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  1. Hi I recently picked up a pscifun alijos 300 for muskie all metal frame and 30 lb drag cost 95$ so I thought it was a good deal do you have any thoughts on the reel

  2. ned rig floating worm on a weedless hook
  3. fluke many companies make them or kalins 6 inch curly tail grub
  4. I make the jr and it swims about 1 ft under surface that's the way I like it. fish them along beach at night, gold/black is favorite caught plenty in pocket of ri jetties. two belly hooks with a flag for tail, weighted about 1/4 oz in the belly between hooks or in head if you want even more tail action and head down trajectory . roll the lip edges for more stability in heavier current
  5. put in a double treble and a screw in the tail for a big curly tail grub and you have a nice musky bait. Nice job.
  6. spent many years bobbing up and down out of a float tube with a fly rod, no need to stand
  7. dynaking supreme I've had up to 9/0 hooks with ease and down to 32 with the midge jaw real work horse
  8. design. I make a lot of soft plastics and design, sculpt bodies from wood and poly clay then create homemade molds from plaster and silicone. Customizing and creating your own bait is the most fun
  9. in the 90's camped out for a week had many 100 fish striper nights at the mouth and surrounding area , some big fish too, july is the best time.
  10. stocked trout caught out of the Neshaminy creek. smelled like sewage took one bight nearly threw up
  11. I was considering going to a good stream spot in bucks county this sat or sunday. I caught 2 in the spring and had multiple follows. let me know if you want to hook up I can show you a reliable spot


  12. tackle size somewhat depends on lure selection . I tend to throw 8 -10 inch swimbaits and glides maybe in the 2 to 6 oz range. at least 50lb braid. use mono or fluro in 80 to 130 lb range with the exception on glide baits I use solid wire. a soft leader will fowl the lure as it tracks back and forth . If throwing the big medusa's you would need a xxh rod. but for lighter stuff that I use a 3 to 8 ox rod in the 7.5 to 8.5 ft range is useful as for reel you can get away with abu 6500 if you don't do it a lot or say more than 10 trips a year. guide that beat up their equipment everyday might use a shimano tranx reel in 300 to 500 size.
  13. use to have this rod years ago. Made a great float tube rod, caught my pb lmb at 8lbs regretfully sold it
  14. I've bought the china copies the only difference form the 25 dollar visions is I think vision have tungsten bb's and the fakes have steel bb's. Painted myself and caught a lot of fish this year including a 40 inch muskie.
  15. I melt it down and make casting tins from molds I have made , you could make sinkers but pewter is mostly tin and lighter than lead, Be aware that there is some fake pewter plate companies out there make look like old pewter but just plated copper or aluminum. you should see an emblem on bottom saying it is pewter. I would be interested in trading or buying some from you if interested