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  1. Glad for the good report Red. Eat something healthy and go to bed. You want to be in top form tomorrow in order to be her best ally on her path to recovery. Prayers for Mrs. Red
  2. Happy Birthday +1
  3. I've wondered about him too. When I think about it, he is the person who has most helped me get a better life. If he didn't post first then all you other posters who guided me (whether they know it or not) would not have contributed to my program (this thread). Thank you, everyone. Here's to George aka g2h.
  4. Can anyone post up Aretha's Rock Steady? It's my fav of hers but I don't know how to post videos Thanks
  5. This one too TheKnot
  6. Thank for posting this one Little
  7. Congratulations Digger. Thank you for the example that you set. What you do really helps me. Thank again.
  8. Digger, Thank you for keeping this thread going. To everyone who ever participated in this thread, thank you. I got sober here, with the help of all these posts. I guess it's been like my AA. Todays my anniversary. I have to go back in the thread to figure out how many years. I think it's 7. I haven't been here much (yes, I miss it here), it seems that I've been out living life. I remember when I started here, I couldn't even post for the longest time. I couldn't do much of anything, other than to breath in and out, and to not drink. I got very quiet, read old posts, and lived minute by minute. Slowly, at first, but the days added up. Now I have a fulfilling life. I handle the problems that come my way. My relationships with those who care for me have improved. Anyone who is new to quitting drinking, DON'T GIVE UP. Find a way that works for you. AA is a great org but if it's not for you, then figure out how to not drink any way you can. I got sober in a quit drinking thread in the town tavern on a fishing forum. Thank you, everyone, you've saved my life.
  9. I'm not much of a pray-er but I like this prayer from Saturday.I pray that I may be calm in the midst of storms. I pray that I may pass on this calmness to others who are lonely and full of fear.
  10. He's in excellent hands at that hospital. He has the love and support of a good family. He's young and strong. He's been on a winning streak with luck. All of this works in his favor.
  11. Hi all Congrats to all on going it another day Thanks Digger for all you do here.