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  1. Pretty sure what Plum said, on or near Rowes Wharf, late 70’s early 80’s. That’s the tower at Logan just across the harbor there, lower left.
  2. RIP Bob. No one fought harder or with more courage and dignity. Best to his family, Bob's mere internet presence left a such a mark here, can't imagine the grief they're dealing with today.
  3. Hello sir. Yes, very quiet. The Karen’s won, this place will stay quiet for some time. Hope you’re well.
  4. I’d rather shovel **** all day while be forced to eat Maine “Italian subs” chased with warm Moxies than paint any ****ing thing. Hang in there good sir.
  5. Andrew McCarthy brought up another stunning hypocrisy from this brain dead ***t today. In his final days he pardoned his “favorite general” for...wait for it.... Lying to the FBI. He plead guilty to leaking classified information re the Iran nuclear program and was on his way to prison. Twitter link so no bueno but google up the story headline below. You can’t make this **** up.
  6. So happy to look in here and see your av Bob. Love ya man, no homo. Hang in there.
  7. I’ve been in the “they’ll never really get these ****s” camp for a long time until this week and the Flynn dismissal. Now look what another completely innocent guy who got railroaded in this (and was actually put in a cage because of these same treasonous cowards) is saying...
  8. Beautiful dismantling of this ****ing moron’s constitutional legal musings here by Jonathan Turley. Lol:
  9. Actually the FBI originally dropped the Flynn case (after investigating him) and Mueller’s politicalized hack operation re-started it and ultimately charged him. But whatevs.
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