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  1. amigo, I just put a new question on an old thread on which you help me before

    can you help me again please?


    check the last post , please

  2. amigo ZAfisher, I totally forgot this winter project cuz I focused on boat fishing, but Im going to take it again. I was about to buy the guides but got a question firt. I dont have a problem with the LC20 guide but with the LC16, should I buy the normal LC16 guide or should I get the LC16M ? I understand that 16m size is taller than normal 16 guide, so. If I want my rod dual purpose for spinning and casting reels the 2nd guide should be 16m or regular 16?
  3. you have a PM
  4. I know you want to sell as a bundle, but Im in the market for a new controller for my kids that still play this xbox, if you ever decide to sell the accesories separatelly I can offer $35 for the 4 controllers and chargers.
  5. I can understand if you just dont like the color but if you are worried about "sending" signals to other anglers with you pink rod I would just use it and say Im testing my wife new rod or my daughter new rod, if you dont have a wife or daughter then... you have to take the guides out, sand lighty the clear coat, paint it and they buy some CPxtra from Voodoo rods to coat the paint, and of course, put the guide back again, all this if you want a decent to professional look. or for a redneck solution, just cover the guides with masking tape, paint the black with Krylon then put some clear coat from Krylon and call it a day.
  6. it was this rod ever redo again?
  7. put the epoxic on all guides and went to watch TV to another room, Im using one of those cheapo CRB dryer and completely forgot that my kids have a new cat .. yep you can imagine the rest. after 1hr on the drier the kitty found irresistable how the shiny thingies where round and around so she wanted to play, it wasnt a completely mess she just trew the support of the rod but the motor continue to spin, I didnt heard anything until went to check 2-3 hours was a long night
  8. got it compadres, so, I will forget about 1-part epoxic and next time I have a 1 guide repair I will just mix 1.5cc or 2cc max to waste the less good product. actually I have a buch of broken rod that I got on a fleamarket, I will try first on those before doing it on a customer rod thanks for your input
  9. I have some months repairing my own rods and after some local guys seen my rod repairs, now I have a bunch of rods from friends that need some guides repaired, some of the are just one-guide broken and the rest are good, some need two guides but thats it. I know the minimum quantity of epoxic that you need to mix is 3cc but I hate to waste too much epoxic when repairing just one guide, specially when the repair is done 3 in times. I normally install the underwrap, then CP, later one thin coat of epoxic, then next day install the guide and overwraps, then CP, later make a light coat of finish to the overwrap, next day a apply the 2nd and final coat of epoxic to the overwrap, for the underwrap I think I just use an average of 1cc (maybe less) and maybe same amount for the overwrap 1 coat, on the 2nd coat im bit more generous on the epoxic but never use the 3cc when repairing one guide. I dont care is the customer is paying for the epoxic I just hate to trow the unused part to the trash (maybe its just me but dont feel too good wasting good product) so, for the guys that run a rod repair bussinnes how you do it this kind of small rapairs and dont waste too much epoxic? I was thinking to try the one-part finish products as threadmaster one (which it was the topic in this thread) or maybe Lumiseal for the light coat for the underwraps and 1coat on overwraps and only use 2-part epoxic for the final coat of the entire guide wrap, but not sure how it will react because using different products on the guide, threadmaster one is water based and lumiseal is urethane based, 2-part epoxic is whole different product. PS: not that I think I will get tons of just one-guide repair jobs but it still bothers me for the next times I get this small rod jobs
  10. well, I learned pretty soon, I think depends on the thread brand or something, I did an undewrap in yellow over a black blank and with the fishing it turned dark brown (ish) the yellow thread got "transparent" and got a dark color of the blank. I already put two coats of CF (flexcoat) and later today I will put some FC finish over, to tomorrow will install the guides and overwrap in black so I think no CP is needed. thanks
  11. how much time do you wait for the CP to dry and start doing the overwrap? I wait 24hr to the light coat of FC on the underwrap to dry
  12. I read somewhere that many of new threads dont need CP and some builders also recomends no CP before FC, they give a light coat of FC just enough penetrate the underwrap then put the guides and another light coat of FC, next day they put the final coat any comments on this method? Im new on RB and did a restoration of old rod following this method with no CP, changed all guides and really liked how it ended up looking. Im using pacbay thread and bullards (voodoo) thread
  13. well, but I bet they are targeting a big fish from the beach? what do you they catch? GT? big dogtooth snapper?
  14. really old thread, but someone knows which tint this guys used to give the color to the blank before the varnish? I would love to do the same to mine, I have already a graphite rod with the stock finish and paint taken off waiting for a new paint, but I can do the same than this guy I would do it instead of painting my rod.