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  1. I hear you. In the process of installing seats, fish finder and trolling motor then I'm set
  2. just spent 3 hours generating a report for work and doing taxes for another 3 I'm beat!!!!!!!!!!
  3. no I think that's to far up the Neshaminy but I do plan on investigating the tidal part in the next month if I can get my jon boat together when I was much younger parents kept a boat near there and we would see monsters now and then found a dead 54 inch with about 8 lb cat stuck in his mouth under our dock maybe there some big ones still around
  4. as far as I know trout are not stocked on that stretch of creek to many musky hanging around maybe down stream they stock there's only a few places in bucks they stock musky so investigating should be able to figure it out I almost caught another yesterday at a completely different location in bucks on a different body of water he followed but didn't hit
  5. I have 5 Berkley lighting rods in various sizes about 40 bucks nicely made rods for that little coin
  6. I actually love my Berkley Cherrywood for squarebills a 25$ rod mid flex loads up nicely helps with casting control under trees and such
  7. I think these numbers are a good starting point but if generated for Florida strain or southern bass in general they could be a little high when compared to slower growing northern bass which don't have a 12 month growing cycle do to metabolism slow down from the cold
  8. caught this one today on bucks county stream first one when actually targeting them 38 inch from snout to fork in tail probably 42 if you measure from tail tip caught on custom painted black over yellow chartreuse orange belly 5 1/4 mega bass clone I painted
  9. could be 6 but I measure my bass, muskie etc from the fork to nose not sure that's how it should be done just how I do it
  10. there is an estimator online I caught a 21 inch last year I think the range was 4.5 to 5.5 I would say that's a 5 lb maybe a tad over nice fish
  11. 38 inch muskie from nose to fork today on bucks county stream 5 inch yellow black mega bass clone first one when actually targeting them
  12. this is my 7 inch muskie glider it swims perfectly and glide with hardly a twitch needed made of pvc 3 drop shot weights I got from dicks sporting goods don't remember the sizes but in the pack I use large about 1/2 inch in front of belly hook a medium slightly towards the back end of middle and the small drop weight about 1/2 inch from tail end the lure sites perfectly balanced and when retrieved the head digs a little bringing it down to about 2 ft where it glides and zig zags with no effort just a easy twitch
  13. you don't always need big flies 1996 on popular beach on the vineyard spring time they were feeding all night on 3 inch sandeels 16 fish landed from 38 to 45 inch none weight but guess some were pushing 30 lb there bellies were busting to brim filled with sandeels solid bricks don't know how they could fit one more in
  14. i did this on 6601 took the clicker out coated the empty side plate with light coat vaseline filled with epoxy popped it out trimmed up the epoxy puck to fit basically shaped like a half moon then bought 4 small pea sized neodidium magnets drilled holes in the puck piece and glued in the magnets all right next to each other maybe 1/8 inch apart when you cast and the spool spins the magnetic field will increase slowing the spool works great when I get a chance will pull apart and photo
  15. New tin boat and canoe i will be doing a lot lmb,smb, muskie and cats in that order reports will be posted. will fish the nock susy and Big D Painted up about 100 hard baits and twice as many soft plastics poured can't wait