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  1. This is really good
  2. Last nights meal was homemade fried rice, baked cod with a ritz cracker topping and some oysters as an appetizer
  3. Finally scored a Weller.
  4. Supermoon
  5. I have a brand new, never fired P365 that was a Christmas present for the admiral for her carry gun. I knew she wanted a P238, but the P238 was not to be had at that time of year, or since. We shot both models at the range and the P238 was her clear favorite followed by the P365. I thought she could learn to love the 365, but she just loves the 238. The 365 will come with the std mag and an extended mag if you want to trade. Regards, Kurt
  6. I recently saw the recipe from Babish on you tube and they do look tasty. wWhat kind of cheese are you going to use? Did you use a chuck roast?
  7. I made a steak tonight. Served with some grilled zucchini and a portobello stuffed with basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I applied a balsamic reduction over the top. I liked the shroom over the beef
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! I like unfiltered saki. If you have not tried it, you should.
  9. Bacon was still warm
  10. I think it’s a terrible plan. The deputies will certainly target the people of other color
  11. He’s one of the 5% we here about
  12. But you left the beach for an aquarium