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  1. Having the last piece tonight
  2. Sauerbraten came out excellent and my wife made an delicious bienenstich cake. (bee sting cake)
  3. I have some sauerbraten going for Sunday dinner. I hate paying $9.00 per pound for top round roast.
  4. Tim, can you please share with us what the initial symptoms were that made you think you had to go to the doctor To have it checked out. Was it just a routine check up or were you feeling something unusual thanks
  5. Everything is better after a bunch of beers.
  6. You make some tasty looking dishes. Are you like 400 pounds or do do eat in moderation?
  7. Simple weekday meal rigatoni, white beans, garlic, oil, escarole, and sausage very tasty combination and just two pots it was a fav of mine at a small restaurant on main-street in Smithtown NY. Next to the movie theater. I think it was called Main Street pasta. Later became great chefs cafe. white bean = cannellini beans
  8. Did you use utensils or just shovel it in with your fingers? looks great!
  9. Last nights meal Steak Chimichurri Brussel sprouts Roasted potatoes
  10. Nice Bass
  11. I just have a gas grill. I can control temp much better in the oven. I have tried to do ribs on coal in the past but have not been as successful as my dry rub oven method. Sold the kamado style barbecue that I had.
  12. Made baby back ribs in the oven They were very good. Dry rub over night then bake. One half had sweet baby rays, the other bone sucking sauce.
  13. Regardless of the tooling, it still takes an artisan to lay down beads like that.
  14. Tora Tora Tora watched at the commack drive in. Snuck in under the feet of my loving brother and sisters who took the opportunity to kick me. Great memories guns of navarone is a good one too