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  1. Will get ya some pics tonight after work
  2. Have one with box, papers and foam knob. Has the new roller and its spooled with 20lb power pro. Had it out once tossing some lures, otherwise it is like new. Can get pics tonight if interested. $150.00 shipped
  3. Yes it is. I'll PM ya my info.
  4. Would rather keep it together as it's easier and cheaper with shipping.
  5. Have a Flatlander surf belt in black. Was built to a 44" waist but has room to adjust up or down. Has his plier sheath and beltloop D ring. Also has a smart lanyard attached to the sheath. Will also toss in the ebb point leader wallet. I picked this up a bit ago and other than trying on I never used it as it's a bit over kill for my needs. $110.00 shipped for the setup PayPal preferred. Will get some pics up tomorrow.
  6. Sorry didn't get a notification that you posted. $35 is fine, I'll pm ya my info.
  7. RM Smith danny in olive 6" 2.25 oz RM Smith danny in herring 6" 2.75 oz Both have not seen water, the olive has plastic over the hook points, the herring has had the barbs crushed. $40.00 shipped for the pair, paypal preferred.
  8. $50.00 shipped for the olive and herring rm dannys with the gibbs needle.
  9. Think I'm going to hang onto the guppy, rm needle and yellow and white danny. If ya want the olive and herring danny with the gibbs needle I would do $60.00 shipped for those 3.
  10. Have the following plugs that I haven't used so making some room and funds for some I will. All have been sitting in a plug bag, none of them have seen the water. RM Smith danny in olive 6" 2.25 oz RM Smith danny in herring 6" 2.75 oz RM Smith danny yellow/white 4.5" 2 oz RM Smith sinking needle yellow 2 oz Guppy 6" 2 oz mini round belly in pearl Gibbs pro needlefish 9" 3.5 oz in black (Herring danny, yellow/white danny and yellow needle have the barbs crushed, the rest still have the pastic tubing over the hook points.) $115.00 shipped for the 6 plugs paypal preferred, but postal money order is fine too.
  11. You could treat it with alodine, but would probably be at least $30 for the smallest container.
  12. Beavertail rod and reel makes a nice MPU kit for the 704Z.
  13. Appreciate the offer, but looking for the 11'.