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  1. i did middle of lighting storm rushing to put canoe on top of truck imagine others done the same
  2. really sucks lost a custom abel 3 clear anodized before he was really even doing large scale custom gift from wife at about 800$ had my name on it to you think the finder would have tried to look me up lost at parking area near penfield reef about 18 years ago
  3. here it is bill Lew is saltwater rattle trap
  4. sounds crazy but if condition with wind and waves allow black musky size spinner bait with purple Colorado blades worked for me in the bay couple times when mudded up really thumps sends out vibration also had luck on big rattle trap was about 4 inch not sure brand don't have anymore
  5. yes on the bg have two 3000's for light action
  6. cool i think i can manage that seen the commercial miter box at the hardware stores but didn't have the 10 or 15 degree angle I was looking for will customize my own thx
  7. Done a lot of sight fishing in the tropics with fly which i love but stalking stripers at night in ri and ma salt ponds where can actually wade without sinking 3 ft in the mud is pretty cool too
  8. try spraying some duster on the male section stuff comes out pretty cold or manage to get the one piece only cold use two people one on each side to twist and pull the cold should shrink the male just a hair if you freeze or heat both sections it defeats that purpose you want to expand one side while shrinking the other
  9. I don't have either of those just looking for something to hold the plug and have a premade angle cut on the jig maybe use hand saw to follow angle looking to have better reproducibility and no mess ups didn't have shop in high school so carpentry skills limited was to busy taking calc 2 etc
  10. i use the extra thick craft foam maybe 1/4 inch ? not sure if same but works cut thin lines in it holds the hooks well i can take photo later and post
  11. go to your local deer processing butcher slip a guy a 10 spot to save some for you deer season coming that's how i get mine
  12. here's a tip you can get the same flybox you show at the art or craft store glue some foam in about 12 bucks or so
  13. you can try shanks this is how I tie my popper heads on my big musky poppers use any hook you like you can get them with eye ends 90 degree offset also use split rings to change out hooks if you need
  14. i think there meant to to jig more vertically with a drop and strong snap I have copied them in plaster mold and used my own formula of plastic for stiffness so they they swim the way you might like much softer the the original
  15. looking for simple jig to cut angle for popper face keep in mind I don't have a table saw or router but do have a bandsaw and a sanding disk to attach to lathe