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  1. Rocky and I have tagged up to eschew obfuscation and we are looking forward to eliminate ennui. Rocky has the burgers covered and I have the dogs. Nobody will leave hungry. See you Saturday. I am nursing a sprained ankle so will not get there early to fish.
  2. Shaky, Will you be there? I have some black walnut for you….
  3. I am bringing a grill for the hot dogs I am cooking. It’s a 22” Weber.
  4. I’ve had some white knuckle moments going through Moriches Inlet
  5. Stay strong Mummi! Prayers sent
  6. I am still in my 2004 Silverado duramax. Currently at 175,000 miles. Been trouble free for the most part. Last six months had about $1,000 in repairs that I was not able to do myself at the time. It’s my daily driver. I was looking at new trucks and quickly came to the realization that it’s more cost effective to put money into my Silverado than buy new or newer used. In the next 6 months I plan on putting money into replacing the head liner, front and rear bumpers. bird in hand ……
  7. Went to a gun show this past weekend. Happy to find prices down on ammo from the last couple months. Always loved these
  8. How often do the gators want to say hello like that? Are they following those bass your catching.
  9. Hopefully you can let it go and stay out.
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