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    I'm a retired Coast Guard Aviator. I started surf fishing on the Gulf Coast (Dauphin Is., Alabama).
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    Catfishing. I'm a squidder junkie.
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    Serving my Queen.
  1. <nods> It's the Cheney Rule...make sure the other guy sees you.
  2. Thanks, Bulldog, that's exactly what I needed.
  3. Putting legal issues aside for a moment, it appears that this was a failure to see, which then led to the failure to yield. The original charge, negligent operation, was probably more appropriate, but the role of the kayaker himself should not be ignored.
  4. I'm modding a utility trailer to accept kayaks. Getting ready to cut steel for the cross bars, and guessing at the length...had rare attack of good sense, and decided to come in and ask you guys: Is 60" long enough for two boats? 64"? What say ye?
  5. I'm pro choice. I choose over easy with grits, or corned beef hash if I'm north of the sweet tea line.
  6. Just put on some tunes (Buffet is good), pop a cap on your favorite beverage, and work patiently. The results are so worth the effort.
  7. The grill turned out to be a Ducane, so not a cheapy. The ss burners are in good shape, as are the ceramic briquettes. I disassembled/cleaned/reassembled everything and, in spite of not finding any obvious obstructions, it's much improved...yellow flames are now a very nearly invisible blue. One more question: there were small, light coil springs attached to the igniter assemblies on one end, hanging loose. They pretty much crumbled to the touch. Anybody know what they're for? It seems to work fine w/o them. Thanks.
  8. Ha! On the ship, we called that stuff "Hand Grenade Chicken." 'Twas tasty, though.
  9. Up until the day he died at 72, my dad maintained that the Pinto was a damn fine car, and that Zebco 33 was the gold standard for reels. At 64, my opinion is worth what you pay for it, but I'm a Shimano guy. That said, I have some Quantum spinners that are ~ 15 years old...they have been used hard, put up wet, and are still in service. To say they have exceeded my expectations would be an understatement of some magnitude.
  10. Lovely. Just lovely.
  11. You nailed it....she's 91, and still goes out there and cooks steaks for the whole gang. It runs on NG (are spiders still a problem ?), and is permanently set in concrete. I doubt very much if it's an el cheapo. Going over tomorrow with my power pruner to trim her trees, and I'll have a quick look at the grill while I'm there.
  12. My mil has been complaining about her gas grill, and asked me to have a looksee. I said yes, because there was only one answer to the question. But, there's a problem...I'm a charcoal and wood guy, and don't know a thing about gas grills. Help me be a hero, guys...what am I looking for?
  13. Once you've eaten freshly made tortillas, the store-bought variety just doesn't cut it. Hard soft, corn, flour...makes no difference. It's like comparing Wonder Bread to the real deal.
  14. Isn't Ascend the BassPro house brand? My experience with BPS branded products is that they are cheaply made and overpriced. There are exceptions, I'm sure...just one man's prejudice.
  15. <grin> Touche! Good catch.