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  1. you don't always need big flies 1996 on popular beach on the vineyard spring time they were feeding all night on 3 inch sandeels 16 fish landed from 38 to 45 inch none weight but guess some were pushing 30 lb there bellies were busting to brim filled with sandeels solid bricks don't know how they could fit one more in
  2. i did this on 6601 took the clicker out coated the empty side plate with light coat vaseline filled with epoxy popped it out trimmed up the epoxy puck to fit basically shaped like a half moon then bought 4 small pea sized neodidium magnets drilled holes in the puck piece and glued in the magnets all right next to each other maybe 1/8 inch apart when you cast and the spool spins the magnetic field will increase slowing the spool works great when I get a chance will pull apart and photo
  3. New tin boat and canoe i will be doing a lot lmb,smb, muskie and cats in that order reports will be posted. will fish the nock susy and Big D Painted up about 100 hard baits and twice as many soft plastics poured can't wait
  4. Who cares what the pro's think there your lures this is what i do and it works and you don't need to turn just flip couple times early in cure process and hang
  5. i usually get named brands ct croix, loomis, falcon also makes nice rods most important is to match action to the lure type like crankbaits use a softer rod popping blank might have faster tip, jigging/flipping heavy butt most of the big brands have series designated to the type of lure like golf clubs i don't think there is 1 rod fits all if you want top performance/action out of the bait have to match it with what your casting take a look at the deck of a bass pro some have like a dozen rods set up to cover all the different lures they use as for reels mag most important for backlash and speed rate to the the bait type also your hand might get sore if not match up correctly to bait type usually i can find a number of reels in the 100$ range that have the mag breaking and speed ratio required lot of choices, drag less important as long as parts are available also want something light weight if your making a couple hundred cast in a day
  6. not to proud to admit i use folkart only pearls, metallics and regular paint , multiple colors available but have to thin only drawback for me. Painting 4 or 5 plugs at a time never an issue I have the thinning down to a science and it works well with etex also sometimes use markers to draw lines, gills, dots etc I use a clear matte acrylic spray can from the hobby store to prevent ink runs when applying etex
  7. i don't spin just hang for 1 hour let excess drip off flip hang for 1 hour other side than hang head up for the remainder of cure time in between flip inspect for air bubbles maybe hit with hair dryer couple spots usually comes out fine also don't bother with brush load up each side. top and bottom and use gloved finger to spread out stays thin enough that excess drips of at 70 deg also use drip hangers to help the extra flow from plug
  8. don't use that paint but do use water based acrylics I always hit the painted blank with a hair dryer for a minutes or so to make sure paint in dried all the way or at least let sit over night before etex
  9. never done it but would think go under the tail point maybe 1/4 inch from the point but under?
  10. I found these online at the big auction site unpainted and yes threw wired after paint .epoxy and hooks tad over two oz and have weight transfer if you have painting ability very cost effective
  11. just test swam these lure with different hook set up this what I recommend 3/0 4x vmc belly hook no tail hook just bucktail flag gave a s type wiggle with very good action on a pause and jerk also swam great on steady retrieve what i would use in any kind of surf 2/0 4x vmc belly and just flag for tail no hook swam with tighter wiggle did not dive as deep and pause and jerk not as good as 3/0 setup but if in calmer water and you want high floater for steady retrieve this would be the setup I think do to the position of the belly hanger center of gravity greatly affected by weight of that hook would also be good for canal setup with the extra swivel and split rings as good as any production lure you could buy if I was only using it for this purpose well worth the money and time to paint for the cows being they are also wired through proper hook and hd split rings would not loose any big fish on this plug like the factory sp minnow which you are going to have change out hardware anyway for big fish applications plus the single hook keeps some of the rats off the lure and prevents some injury to fish any kind of double hook setup tail and belly seamed to kill action tried 3/0 and 2/0 and mix of both also single inline hooks to much roll out
  12. ok that sounds reasonable maybe treat myself for x mass
  13. thanks I will have to see if I can pick up some of those paints that price is great my paint is ok for me I know some take this real seriously and do outstanding work but i'm painting and making lures to fish with and have no attachment at all to them have no fear about casting them along rocks,near trees and such if I did wouldn't fish them right plus gota make double cause son fishes with me most of the time so I make them cheap as possible
  14. 8 oz distilled water 4oz car wiper solution (the blue stuff) not windex which has ammonia which damages airbrush over time 4 oz 91% iso propyl alcohol 10 drops of glycerin( helps with flow) all available at most drug stores I pre mix (thin paint) in little plastic cups I get at wendy"s stop in once a week grab 10 or so occasionally buy a burger when I go so I don't feel to guilty mix to consistency of milk every bottle is a little different some are thicker than others so around 40 to 60 % should do if you start seeing dried up clumps chuck it and shake well once bottle has a little room in it a put a be be in it to help mix the bottle and some thinner to help keep the paint bottles from drying out don't store in really cold like garage or shed they will clump up and be useless I did that last year now work in basement on paint and turn wood in shed also I just epoxy and hang lures 70 deg seems to be perfect temp hit them with a hair dryer to pop any bubbles epoxy will level out over night and use a drip wire on tail hook eye I use x mass ball hangers to hang and drip wire
  15. had mine 2 years never a problem air brush is no name iwata clone .3 needle from china no issues yet despite using cheap craft paint