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  1. This is after a a walk. I told him not to go in the pool, but he really wants to
  2. I went to NY a couple of weeks ago and had delicious pizza
  3. 8349A18F-AC1A-4E00-9BAF-255093D09E0A.MOV
  4. Yes. That was the Space X heavy rocket launch today
  5. Rocket launch today. Wet a line while at beach too
  6. I can watch the launch from my house here are some photos
  7. Croc > Flip Flop
  8. This is a daily occurrence of let’s play keep away
  9. I caught a mantis shrimp once, and a ribbon fish.
  10. It was two F 18 super hornets and I forget the ww2 airframe. I will get back to you There were also two F35 at this airshow
  11. Every time I go to this local shopping area I think to myself that this is one strange statue. But then I remember I’m in Florida
  12. Pictures taken at the Orlando FL location. It was my first time in a Restaurant Depot. I was impressed by the prices and quality of all the seafood.