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  1. $200 for the rod, reel and line. Line is just a general SA 4wt line.
  2. I have this rod, it's pretty much like new as it was only used in my yard trying to teach my daughter how to cast. I'll post some pics later tonight.
  3. Going to list it locally.
  4. PM me to work out a meet up
  5. If you just want the reel, I'll ship that for $100
  6. Sorry, no
  7. Have the following combo I'd like to sell. I've used it the past two seasons a few outings each, rod and reel are in excellent condition. I rarely go trout fishing and when I do I have been focusing on the fly rod. Shimano Cardiff Ci4 1000 TFO Trout-Panfish TPS 601-1 6' UL F $150 picked up in the South Jersey area. I'm not interested in shipping, so please don't ask.
  8. Have a pair of Hatch Nomad 2 pliers with sheath and lanyard. Plies have been used to tie some leaders, otherwise like new. Will toss in the Hatch key chain. $215.00 shipped in the U.S. paypal preferred.
  9. Sorry, I ended up trading it when I didn't hear back.
  10. $65 shipped
  11. Not sure
  12. Ok, I have a spare small.
  13. Small or large?
  14. I'll pm my paypal SOLD to lurkercity
  15. Airflo cold water 10wt float, int and sink lines. 50yrd spools of 12, 20 and 30# fluorocarbon leader material. 250yrd spools of 20 and 30# cortland backing in blue. All are unused. $125 shipped in the U.S. paypal preferred for the lot.