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  2. You are in our prayers Keith....
  3. Bought the wrong card for someone, should've bought "Metro" card. Can't return, hasn't been scratched off. $50. refill card new. $35. shipped
  4. Good morning, Is this still available?, If yes, I'll take it..
  5. Theres other outlets that sell them much cheaper than Boca...i've never delt with them..just google 3.2x10x4..Not that easy to just change spools, must be reel/year specific.... spools, axles, pinions all different on 5000 abu's...Abu will make your head spin !!! good luck !!!
  6. Not really, probably just your gearing, The reel i used in the pics. was switched to bearings and its noisy/geary. Maybe main and pinion are a little worn. 50 or so yrs. old...No plastic in these... there all a bit noisy...
  7. I did some research.... believe it or not that pearl white handle makes a difference. From what i've read , your spool shaft is a bit larger than the 3mm shaft. Your looking for 3.2x10x4 bearings.. Boca has them, a bit pricey.. but they make em.
  8. Do you have a caliper to measure the bushing?,3x10x4 fit in my reel. My shaft measures 3mm.They don't fall in loose i need to give a good push .
  9. EA, If you're going to be 8 n bait fishing with that reel you could just leave it as is. I don't think you'll loose much distance with 8 and a chunk from line slap/ rub on that top bar. Getting your thumb around the spool for a good cast ?? doable. Even casting big heavy wood lures with braided line you probably wouldn't loose to much distance. And if you leave it in place, you could always return it to a LW. You know back in the day Abu made a factory 7000 "ct" with the top cross bar on the frame. Im no Abu expert, but i would imagine this is a rare piece.
  10. Hey EA, yea it's not to bad a job, just kinda a pita using basic hand tools, drill, bench vice etc. Like anything else, ya really have to want to do it !!
  11. Here's a few homemade ct frames i did...55,65,7,7hsn. Some from draw handles some cut from solid ss bar. I have others i used aluminum bar. Just cut to size, drill and tap. I love the pre 80's reels..no plastic, just solid work horses. The drags do leave a-lot to be desired, but adding carbontex helps a bit.
  12. Are you wrapping the hook shank with thread before you insert and glue ? Get some heavier thread thicken up the shank a bit.
  13. Not sure what your building, but the reel you have, the bearings are in the spool... not the end caps...as would be with these caps... you probably have a "speed bullet " that your axle fits into and then into the cap . if thats the case my cap's probably wont help you.. as the speed bullet will not fit into my end cap. You could try and dremel out the bearing stop in my cap so the bullet fits in. But your more than welcome to have them if you think you can make them work.
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