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  1. Such a **** post here. You wag your finger and accuse one of the most respected members on this site of making a racist post and then shuffle away? Horse****.
  2. Get a load of this ****. Apparently some Chinese company is one the major producers of the movie and look what they made them change so as not to “offend” Chinese viewers....
  3. That's an insult? It's called a counter opinion. You should stick to your YouTube conspiracy vids.
  4. Yes, been a big fan of his since I was a kid, used to devour all of his columns in Peterson's. My list would consist mostly of bird guys, George Bird Evans, Gene Hill, Michael McIntosh, Frank Woolner. Phil Robertson too, the only one still with us.
  5. Racist my ass. Jim knows of what he speaks.
  6. Go to HowieCarrShow dot com and listen to the podcast he put up for the 50th anniversary, a great summary and it includes the archival recordings of the infamously ridiculous lies Teddy whipped up in the immediate aftermath. It's only 20 minutes and is outstanding.
  7. Best SF.
  8. Damn, sorry bud. RIP Gup.
  9. Red absolutely tipped the guy for his tramp stamp.
  10. If the Progs continue with this “everyone is a bigot/racist!!!” bull**** then Trump is gonna win ‘20 by an ‘84 Reagan-like margin. Here’s hoping.
  11. It just hit me...Tim is approving hateful-wishing-death posts. Things are looking up here.
  12. If he rants at me let it fly. I fired him as a client.
  13. Atta boy. Get this thing back on track.