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  1. On the same day she's pulling this **** Nance quietly deleted this idiotic clip from all her socials, like it never happened. Can't make this crap up:
  2. Let's say some of these states decide to open back up tomorrow, you just know we're still going to have these power drunk nanny-state Governors who will still demand that this social distancing **** remain in place. How's that gonna work? "OK you may now open for business but you can only have x amount people in your place of business based on your square footage and oh ya you'll need you'll need to pay someone to count heads all day." Try running a restaurant, bar or any other enterprise that was based on a pre-virus business model consisting of asses in barstools, tables and general foot traffic etc. Most of these hacks have no idea how the world outside of government functions.
  3. The MA thread is boiling. Food shortages...mask shaming...mask-makers wishing slow painful corona death on are favorite culinarian...red buttons galore.... apologies flying...
  4. Anyone who thinks that this shutdown is sustainable for much longer (talking days here) either isn't paying attention or feeling any pain (yet) or both. Betting Trump makes a move this afternoon. His last words as he walked off yesterday were something like "big day tomorrow..."
  5. Number of jobs created over the last ten years since the last recession wiped out in four weeks. Unbelievable.
  6. Unfortunately the chicken littles (many of whom are in positions of authority) are going to make all of us learn the answer to this the hard way. Don't see any way of stopping it now.
  7. There's a theory that the DOL/state systems can only process ~5-6 million claims in a seven day period. The weekly announcements since the slide started seem to bear this out (just talk to anyone who has tried to file). The real number is very likely worse than this.
  8. Of course it's a virus. The reaction (overreaction) to it is based 100% on fear. Fear that was built and continues to be stoked every day on some very flawed data.
  9. Easy? We are in the process of destroying a 20 something trillion dollar economy and the resultant damage will be far more harmful to our society than this bug that likely won't even kill as many citizens as the various strains of influenza in any given year. British? No, American. Big difference (at least there used to be). And as such my rights don't end where your fear begins. Stay in with your Lysol if that it your wish but a lot of us are going back to work.
  10. Almost didn't make it past "Family Murphy" but couldn't stop reading, it's like a slow-motion car wreck. Big Dog on Campus Josh..."co-captain of the varsity soccer team." And "Our hearts were with Germany...." Ya, no **** Himmler. Every year around Christmas Howie Carr does dramatic readings of Christmas cards that the Beautifuls send to each other (his listeners send in to him). Exactly the same kind of ****, hilarious.
  11. Funny how fast the whole “between a patient and their doctor” sacrament gets flushed down the chitter when it doesn’t involve removing “pregnancy tissue” (which also gets flushed, or sold) or anything Trump. Bet your ass dangerous.
  12. A drug that’s been administered to children and pregnant women for decades is too dangerous to give to people that are outside the risk ranges of it who are in the process of checking out over this thing. Because Trump. Got it. Can’t make this **** up.
  13. First time I’ve ever really heard him, now I know why you guys talk about him the way you do, brutal. Mine’s not much better btw.
  14. Saw her a couple weeks ago in jeans in one of these from-home reports, doesn’t look like that anymore. Still gorgeous of course, age is cruel.
  15. Not her, Shannon Bream.
  16. China isn’t responsible for what Bloomberg publishes. Although Bloomberg loves him some Chicomms.
  17. “Above my pay grade” in response to “why did you suspend the constitutional rights of the citizens of your state?” is gonna be an outstanding opening statement in the future lawsuits.
  18. You ever seen a full shot of her? Gigundus ass, it’s a tragedy. Jillian Mele (early am) and Emily Campano (floats, weekend and the 5) are the current Fox leadoff hitters.
  19. That’s one helluva governor you got there Jersey.
  20. Second wave lol. How many thousands of percentage points will the IMHE model prediction be off for that?
  21. Yup. Dartmouth days together, think they were engaged at one point. Pretty sure DD got Ann too.
  22. Dinesh D’Souza got it in.