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  1. Looking for some new Storm Sand Eels at a good price, prefer pearl but will consider other colors. Let me know what you have.
  2. Final price reduction, $15 shipped or back to the rotation.
  3. Price reduction $17 shipped.
  4. 3 lightly fished swimmers,a sand eel SP Minnow Bullet , a chicken scratch Bomber Long Shot 6 and a burple SP Minnow. No splits and no paypal. Check, cash or money order. $19 shipped.
  5. Closed
  6. The lot consists of 5 swimming plugs. The top 2 are new in package and the bottom 3 are lightly fished. Check,cash or money order, no paypal and no splits. Can be seen and/or picked up near Sandy Hook N.J. $34 shipped The wooden swimmer is blue on the top and the bottom SP is burple.
  7. Yep, did that same stretch late last year. Guess they haven't quite killed the fishing just yet.
  8. You got it, pm me with a time and place to meet.
  9. WTS Asbury Park Fishing Club license plate. Never used, limited number produced. Check, cash or money order, no paypal, $25 picked up in Northern Monmouth County or $33 shipped.
  10. I was under the impression that a law was passed to allow fishing access on new or re-built bridges in N.J.
  11. All that structure is bad for fishing.
  12. Make it a total catch and release fishery for the next ten years, then reevaluate the regulations with current data to determine what is a sustainable catch and keep limit
  13. Wade the water at low tide looking for holes and troughs and watch the water at high tide seeing not only how the water comes in but how it backs out. Takes time to learn and that's part of the enjoyment.
  14. A number of years ago, I was fishing a certain lot in Sandy Hook and catching a few bass every day. Most mornings I had the place all to myself and being tight lipped I wanted to keep it that way. On an early Saturday morning I saw another guy fishing the same lot, I caught several bass, never did see the other guy hook up. Later that day, I was looking at SOL and noticed a post in the report thread that stated fish being caught at that certain lot in the park. Needless to say, the next morning the lot was packed and that continued for about a week. Part of the fun is the hunt, not chasing reports. The old saying is true, those that can, do, and those that can't chase reports.
  15. RIP sad to hear, was a friendly, enthusiastic fisherman.