.
  16. That’s it, thanks and yes un****ingbelievable. Thanks for that site too, tried to save it through Dropbox, didn’t work so I simply cursed out Tim and opened another beer.
  17. There’s a gif on twitter showing the historical US weekly unemployment claims in thousands, seasonally adjusted. For the life of me I can’t copy here (Tim hates twitter). The moving pic a great way to get peoples attention who have no idea his quickly this **** is getting real and how nothing like it has ever happened before.
  18. The thing about this pending economic failure is there really isn’t anything to compare it to. This has never happened before. I’ve stopped reading stuff from the big financial insiders, especially the Fed types who have the keys and know where everything is buried. They are all scared chitless.
  19. Togue country, nice lol.
  20. So Florida it hurts.