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  1. Objection!
  2. There’s one.
  3. ^^ Speak of déclassé and step in it.
  4. You can’t afford my retainer.
  5. Frank* better watch his step in here this week as I plan on at least one of them coming in high and tight on his grill.
  6. All I know Ernie is that my new goal for the week is to use “déclassé” in at least five posts.
  7. Lol
  8. Why is Tom sending me ‘a googling on a Sunday?
  9. You sonofabitch, I was starting to type.
  10. Ya, wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the youth and resident opener deer got shot on Friday afternoon.
  11. Saturday was youth day (my buds son missed a giant at 60 yards at last light yesterday), but yes people do suck. And I’m about ready to go all Buddhist monk over this Sunday bull****.