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  1. I'm good on plugs, I've mostly moved onto fly fishing. I be interested in oddball striped bass things for my gear room like mugs, prints, pins things like that. I picked up the board to hang on the wall, just haven't got around to grabbing the hangers. Also running out of wall space lol.
  2. I have one still in the plastic wrapper. I'd be interested in trading for other striped bass items for the cave.
  3. I'll pm ya my paypal SOLD
  4. Have the following Simms items for sale. They have just been sitting and are unused. Dry Creek Z Sling Pack Dry Creek Gear Pouch Large GTS padded packing cube Neoprene wading belt Would do the 4 together for $200 shipped in the U.S. paypal preferred. Not looking to split or looking for trades.
  5. That's the red one right?
  6. Look at the vs reels on bears den
  7. Pics added
  8. WTS Nautilus NV-G 9/10 left hand retrive. Has 225 yards of 30# blue cortland micron backing on it. Just got my daughter a new setup so recovering some funds. The reel is unused and was back up to my all black one. I have the papers for it and the box. $650 shipped in U.S. PayPal preferred
  9. Sinking Airflo polyleaders
  10. Got it, thanks
  11. That's fine
  12. Sold to tu1952
  13. Lamson Remix HD 4 with Rio Intouch Striper WF9I intermediate line and 30# Rio backing. No box, pouch or papers. Reel and line has only been used casting out back of the house and is in like new condition. $110.00 shipped in the US PayPal.
  14. Pics added
  15. Cortland compact specialty intermediate might work for you.