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  1. Rub my hands all over Dolly Parton's ti... -2bigsteve
  2. I've always had good success at Men's Warehouse. Everytime I go to Men's the stupid employee insist I try on a coat that is several sizes too small. "I can't get into that 48. I'm a 62. Oh, try it on anyway. We need to see how it fits." Never fails. It happens in every store. Pisses me off! Then they insist on bringing the hem of the slacks down to the floor. I once brought in a 1960's photo of Frank Sinatra in a evening outfit and told them I wanted the hem above the top of the sole, just like in the photo, not on the floor. I get tired of sweeping the floor when I walk. I think they finaly got the point. The quality of clothing seems to be OK but their service has a lot to be desired. -2bigsteve
  3. Used to take my sister and her daughter the Chuck E. Sleeze many years ago and it always gave me a slightly creepy feeling. The food was not that good and the kids were running around screaming. A mad house. -2bigsteve
  4. Mr. Bigdeal, you hit the nail on the head! -2bigsteve
  5. Teacher (my third grade Teacher) -2bigsteve
  6. "Pussification." I like that. And to think it all started with the idea of "gun control." Now we are banning knives, box cutters, pocket knives, paper clips, paper cut-outs, sign language and anything that even looks like a weapon. That would be pens and pencil, right? "Mrs, Evans, Tommy pointed his pencil at me! Quick, LOCK DOWN!! ! How hyper-anal does this world want to get? -2bigsteve
  7. "They need to change the way they drill." Actually they will spend millions to study the problem and then debate whether there is a problem. Then nothing will come of it. Kind of like the "Blue Ribbon" panels in the US. They never come to a conclusion and solve the problem. -2bigsteve
  8. We need to ban fire. It kills people. We need a "Nanny State." Sounds like a flue fire or stacking newspaper too close to the fireplace/stove. Seen this kind of thing many times. -2bigsteve
  9. "Nanny State" here we come! How so very stupid! -2bigsteve
  10. Heat -2bigsteve
  11. I didn't see it yet but I guess he is probably seeing the end of his life coming up fast and wants to get some remaining things done as fast as he can. Poor guy. -2bigsteve
  12. 6' 5". -2bigsteve
  13. What? I can't hear you, I'm deaf in my left ear! No. I think they are a biker's way of getting attention. He's saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" They are very annoying! -2bigsteve
  14. I workout every day and watch what I eat. I'm solid muscle with no fat at 286lbs. I'm glad to see you guys getting in shape. Sure beats a heart attack! -2bigsteve
  15. He did. I heard his bowel was like a football. Probably lacking in fiber. Peanut butter does constipate. The stains may be old sweat, which darkens with age, or urine. Why did his dad keep Elvis's undies? Poor guy. He sure had a voice! -2bigsteve