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  1. Wow im surprised how much the value of these has gone up.
  2. This is a nice deal, which motor is in it?
  3. Im not a fly fishing guy so i dont usually collect fly fishing items but i came across this years ago and picked it up. Its a brocks sporting goods, london ontario piece selling 4 brothers flies. Four brothers was also know as pflueger way back and are know for reels and hooks. Not much info on brocks other than there was a william a. Brock sporting goods at 111 dundas street from 1921 to 1940 so this is from 192 dundas and is brock sporting good. Very cool very old hope you guys like it.
  4. Saw one on ebay recently if you cant find one here
  5. One more try
  6. Anyone?
  7. Front pouch would be a nice. Looking for something not beat up. Thanks
  8. Listen either your a kid or your playing games and guys on here should be aware of it. Read the rules or dont use the bst.
  9. You should really learn the rules of a forum so you dont constantly break them. Im sorry you're not an honest person and you should not be trusted .
  10. What kind of games are you playing ? You post the knobs first in mulitple areas that gets your thread closed, then post it again i take the items and tou say someone beat me to it..Where is that someone?
  11. Ill take them, Shipped ,paypal?
  12. Im interested in the saltist where are you located? Message sent.
  13. I was hoping you were local also , it will prob be difficult to get a deal together esp if there would be rods involved. Maybe someone local to you has something for you.
  14. Hi its the fxII 4x33 but im on long island