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  1. Check out the kaku Zulu my buddy has one probably best seat in the kayak world.
  2. Caught a few small stream lmb on my homemade micro chatterbaits . They have been killing this spring
  3. Wanted to take my son for some blue fish from the surf or bay will be in foot. Are there any decent size around around central jersey beaches or inlets right now?
  4. I planted strawberries in a pot last year maybe got a quart. This year the main plant survived and runners jump the pot and now have flowers all over the place. Looking forward to some strawberry jam and ice cream
  5. Yeah never thought about smallies in that spot always targeted muskies might start walking the stream more with the fly rod. I guess the big ones get washed over the dam in a flood. Had the same size one on in the lake last year but cut me off on a rock right in front of me. There's big smallies in that lake. Tons of shad to eat. Just are elusive sometimes.
  6. That may or may not be true time will tell but on a stable material like an abs plastic lure I'll take my chances . The plastic lure has no chances of absorbing water and blowing out paint. the modern 2k urathane's are uv stable and hard. The finish is superior in shine and application much easier. Just load up your brush and spray it on. no overnight rotation needed. I don't care if my lures last forever I fish them hard anyway. I'm not emotionally attached to any of them .
  7. These are fresh water lures plus spraying outside with respirator on and gloves don't see any danger for me.
  8. That's why I did mine outside took advantage of nice weather
  9. If you haven't tried 2 part urathane auto clear you should. I cleared some jerkbaits was dry to touch in one hour came clear with no bubbles. 2 coats seams to be enough waiting about 20 minutes between coats. Will want a day before handling and putting hook on. Used my paschee talon with .68 needle. Clean with acetone. No reducer needed
  10. I was trying on the picnic table at my park pond. I tie a few flies then try them out see how they swim plus it gets me out of the house and away from the wife. Her honey do list is a pain
  11. Went to lake nockmixen for some lmb had one hit in chartreuse chatterbait. Head over to nearby stream to try for muskie. Caught this 23 inch smallmouth on a mega bass 130 clone I painted. Pushing at least 6lb I'm guessing.
  12. Yeah with the kayak I think I can get close enough to throw it 60 ft or so with and 8 wt
  13. I tried jointed rat for bass or musky. Has that dalburg diver action on a steady retrieve and t bones when snapped hard. About 7 inches long. Tail and ears made with faux suede VID_20220423_110444264.mp4
  14. Would like to but primarily here to work once job is done may get an hour or so then get on road to home. Been lucky to fish in just about every state in the us and some other countries while on job sites
  15. This chatterbait I made. The skirt is available at bass pro I also put them on spinnerbait. You can add almost any 4 inch paddle tail. I use the big bites cane thumper. I made a mold of the original and make them in watermelon with blue, red, pink and gold flake. Been killing the bass on them.