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  1. And the Winner is # 117, OLDHUNTER , Congratulations, I'll PM ya.
  2. Ok, that's it...Closed at #125, I'll random generate #'s 2- 125....
  3. "Penn shills on here will say it is your fault for not reading the website correctly." I've been on this site for a while now, and only came across good people who try and help others. I don't recall any " Shill's" here. Stick around a bit... You'll see.
  4. Ok, haven't had one in a while.. simple "I'm in" is good.. I'll do a random number generator Saturday night ( if I remember ). Thank you Tim S., Great place you have here !!
  5. I'll take the eel's for $27
  6. No mention of it in FLA forum...need rst3 from R.I. on this.
  7. Anybody ever try using the "drop shot" (freshwater) method. I haven't yet, but am gonna give it a try. I can't see why it wouldn't work off the beach in relatively calm to moderate seas. Fish it slow with light taps to make it dance a bit. Tough to get a picture, but here ya go...
  8. Hey fish-on, would you do $30. Shipped (NY)for the used spool, imediate PP
  9. I'll take it....nice color
  10. Any interest in splitting, I would be interested in 1/2 of lot 2 (9pcs.) Also the 6- 1-1/2 oz. in lot one . I would offer $45. Shipped.
  11. What is the rod you have now ?, Maybe it's a good rod for the canal and you can just get a reel and save some cash for lures and the like.
  12. Morning Don B, your right and when I read this it hit me, it was Ken was close.