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  1. Remember, it will be a very easy thing for all these brainwashed schumks to vote the United States into the slavery that is Marxism, problem is that once its here & we are all equally hungry, sitting in the dark, with no way to heat our homes, the only way to get out of it is to shoot our way out! And it won't be easy!
  2. With the Economy booming there is very high demand for well educated (Not to mention very well connected) people who work in High level Govt. jobs, In other words this Guy was Probably given an offer he couldn't refuse by some defense company Paying Mucho $$$.
  3. Have any of you guys ever been to Finland? to say the least its a very very Homogeneous society, it makes it very easy to do things like this when everyone thinks the same. Demographics of Finland From Wiki (Ethnic groups Finn 93.4%, Swede 5.6%, Russian 0.5%, Estonian 0.3%, Romani 0.1%, Sami 0.1% (2006)
  4. Guy seems worried he will end up like another Epstein!
  5. Trump gave the Iranians every opportunity, He even called off an attack that was minutes away, but like a little nipping dog that keeps harassing a much bigger dog, the Iranians got away with nipping until they didn't!
  6. Pelosi's actions are Not surprising, Everyone knows that the Democrats only use for the Constitution is back up for if they run out of toilet paper!
  7. Stop calling them Liberals, There is nothing Liberal in anything they say or do, Call them what they are Marxist, Leninists, Maoist, Communist! But please stop giving them cover by calling them Liberals!
  8. Rumors flying around that Trump has been speaking with Alan Dershowitz & the professor is itching to represent POTUS at a Trial in the Senate.
  9. Yup, If you are going to Kill your party might as well do it with the most people watching !
  10. Cherokee XJ with 33" tires, I use automatic deflators that drop the pressure down to about 10-12PSI, always better off low on the sand!.
  11. What relly happened was that Trump disrupted the Commie Deep States Ukraine Policy, The policy of giving Ukraine to the Russians on a platter, the deep state bureaucrat's have become so used to getting everything that they want without question that they have forgotten who is in charge, They knew Trump would let them know who was boss, this is why they hate Trump. For Example think how that arrogant LTC testified "While wearing his uniform" in front of Schiffs dog & pony show how "He Set Policy", A LTC Sets policy? Delusional is the word that comes to mind!
  12. As Nuts as many believe Pelosi is, She is not, Maybe a trial in the Senate where the Republicans are in charge & bring out all the Democrats S^&t Stained laundry for all to see in the light of day is how she gets her party back from the Hard Core Communist that she has been bending the knee to. Lord knows there is a ton of dirt that the R's will use this as an excuse to expose. I see no other reason for Pelosi to let Shiffy continue on his Idiots quest.
  13. Or Maybe Just Maybe, The Extremely corrupt Communist Chinese President Xi & a few of his corrupt commie buddies decided to make a quick Few Billion off of Bitcoin. But of course, in the American Leftist mind, I'm sure it will somehow turn out to be all Trumps fault!
  14. Wait, Isn't Gabbard a Russian Agent? Hillary told us she is!