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  1. Trying to explain things like “federal taxes” and “rebates” to free-stuffing Progs is a futile exercise.
  2. Unbelievable, not even an injury. Miracle.
  3. Tucker is having him on tonight. That might get interesting.
  4. An organized protest forming in Lansing MI, supposedly thousands on their way to tell Governor Braun Whitmer what she can do with her lockdown orders.
  5. Funny how the corrections of the hysterically wrong reporting don’t get nearly as much attention as the original hysterically wrong reporting. Not even worthy of the emergency beacon emoji...
  6. It's a pretty awkward reference even for him, but the best I could come up with is that he is comparing himself to Bligh who was ultimately acquitted and vindicated. Equally amusing how the hysterical doctor there doesn't know the actual story.
  7. Roasting squirrels and doggies on sticks and buying gold!!!
  8. Not just in NY either.
  9. Get back to your bong Cheech.
  10. Wait until the studies come out showing that the virus is primarily transmitted by long term exposure and not casual contact in a supermarket or anywhere else and that the quarantines were the worst possible strategy.
  11. DOL says the ue claims number is just under 17 million over the last three weeks. All of those jobs probably aren’t gone forever but no one really knows much of anything about that at this point. We’ve never been down this path before. New numbers out Thursday.
  12. Bob, the dullards in the Main could use some your helpful “guidance” please sir...
  13. Dipchit moonbat here just extended the shutdown to 5/15. Don’t think it will stay in place that long but she has no ****ing clue what she just did to thousands of business owners who are hanging on by a thread and thought they were just seeing some light here.
  14. She’s 32 in that pic.
  15. Yes because kids have always thrived in families with jobless parents. Always remembered Pop telling me how awesome it was growing up in the ‘30’s.
  16. Agree with with everything here Terry except your unemployment number. It is easily twice that, likely much more. Anyone who thinks we’ve seen anything remotely like this is kidding themself.
  17. There is a movement afoot there now to recall Obergruppenfuhrer Frau Vhitmer. Maybe half million signatures so far. Hopefully this pitiful display will sink her VP aspirations. But I doubt it.
  18. No member in the history of the Tavern has achieved scroller status faster than bouncy tits Karen. The av carried him longer than it should’ve.
  19. Never gets old....
  20. Oh it changed a lot of things. Here’s one (a pretty big one):
  21. Because the numbers were never real...the models were telling everyone that the hospitals were going to be overrun etc. but in reality... again in real time...this wasn’t happening. Birx herself said in a briefing about two weeks ago something like “the data in the models doesn’t match the reality on the ground” and this was not long after the NY lockdown had started. There’s no way the mitigation efforts could have changed anything.* And now that it’s all blown up and even Cuomo is talking about when we can reopen they’re all patting each other on the back for the “success” of the shutdown. *If you still think it did I’ll toss in one of the bridges on the ditch deal.
  22. I really don’t think you understand that the models were off by miles and had social distancing factored into them. It is the only reason why you could possibly be asking these questions.