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  1. Sicily mt Etna
  2. Barcelona Segrada Familia Holy Family.
  3. Enjoy Jimmy i am actually departing today for a med cruise out of Barcelona. Fair seas…..
  4. My neighbors new addition
  5. Ozzy
  6. I paid 49.99 a few months ago for Blantons . But when I get an invite to the ABC vault it is $67 its a very tasty bourbon. I got an invite to ABCs vault yesterday and scored an EH Taylor small batch for $47.00. They also offered an Elmer T Lee but I was too late. I’ve been trying to score one of those ETL for several years. Enjoy the Blantons!!!!!
  7. Glad to see she likes real gin Cherish the moments!
  8. Prayers for a speedy recovery have been sent
  9. Worked from home today and time got away. It was already late when it came time to make dinner so I had to work with ingredients I already had in house. I did not feel like ordering ou, or going out shopping. This was a first time making kielbasa, potato, and kraut one pan meal. It was very tasty. Also had grated apple, onion, and garlic. I will make it again for sure
  10. Very tasty
  11. I am getting my money’s worth out of Easter leftovers. Tonight is split pea soup
  12. Happy Birthday Fly. Enjoy
  13. I used my leftover Easter lamb and spuds and gravy to make shepherds pie
  14. My Easter was great. First holiday in FL with immediate family. (Sister bought a second home here). We shared stories of Easter egg hunts and searches for our Easter baskets we enjoyed artichoke appetizer, ham and rack of lamb for main course, mashed potatoes and asparagus