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  1. Excellent Bob.
  2. ^^Was just gonna post this.
  3. EEI had famed sports attorney Harry Manion on this morning and he said its very likely he won’t even get convicted of anything. https://weei.radio.com/blogs/john-tomase/robert-kraft-prostitution-arrest-harry-manion-tells-mc-theres-98-percent-chance
  4. Forgot to mention that I heard Howie Carr say on Friday (he also has a place in that area), that it was pretty well known in those circles that Kraft has dodged a few bullets along these lines over the years. He wasn’t bad-mouthing Kraft, he actually likes him and was bummed about the whole mess.
  5. The black pepper grinding or lack thereof is my guidepost
  6. I'm still way more pissed at him for throwing Brady overboard and giving up the deflategate fight.
  7. Which just adds to the stupid here.
  8. Rookie questioning Det A. Sharp's work. Kraft must've **** his pants when the cops pulled him over on his way out. He also must have known this was coming down the road on him.
  9. Weymouth. The jewel of Route 3.
  10. Ahem....cough....cough...
  11. And the one above, cryptic indeed. Might be time to turn boB loose on this case.
  12. Dick Cabela pretty much invented the outdoor sports catalog business from his kitchen table in 1961. There were many reasons for the buyout, catalog mailings weren’t one of them.
  13. Profile says he’s only been gone since Thursday around noon. Why is 7#’s working the beads already?
  14. Kraft seems pretty rattled by all this. Yesterday he jetted off to LA to party with a bunch of swells at some pre-Oscar tailgate equivalent parties.