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  1. I have a ginso knife I use it for both surf and kayak fishing. I made a leather sheath made from old leather welding gloves and glued together with Plumbing Goop. Does not rust and the simple sheath glued together with goop does not come apart. If I loose it no big deal.
  2. I'll bet that they are not really Pennsylvania residents. Probably from Lakewood. When I lived in Jackson,NJ I would see cars or trucks with out of state tags coming from Lakewood,NJ with local car dealer identification decals on the back. They use addresses for sale in other states. I once was fishing a local lake in Jackson,NJ near Lakewood and there was another car in the parking lot with Pa. Tags. When I get to the spot I like to fish at there were three adults( NO Visible License)and a couple of kids fishing.I just said hello and started fishing next to them. About a half hour latter a Conservation Officer is next to me and asks me to give him my license which was visible (back of hat). He then asked the other group adults for their licenses (they had none) and then he asks for driver license they had none and refused to acknowledge that they owned the car. He confiscates their fishing tackle plus cooler which had no value. They call their local Community Organizer who shows up later with a flat bed and hauls the car away, and they walk home. If we normal citizens with proper I.D. and in state registration for vehicle would do this we would get run up the flag pole.
  3. I have swim fins that I use for bodyboarding. I bring them with me when I'm in the Bay, Ocean or the Manasquan Reservoir.
  4. I remember years back a bass pro tournament contender was using his kids snoopy rod and closed face reel for under the docks.
  5. Where are you getting the valve stem from? I need the short small ones for small turf tires that I'm using. Actually they work pretty good deflated on sand, but I sometimes go distances on hard surfaces.
  6. Go to west marine web site and look up wire support and view the selection and prices.
  7. Try using schedule 80 PVC
  8. I used the same ammo box from Dick's and ran my two wires through a grommet . The box sits below deck and will not be exposed to water. The battery that I used is a sealed battery.The terminal block is a nice idea if using multiple applications (lights, water pump, aerator and fish finder) Yes the grommet is sealed. The ammo box does have a rubber gasket in the lid.
  9. Has there ever been a comparison of shooting through the bottom of the Kayak or over the side clean through the water. Is the clarity different on the screen?
  10. My brother-in-law and I do float downs on the Delaware and he once said,"The less is better". It is also good advice for surf launches.
  11. Yes I do have the Manta Ray 12 I have had some good and bad landings. The best landing was at night in Spring lake a few years back. I thought a couple of guys were going to take my kayak cart. They were surprised to see me . I came flying in. I did not care what wave was behind me.
  12. Your right fishing kayaks are not that maneuverable . I was mainly looking at the paddle work. I saw a video of a guy doing the same thing with a sea kayak. He problably had a fixed rudder underneath. That must be cool to ride down a wave in a kayak. I have fun doing it with a bodyboard.
  13. Found this. It is well done. These are surf kayaks but it shows how the kayaks react in the wave.
  14. I use a 3"X 3" high ABS pipe that is Duct sealed under the deck for a water bath that has held now for three years. I'm not going back to the goop or duct sealed to bottom method. I add and remove water by using a cheap turkey baster from the $ store. The duct seal is still good.