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  1. anybody doing any good on flounder on the delaware side of the bay yet. Probably gonna head out tomorrow and give it a try so i was just wondering how the action was
  2. anybody getting any shad yet up in the delaware river?
  3. no sorry the one that im looking for is a newer model its black with silver letters. i can never find this rod anywhere. i have a 5'9 light action but want a 6'6 or 7 ft med-heavy bad
  4. na no wooden handle
  5. dam it wont let me post the pic i have to resize it but dont know how
  6. i got a 14 inch yellow perch a couple of weeks ago its was the biggest that i have ever seen in person didnt get a weight on it though wish i would have.
  7. wtb- abu garcia conolon classica action 7ft. med-heavy. i guess they stop making them or atleast the one i want. so if anybody has one handy let me know n please post a pic so i can see if its the one im talking about thanks
  8. nice lookin fish
  9. ok you got a deal then. i'll do it for 2000.
  10. if you will due it for 1900 i can come and get it today
  11. YEA I understand. well good luck
  12. i know its a reach but can u do 1500
  13. hate a-rod
  14. good. phillies gonna win it again this year