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  1. Outstanding.
  2. Yes. That all men aren’t really men.
  3. Tim will be with you in a moment. Or two.
  4. Damn dude, good luck. Not derailing anything btw, please keep us posted.
  5. My name is Scallywag and I have a problem.......
  6. Thank you Mayor. Let him enjoy the pleasures of a routine colonoscopy without the application of such medication from his high horse. Or end stage cancer. Or any one of dozens of crippling ailments.
  7. Good ******* lord what womenly drama.
  8. His fist simply “travelled” into her face.
  9. That’s the thing, I simply refuse to believe that you, even in your young crazy(ier) days would lay a hand on an eleven year old (Dingus too). Even if it was one of them.
  10. Hard to believe you have to say it.
  11. Early Lib talking wailing points....."Trump leaked a classified CODEL trip....!!!!" No idea if such trips are classified but it's coming.
  12. You can just see the grin growing across Trump's face as he was signing that.