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  1. Bilsteins..
  2. Just to be clear on # 2, there is a small ding in the left side plate right above the Abu emblem, zoom in.. Yes, I can do $70... USPS is ok, whatever works for you.
  3. They all cast well, I used them for chunking, mostly upper Hudson River. I Never cast plugs with it, if that's what your asking.
  4. Good suff, just don't go getting smitten with plovers.
  5. I can do that.
  6. Congratulations on the house. One of the things I did for a work area was I went to home Depot and found a returned kitchen counter top for cheep. Built it up on some 2x's. Then a friend had some kitchen cabinets, so I added them for storage. A little here n there..turned into a decent little shop. Add more electrical outlets/ receptacles, and lightning before you start. Good luck, have fun!
  7. What about this Berkley Gorilla braid, Jimmy Z is talking about, a few threads down from here. Sounds like it's pretty tough stuff.
  8. Swedish Abu 7000/7500 Penn 525 Daiwa sealine slh 20/30
  9. $ ?, Think it's off to the right side, I don't see it on my phone, I only see length. Sorry if it's just me.
  10. Yes, still available
  11. I'm hoping the x4 will soften up with use like the Fireline does, maybe get some of that distance back.
  12. Very cool, hope that's in a nice frame.
  13. The loss of distance you experienced was using the x4 yes ?
  14. Haven't tried the X4 yet, but very happy with the x8 on a open sandy beach. It cast really well, and the price is right. Looking forward to trying the x4 this spring Inshore. Sounds like it's a bit more course than the 8.