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  1. Before the internet and cell phones, we used to catch fish, you just had to find them yourself. After all , the hunt is part of the experience.
  2. At the very least it should be catch and release only until May 15th to give the bass a chance to spawn up river.
  3. If your not a good enough fisherman to find fish on your own by putting in the time and the effort, then I guess you have to chase reports to get a fish. I miss the old days before cell phones and the internet.
  4. Still killing the breeders, makes no sense.
  5. Cheeckokoe, it is very obvious that you don't know what you are talking about and just looking for an argument, I have been fishing that area since the mid 1960's and don't need to parrot anybody. I have seen the destruction caused by the ACOE first hand. At this point, I won't wast anymore time dealing with you on this issue.
  6. Cheeckakoe, I guess you haven't been to the areas I mentioned. We used to catch a lot of fish off the walls in those towns, now it takes a good cast to reach the water from the wall. Do you think you could find zobels or jarvis jetties now? The beach replenishment began in 1995 and Sandy was in 2012, 17 years after the sand pumping began. Not only is most of the structure that could be seen now covered over, so is what used to be a rocky bottom. The ACOE changed into a shallow sandy desert.
  7. You might want to take a look at Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach, Long Branch.
  8. Thank Frank Pallone he's been pushing for Federal money to keep replenishing the beach for years. I love the fact that he is pictured standing next to a jetty. Must have been taken before it was removed or covered with sand.
  9. He's no friend of the fisherman
  10. 23 or 24 pounds, seen way too many so called 30 lb. fish hit the scale at 23 lbs.
  11. This is New Jersey so I know you can't be serious.
  12. IMO some of those weights seem way off, for instance a 24 inch fish weighing 7 lbs. How the length was determined could make a big difference, is that fork length, mouth closed, pinched tail or IGFA over the fish?
  13. Back when it was legal, I kept 2 of the bass I caught in a peanut blitz, a 38 inch and a 37 inch fish. Laying side by side the 37 inch fish looked much bigger than the 38 inch fish. When weighed at a tackle shop, the longer fish weighed 18 and 1/4 pounds and the much fatter 37 inch fish weighed 21 pounds.
  14. Most surf fishermen I know don't carry buckets and usually don't bait fish, they go find and catch fish by walking and casting rather than using a boat and a fish finder.