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  1. One night on the vineyard there were 20 lbders eating 2 inch sand eel patterns because that was the dominant bait. I have not found a situation when I have seen an abundance of shorts and a few keepers lurking around. They call them schoolies for a reason. If you want to catch bigger fish you have to go where they are and match the fly to the bait present. 1996 on the island I found a pod of fish 20 to 30lb. the 16 I landed were all in that range on the small sand eels I had not one under that. These fish tend to feed in like sized groups if small ones in that size group showed up he could be dinner for the larger ones
  2. I believe what you say to be usually true but if someone would buy one of these reels on the cheep I would break them down piece by piece and evaluate them like scoobie does. Carbon fiber washers are carbon fiber no matter how much you pay are the frames and spool machined, is the main shaft supported well.shielded bearing are a plus, do you have metal parts where some are plastic in cheaper reals. I have found some pretty good qualities in a few of these cheaper reels.getting replacement parts could be an issue and should be considered when buying. I am happy with the 25$ reels I purchased . I have found they were a little lacking in grease and lube in some places. That would be the first thing I do after taking them apart when new and see if you get a few good seasons of use
  3. caught some Spanish this morning and had them for dinner, salt ,pepper and some garlic on the grill. First time eating and enjoyed them very much. Any other good ways to have them? Might go back sunday and catch a few more
  4. try yoyo a rattle trap you make catch a few and have some hitch hikers come along have you buddy ready with a popper
  5. I would just pour 1 take note of the volume used and do the math. I use lure works medium and make a 10 inch hogy copy I made I think I get at least 100 baits. just save your left over scrap pieces and flashing, bad pours and you can remelt
  6. you might want to wear a mask when sanding and turning we don't know how toxic the process has made the wood
  7. map gas , aluminum sheet for patch and some brazing rods
  8. zoom magnum trick worm. I have copied them in all the popular weakfish, fluke and striped bass colors added some scent as well , can be used on just round jig head or make great tail for a bucktail
  9. hogy blamber 13 inches long
  10. the solid pvc portion of your plastic has likely settled to the bottom you will need to shake the bottle vigorously for a few minutes to get it mixed you might actually need to scrape it off the bottom
  11. my friend is looking for reel for his 8 wt don't know much about lamson he is new to fly fishing and is not on sol so if he likes it I can make an offer for him. waiting on him to return my call
  12. monkfish (also known as poor man's lobster pan fried grouper yellowtail snapper fried honorable mention fried conch fritters
  13. camekoon makes nice reels for the money also checkout fishingsir I used one to catch a 40 inch muskie in march still working well for bass picked up 4 of them for under 100 total.
  14. I like floating worms sometimes in pink. whiteand watermelon thrown in a brush pile or along deep banks 7 to 8 inches
  15. Thx livefreeordie was going for something a little different high pressure area the fish are hitting in some white water I figured it would stick out. I had one on the day before on it so went back to it