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  1. There was a thread in the main forum about tins and conventional, by Cary Green. Very in-depth on bearings... lots of very good info. on ceramics..if I could figure out how to give you the link I would...but I can't. I guess search is best.
  2. Yes definitely,..I'm pretty sure Jerry has both, this one 8721 is on that parts site I told you about a while ago.. Pic. Of *8721
  3. Is your reel missing the part #'s you listed??... *5229 = rubber O ring that goes on the left side end plate, there's a Grove in the male extrusion that the cap screws to. *8720 = spool bearing cushion.. *5145 = spool centering shims (4) Give Jerry Foran a call, I think he makes an aftermarket 8720. Here's a pic. of 8720.
  4. Oops, Sorry for the wrong advise..
  5. Why not put this in the Jersey forum also?
  6. Very nice good for you. And welcome to SOL
  7. We want to meet the one you call TimS
  8. What size is the butt ? 1978 catolog says, .970 butt = x fast, medium power 1/2- 2oz. lure. 8 tip. weight 16 oz. 1979 catolog says, 1" butt = x fast medium heavy, 1-4 oz.lure. 7 1/2 tip. weight 12.7/8 oz.* From what I've read the brown lb967 was not made after 1980. Note the astrix after the weight on the 1-4 blank, couldn't find what that was there for, but that blank is 3 oz's lighter than the 1/2-2. ?? Were they made before 1978, probably. I'm just looking this up. No idea on value though.. Hope this helps.
  9. "so I'm going to look for a 2-6 ounces rod next. Any suggestions on a rod? Thanks again for all of the help." Shimano Tiralejo, 12' 2-6, awesome rod.
  10. Edited November 7 by TimS Please use "paste as plain text" or click the "remove formatting" link at the bottom of the post box when you paste something full of embedded advertising/links - thanks :-) Ok, sorry about that Tim. I had no idea. Not to sharp with computers/phones.
  11. Had some free time this afternoon, ran over to a local resivoir to do some "rubber worming", 10" black zooms Texas rigged/not pegged. Walked out to a point North side. Took a little while till it turned on, but caught a few. It was cold, real cold and windy. Had a couple good wind knots (braid) that I straightened out, but the last mess I was so cold I just called it a day. Fun though !!!
  12. How about the Tica Dolphin, UGSA11XH2C.. 6-12 UGSA11MH2C.. 3-8 Amazon, around $150.., it has gotten a lot of good reviews here and elsewhere. Not sure how close the ratings are to the top end on those rods, maybe someone here can help with that...I do have the 12 xh and that rod can cast my car.
  13. Black and Bubble gum